Believe the Self Who Knows

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Within (or You are within It) You IS the Self, Who IS automatic, natural and pure, and has been around for a very, very long time….can You say LIGHT years or eons?  It’s been magical since Its conception.  Thus, It’s been around the block a few times….or Infinite times to BE exact…..and kNOWS how to get from point A to point B in the shortest, EZ-SCHMEZIE, way possible if You, the physical, will listen…..pull over and ask for directions for gosh sakes. 🙂

It kNOWS the 99% purity way which resides in ALL things, the way THAT feels so good because It’s the JOY in the JOurneY way.  I say 99% because THAT IS an offering currently w-here You will hear ads speak to THIS IS 99% effective, thereby, leaving a small 1% for non-effectiveness.  Thus, You focus on the majority of THAT which You “truly” are. 

It’s interesting to perceive and receive Your world AS It speaks to You….messages of ALL sorts prompting for REAL-EYES-ation, for alignment….come here so You kNOW.  It’s a visceral experience to go deeper and more expansive into Your cells than You’ve ever gone before in each moment.  It’s a “sensing and feeling” place to incorporate the sense-sation-ALL experience which You “allow” to flow through Your body of awareness.  You allow It because It feels so good to sensitize YourSelf to Your OWN Self…where You “truly” reside. You’re such a “home” BODY. 🙂

You have a nervous system which IS Self-operating, and It has sensations which will not BE languaged in the physical world.  You will BE unable to take these sensations and break Them down and categorize Them in a medical dictionary to find the truth.

T-here are no words to turn to, medically speaking, because these sensations are LIGHT driven, and thus, They have Their OWN Self-operating speak-EZ system which exists in a Higher realm. THIS language IS not physical, It goes much Higher and speaks to and through the Higher You.  It kNOWS no maladies…only melodies.  It kNOWS tones, frequencies, vibrations, energies…harmonizing, cooperative components.  Just think of a singing group Who harmonizes…..delicious, right?  Same for You. 🙂

You, the physical, can OWN-ly turn to Your OWN truth and sensitize YourSelf to Your OWN truth and become a better sensor for tuning/turning to THIS inherent truth in each moment. AS You do THIS on a consistent basis, You will BE Your OWN driving engine and stay focused on Who You “truly” are and language YourSelf in the way of the Higher You.  It speaks to You through such a resonant verbalization THAT It feels like You are floating and You move or shift from here.

In Your belief operating system, You have choices to make in each moment…..Who or What do You believe?  You will witness Your OWN evolution of Your belief operating system and watch It evolve into some”thing” very magical.  You believe It and then see It AS You pay attention to Who You kNOW to BE true….”I believe in Me, Who kNOWS and I blend with Her energies NOW.”

AS You anchor in Your Center of ALL Your beliefs AS They evolve, You will taste Your OWN truth time and time again and not want to go back to when You didn’t.  Imagine ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS tasting some”ONE” else’s food, but never getting to taste Your OWN preferences, Your OWN tasting of what tastes good to You.  Where some”ONE” keeps feeding You what he or she likes and prefers from his or her belief system.

So just imagine ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS believing what others believe and never getting to taste Your OWN beliefs.  Imagine not going within and deciding the preferential treatment You give YourSelf.  When You believe in YourSelf, You are Self-Contained with ALL the cooperative components at Your disposal and available to You.  However, You may believe “others” before You believe in YourSelf and THIS may BE a FUN journey of Self-discovery.

In My late 20’s and early 30’s, I experienced two different episodes of blood clots, which were pregnancy related.  In THIS experience, I entered a world which put Me into close proximity to doctors and people in Their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  I didn’t like THIS world for the picture THAT was BEing presented and many pictures were painted by doctors about what My life and My future was going to BE and I didn’t like these pictures either.

I didn’t like ALL the beliefs of what was going to happen to My body if I didn’t adhere to a very strict protocol, and even if I adhered, the prognosis was not a pleasant ONE for Me AS I reached My 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

T-here were so many restrictions…..wearing full support hose, taking a blood thinner, not sitting for long periods of time (I had to get up during movies and on flights), could not go down hill skiing, couldn’t jump for exercise, always had to be cautious.  AS You can see, I entered a world which wasn’t very pleasing and I had challenges with It, especially when I had to go to the doctor and sit with “older” people in the waiting room and look at Them. They were like My future UP front and center….scary pictures, indeed. 🙂

In My late 30’s, My gynecologist suggested THAT I go off My blood thinner medication AS she felt THAT the blood thinner meds were doing more harm than good.  AS I listened to her, It sounded so wonderful, and yet, I faced so many beliefs and pictures of what I had accepted AS My fate from other doctors….I accepted Their beliefs AS My OWN.  Thus, I had to face every single belief and I was scared to instill My OWN beliefs of what I believed could BE My future.  Yet, I decided It was worth It.

So I went off My blood thinner medication, stopped wearing My support hose, sat for long periods of time, jumped for exercise and went downhill skiing.  I was still scared AS I was leaving the old belief operating system, but I also kNEW I wanted to do THIS for MySelf.  I was believing in a Version of Me, Who I was learning about and becoming familiar with and accepting Her AS “truth.”  She was unfolding and I began to appreciate her more and more….and even more.

Here I AM at age 63 and the scary pictures don’t exist…..They’re beautiful pictures.  I Created My OWN belief system with no doctors PRESENT in My experience and haven’t been for years…..They aren’t necessary to It.  They still exist and I value Them, but don’t need to partake or taste what They have to offer.  Just like the buffet table….They’re there AS an option, but I taste My OWN truth AS I go deeper and expand into Who I truly am, and It’s tastier than I ever dreamed It could BE. And It continues and It’s delicious. 🙂

So AS I look at belief structures, I kNOW beyond any doubt THAT they can BE changed. Beliefs are energy and are deSIGNed to BE changed because They are not solid….They are very malleable.  BUT first, You, the physical, have to dive deep into Your OWN system and see what’s t-here, and decide what It IS You want and then stay focused, even with fear PRESENT, with no outside interference.  When t-here’s static, You kNOW and feel It.

Remember, You are a visceral experience, and thus, You emBODY and contain ALL of You, ALL of It.  You “sense and feel” multidimension-ALL You and claim Your OWN tasty truth and AS You keep doing THIS, Your deliciousness will shine forward from You because Your “true” operating system will BE harmonic and radiant.  Believe YourSelf to BE Who You desire to BE and then step into Her and blend with Her, and wrap YourSelf in Your truth just like a warm, cozy blankie.

T-here’s no truth like Your OWN truth, no place like home. To thine OWN Self BE true. 🙂

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