It’s in the Intangible

I saw THIS sign in a store yesterday and It IS easily translatable to life and existence….and Who You truly are…..AS You kNOW You to BE.  ALL IS a message AS It allows You to pause or stop to close Your eyes and go within and REAL-EYES Your “true” power and float from THIS premise, THIS Presence.

When You REAL-EYES where Your power lives, You will re-consider, re-position, re-affirm, Your alignment from THIS power.  With THIS said, the greatest power alive IS THAT which IS Intangible, the unseen, THAT which floats in a realm THAT cannot BE seen with the physical eyes, physical I’s. THIS IS what fuels You, what energizes You, what feels You UP…where You come from, where You live.  Thus, It’s imperative to BE loyal to the Intangible, to the unseen, if You choose to have a life THAT IS full-filling/full-feeling.  🙂

THAT which IS manifested in material FORM IS THAT which vibrates at a slow rate so THAT You can “see” It. Yet, THAT which You “truly” are vibrates at a Higher and faster rate, able to BE anywhere ALL at once …able to leap tall buildings while You are sitting on your couch….can “see” ALL possibilities in every realm of existence.

Each moment IS a jumping off point for the next moment and yada, yada, yada. You Expand AS the more You “truly” are, and THIS more keeps growing and bloomin’ AS You become aware of Your OWN truth.

Thus, if You OWN-ly focus on the manifested and You don’t consider Who the power IS behind It, so to speak, You will experience a certain amount of dis-satisfaction because You will BE dis-illusioned with life and Your experiences.  You will say, “Life IS hard, It doesn’t work out for Me….look at the evidence and keep pointing in THAT direction.” 🙂

When You shift and switch YourSelf….IN EACH MOMENT….to re-consider the Intangible, the ethers, from which ALL comes from….You will then re-consider Your satisfaction in YourSelf AS the ultimate power and jump off from here.  It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS about You and Your alignment with Who You truly are.

I believe THAT ALL LOVE songs are written about alignment with Self, not about alignment with an”other.”  LOVE IS not an Intellectual concept, theory or Intellectual property, It IS a Visceral property sensing and feeling in Your entire cellular structure.  Your cells don’t need to BE convinced You’re in LOVE with YourSelf.

Your cells simply desire to BE THAT which They truly are, and in THIS LOVE language, They desire to “sense and feel” You’re in LOVE with Your BODY, and THIS takes pure Source/Sourcery focus to believe YourSelf to BE.  You are the Intangible and You Perceive and Receive YourSelf AS the ONE Source.

Just remember, LOVE IS not a concept or theory.

Think of a music class… You want to study the theory of music or would You rather “feel and sense” music in Your entire BODY of awareness and shake Your booty AS evidence?  Which ONE feels more FUN?

Think of an image right NOW and place It in Your entire cellular structure so THAT ALL the cells get the sense of Who or What You are imagining.  ALL Your cells then replicate Your image and are on the same page….”Oh, We got the clear picture… let’s communicate throughout THIS BEing what We got. Everyone join in and harmonize. WAHOO!” 🙂

You are having Infinite conversations throughout each moment in the Intangible and thus, You can imagine talking to Whomever You would like in THIS framework.  In the book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill suggested You utilize an imaginary Master Mind group and talk to THIS group of people Whom You admire and would like to join in Your conversation on a regular basis.  Napoleon did THIS on a regular basis and had a deLIGHTful time. Remember, REAL-ity IS what You make of It so make It what You enjoy and LOVE.

I, too, do THIS and have My group and It’s FUN….imaginary friends are exactly what You think of Them.  It’s ALL Intangible and REAL to the extent THAT t-here IS no inherent REAL-ity in which You can say, “THIS IS REAL, but THAT IS not REAL.”  You decide at any given moment Who You are making in the image of and go from here.

You are a Creator and in Your moment to moment Creations, You decide Who IS the image and Create from here.  You must BE a Creator blueprint from which You are Creating from so THAT clarity IS the image…..”Yup, THIS IS Who I am….very clear….and ALL, Who are on board, are on board.” 🙂

Make It/You AS exciting AS You want so THAT Your BODY can sense Your excitement and feel the exhilaration and energy explosion.  Remember, things solidify into physical matter at a slow rate so THAT You can see Them with physical eyes.

Physical matter changes….because You are shifting and Expanding….. and You may find YourSelf saying, “Why does everything have to change? Why can’t It just stay the same. I’m not going to let You change or evolve.” Yet, physicalness IS OWN-ly 1/2 of 1% of the entire matter…the rest, the majority, lies in the non-physical realm w-here ALL lives AS royalty AS a matter of fact. 🙂

You are a magician so act like ONE.  A magician IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS perfecting her truth….ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS expanding her repertoire, measuring how the act feels in her BODY, so THAT her Internal/Eternal audience emanates from her Heart Center. Her BODY IS a Geiger Counter measuring the radiance in how some”thing” IS coming through and how It feels.  She can shift at any time so the radiance comes through soft and clear….ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS clarity shining through…so she can radiate THAT outwards.

Yesterday, I was in a sporting goods store for about a half hour.  At ONE point, I tried on some hiking boots and next to Me was a teenager with her dad and she was trying on running shoes.  The conversation between dad and his daughter was astounding…keep in mind THAT his daughter was trying on shoes for most of the half hour. Here’s how the gist of the conversation unfolded AS his daughter tried on several pairs of shoes…and the dad was so very patient and gave Me a beautiful gift.

Daughter:  Dad, I really like these running shoes, but the other ones I tried on were cheaper.

Dad:  We consider the budget, but it’s not the most important thing.  I want you to feel comfortable with what you’re buying FIRST, then consider the budget.  If you like the running shoes and they feel really good and make you happy, then get them.

I listened to the dad’s message, “Consider Your comfort FIRST and then proceed from here and ALL will BE taken care of”…AS I tried on My hiking boots and I floated in harmony.

Floating IS a wonderful “feeling” place….floating in the Center of Your OWN BEing….feeling so alive in Your BODY THAT You feel AS if You are everywhere ALL at once and BEing taken care of.  It’s Visceral, not Intellectual, so stay Viscerally aware of Who You are vibration-ALLY.  THIS IS Your Key to YourSelf….You were never locked out of YourSelf…and can have beautiful conversations with Whomever You like.

You are God’s gift to Your Internal/Eternal world….unwrap Your PRESENCE over and over…and over again, and never tire of YourSelf. 🙂



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