A Simple Walk

I live very near the Olympic National Forest and decided to go on a hike….or a simple walk….by mySelf.  NOW, many people have made comments about My going It alone, “You shouldn’t go alone because you could fall off a cliff, what if you get hurt, what if a wild animal appears?”  It’s interesting to have these comments AS a default mechanism, and yet, They are My messengers in how I Perceive and Receive My radiant Self…the ONE Who IS choosing to go on an adventure…along with ALL the comments which arise in Consciousness.

Remember, when You came to THIS Earth experience, It wasn’t the physical You doing the choosing.  The non-physical You wanted the experience and thus, It chose the apparatus of the physical, which BEST suited It….and voila, You are here. You are here to give rise to Who You truly are in Your physical suit and Perceive and Receive in-JOY. 🙂

And We’re never alone…..so much Expansive, non-physical PRESENCE with Us…..

I took a few pictures and ONE of Them was of a tree and an arrow pointing to the Center. I LOVED the messengers and messages AS I experienced each delicious moment for THIS illustration said, “BE the Center and go out from Your Center AS You experience THIS simple walk.”  LOVE how ALL speaks to Me when I AM in the Receiving mode to hear It/heart It. 🙂

When I first arrived at the ranger station, I had My senior pass readily available, but the ranger asked Me for My ID.  I had on cargo pants and was trying to locate which pocket I had placed My ID.  The ranger then said, “It’s Ok. I don’t need to see Your ID, You look TRUSTWORTHY, You can go ahead.”  I LOVED THIS message of TRUST, which I utilized throughout My walk.

I was on My KINDNESS and TRUST journey and saw so many delicious signs:  a guy wearing pants and on the pants were written POSTHUMAN, a woman standing close to him had her back turned to Me and on the back of her were two wings, children PLAYing hide and seek, cooperative components of trees and rocks supporting each other’s way of growing, monarch butterflies throughout My hike, sounds of water, feeling the Earth move under My feet, feeling the breeze and shooting It with others along My path….here just for Me. 🙂

These were just a few examples….and t-here were so many more THAT can’t BE put into words…..AS I experienced the journey through My eyes….Receiving wisdom and relaying wisdom….ALL in ONE delicious framework or pictorial.  And I could not get enough of what I was experiencing.  I was taking flight….soaring with My true Self. 🙂

AS I approached the bridge which I had decided was My turn around point, I heard a very clear voice, “It’s not about the end, experience ALL the deliciousness in Your cells without having an end point.  Feel the shift in Your energy and proceed from t-here.”  AS I felt the excitement and exhilaration in My energy, I kNEW to BE guided by It with no external reference point.

I was the deciding factor in My non-physical and I received her with such LOVE and admiration.  I was in touch with My vibration and was “conducting” MySelf accordingly….I was very productive and conductive….pure electromagnetic energy pulsating My awareness.

T-here was so much LOVE on My journey THAT I could not have fully experienced if I went with some”ONE.”  It wasn’t time for some”ONE” to join Me AS I had “THE” others, Who wanted access to Me and Me to Them. T-here IS a time for stillness and a time for conversation and You kNOW what time It IS. 🙂

Upon parking in the parking lot, a young girl of about 7 came out of her car, which was parked next to Me.  I asked if she was excited about her hike, and she said, “My dad said, technically, We are not going on a hike. It’s just a simple walk.”  And I smiled RADIANTLY and said, “You have a very smart dad.”

It’s ALL Our OWN way of adding to Our OWN Creation, whatever language You want to use.  You are the meaning for Your adventure and You kNEW You would BE AS the chosen ONE for THIS Earth journey, for THIS right NOW.  T-here IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS more deliciousness to uncover and dis-cover….more treasures yet to BE revealed.  You don’t want It to end.

Tag, You are It…..so sing It like You feel It and BE excited to sing Your OWN song AS You venture into each moment….amplifying and electrifying You…and radiating You outward to Your world, to Creation, AS the Creator of ALL of It.  🙂

And note to Self, before embarking on a simple walk, make sure You use the restroom. The sounds of water talk to Your bladder for They are ONE….and have FUN in Their pulsating conversation.  🙂


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