Your Messengers

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When You consider THAT You are God and so IS every”ONE” else, then each person, situation or thing IS a beautiful messenger, Who holds the mirror and says, “Who are You BEING right now AS I deliver “Your” message to You?”  Your messengers come in ALL FORMS and yet They deliver the same ONE message through multidimension-ALL ways to pose the same ONE question….God or not God in Your “response” to God?

It’s such a beautiful way to BE curious about YourSelf in Your relationship to ALL Who come “for” You, toward You, through You.  When You can stop and pause and consider THAT ALL Who You encounter and experience through the store, the TV, the phone, the computer, the road….whatever medium IS chosen…..You have the unique privilege to consider the Source, which IS in ALL Essence, You.  🙂

AS I enter a store, I silently thank the messengers AS I view Them and shape and mold My response vibration-ALLY.  It’s a vibration-ALL clay in which I get to sink My full body into and allow My entire cellular kNOWing to encircle Me and mold Me AS I walk.  In THIS way, I become the manifested shape…the shape THAT IS “truly” the Version(s) AS I choose her deSIGN. I AM a “true” Versionary. 🙂

I acKNOWledge THAT the messengers deserve my gratitude because They wouldn’t BE in My space if I didn’t request Their PRESENCE, and thus, I AM CONSCIOUSLY CLEAR Who They are.  My clarity IS My driving engine AS I AM viscerally aware AS I walk AS the Higher Me throughout the store, and I shift when I sense a vibration THAT IS not congruent with Who I truly AM.

Along these same lines, yesterday, We had an engineer at Our home AS We’re adding a large window to our space, and the engineer brought his wife.  So I engaged in conversation with his wife AS the engineer and My husband interacted.  Through the JOurneY of the conversation, I was VERY viscerally aware of her AS My beautiful messenger, and I molded and shaped Me AS My beautiful “response-ability.”

She asked Me the same questions “seemingly” over and over and over again, and I considered her questions one by one AS the Expanded Me answered her questions.  I was care-full….full of care from My heart space… AS I addressed her for the first time in each moment, not over and over and over again.  My PRESENT was not the result of the past so t-here was no past to go….only NOW.

She even asked Me how I felt about Our current U.S. President, and I found MySelf speaking FROM a Higher language so THAT I could describe Who he IS to Me.  And I dis-covered through Our entire conversation THAT I didn’t want to extract old labels for her or for Me. The old labels simply didn’t fit. I was NEW, and thus, I was inspired to act like It.

AS she spoke and I spoke, I became My OWN messenger in how I observed MySelf.  I was so grateful for awareness THAT It felt AS if I was floating in the Center of My OWN BEing.  I was grateful for Me and for her….two seemingly BEings posing AS ONE momentous occasion which simply flowed.  T-here was no separation between Us…such appreciation for My OWN shape which IS powered by FORMless multidimensions.

When You can bask in Your OWN awareness, and consider THAT ALL are here AS Your messengers to bring You glad tidings of great JOY, then You can “truly” relax in the OneSelf kNOWing Who ALL REAL-ly are…and t-here’s no need or desire to change any”ONE” because You can’t change Them.  The OWN-ly way They seemingly change IS by You shifting Your vibration-ALL prowess to re-PRESENT Your Higher Self, and conducting THIS change AS You shift from moment to moment.

The tangible You may notice a change on the outside, and yet, THAT IS not Your focus. Your focus IS on Your Internal/Eternal awareness with Who You “currently” are, and Who You “currently” are, spinning YourSelf in alignment with the Higher You.  THIS IS how change seemingly comes about and THIS IS Your focus.

Just think THAT if You didn’t have experiences with these Godly messengers, You wouldn’t BE able to learn, to grow and evolve….no AHA’s, no epiphanies…no feelings of awareness through Your inner/interaction with Them.  So given THIS LIGHT, any”ONE” Who enters Your LIGHT IS the same ONE LIGHT, albeit in a FORM Who rePRESENTS a LIGHT in human pose/prose.  No ONE can describe an AHA like You can…..pure feeling of exhilaration.

Yet, THIS seemingly human FORM IS powered by Essence, which if You will allow YourSelf, will see THAT t-here IS no difference if You Expand far enough and widen Your scope for the “whole” picture.  You come for Your OWN Expansion and THIS means THAT some”ONE” or some”thing” will seemingly cause You, the non-physical to Expand, and It’s Your job AS the physical to Perceive and Receive the cause of You in-JOY…BE”cause” You are JOY.

It’s REAL-ly Your Expanded Self, Who IS facilitating ALL of It, and It will come through a person or situation, which looks like It’s outside of You.  You, AS the physical, are to keep UP with the Expansion and can label It any”thing” You like which JOYfully reflects the Higher You. You can label It AS a positive AS t-here IS no inherent meaning to any”thing” or any”ONE.” You get to decide in each moment the label of choice BE”cause” You kNOW Who ALL rePRESENTS.

ALL IS a Godly messenger made in the appearance of Your GodSelf, and when You can consider the Source of ALL of It, You may kNOW YourSelf and Expand FROM here.  You are not a concept or theory, You are FROM THAT Who IS Eternal AS a “feeling and sensing” Source.  So You can pause or stop and BE FROM God, not of God, when You speak or think or act. “Wait, hold THAT thought, and let Me get ready to Perceive and Receive You AS appreciation.”

When You can give YourSelf the awareness of pausing or stopping, You are allowing alignment to BE PRESENT in timelessness….taking “time” and wrapping Its energy to Expand and move FROM here.  And You consider LOVE like You’ve never kNOWn It and You keep Expanding AS THIS LOVE picking UP ALL on Your path with LOVing intent AS the ONE Source, the Intangible Source.

Delicious, right?  🙂


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