First Vibration, Then….

T-here IS a prompting right NOW….to BE excited about life and ALL Its LIGHT, rich, color-filled, neural pathways within You.  You cannot see the picture above (pun intended) through You unless You are vibration-ALLY aligned to encircle It, accept It, and It’s projecting out from within You in Your image….You Created It….inside out.  Thus, BE excited about You and Your Creativity and Creations…”Dang, I AM good!” 🙂

You projected It from above and It’s utilizing ALL THAT You are in order to “truly” see Its fullness and wholeness…pull It down into physicality so to speak…so You can material-EYES with It…get to kNOW It, get to kNOW You…through Its revealing powers.  Yet, You kNOW Its “true” origins.  You, AS the vibration-ALLY alive ONE, give way for ALL to FORMulate Your world and mirror back to You Who You are.  Each LIVE particle and LIVE cell….just a bunch of LIVE wires…..contributing and cooperating so Your world IS vast and Expansive and inclusive and yet, exclusive to You.

How awesome IS THIS?

If You looked at every single particle, every single cellular magic within You THAT It takes to Create the manifestation of ALL, You would BE astounded to kNOW THAT each singularity has Its OWN You-niverse within You coming alive with THIS kNOWledge….on the ledge/edge of kNOW.  Thus, You are a Trillion-air…You-tilizing the Trillions of particles and cells available to You, building It ALL in the air.

You have at Your disposal ALL these singularities which culminate into a VERY power-filled multidimension-ality in the making of ALL.  And first It starts with Your vibration-ALL kNOWledge THAT You are THIS power-filled Creator in each and every moment…Your OWN massive energy Source.  And You Expand and Create Your You-niverse AS You go…or shift…along…taking ALL of Your energies with You.

AS the Creator, how would You describe YourSelf? LIGHT, rich, color-filled?

So consider THAT You are Creating every single particle and every single cell in Your image, and each has Its OWN Self-contained You-niverse….well, THAT’s a “whole” lot of You-niverses available for You. THIS prompting IS to let You kNOW t-here IS much more than meets Your physical eye and Your job, AS the physical, IS to give way for THIS dis-covery over and over again to REAL-EYES Your OWN Expansive nature.  And You absorb Your You-niverse because It IS You. You are ONE of integration, not separation or filtration.

And when You “take on”…..”Let Me take THIS on”…. the need to solve some”thing” or some”ONE,” It becomes heavy, a large, wool overcoat of sorts.  Thus, It’s a beckoning to surrender to the solution, which IS in the center of Your Higher wavelength LIGHT vibration and Expansiveness. The non-physical You IS Creating It and, thus, You, the physical, surrender to Who You truly are, then the solution becomes the ways and means in THIS Higher State of Consciousness, of Awareness…of the LIGHT, from the LIGHT.

You “sense and feel” the solution AS Your OWN Self-contained profit-ability….You profit from THIS ability.  If You are the chosen ONE, Who IS Self-Creating, then the solutions are chosen AS well and are Self-Creating, Self-perpetuating, but You, the physical, have to BE aligned so THAT You feel YourSelf in the vicinity of the Self-solutions.

It IS the Center, the State, the Vortex, the Heart, where You find You are ONE with the solution…building a framework of imagination of ALL It can BE, ALL You can BE, because You are the You-niverse in the framework.  So You go to Your Center….Your “go to” place AS You construct from Your Center and feel YourSelf here….ALIVE and WELL.  You BE-lieve YourSelf here and stay Centered in Your BELIEFS.

And It IS through faith and trust which reveals the solution….You kNOW It IS here in a framework in a multidimension-ALL, parallel REAL-ity, offered to You through Your Center and It IS revealed here. You don’t need to see It physically because You kNOW It IS here and You give way for It to show UP in Your Internal/Eternal vibration through the energy of feeling passionate about YourSelf.  It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS available so You simply remain “true” to YourSelf in Your OWN kNOWledge of the Creator and Creative ONE.

THIS IS how Your Higher Self communicates through Your physicality….kNOW THAT I AM in existence and have faith and trust It IS so….feel me here. You are ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS available to YourSelf in Your awareness….go here.  Feel Me LIGHT, rich and color-filled and REAL-ly feel It so ALL Your particles and cells kNOW Your image.

When I look at My life and see the parallel REAL-ities of so-called problems or issues, I can immediately see Who I, the physical, was in THIS Creation pattern and I sense her NOW.  I wasn’t fully aware of My Higher Self and ran around operating on every”ONE” and every”thing”….wounds and oozing was everywhere…. and I didn’t even have a medical license.  I had a sense of urgency and so I was fully supported from My You-niverse in My E.R. tactics….HELP, HELP!!  🙂

When You kNOW ALL IS complete within You, and You allow for YourSelf to “sense and feel” Your OWN completeness, Your OWN calmness, You shift YourSelf to the ALL-READY completed REAL-ity which IS more resonant to Your Expanded Self at THIS moment.  AS You keep Expanding in Your OWN truth, You will include more of You in Your completed state no matter what IS occurring on Your so-called outside version of Earth. You bring more of You to the forefront and emBODY THIS Essence to transmit and report ALL THAT You are, and You do THIS in the name of JOY.

You kNOW THAT t-here IS no inherent REAL-ity and so You can REAL-ity what You want It to BE in a multidimension-ALL space….sensing of the magic within You.  First, vibration….then. You say whatever You want It to BE in a vibration-ALL or frequency communication.  AS t-here IS no “meaning” which IS the inherent meaning of any”thing” or any”ONE,” You, AS the physical, get to extract what You want It to BE and have FUN with naming It….”I call You Oh, HAPPY ONE.” 🙂

You get to PLAY in THIS ALL for You realm and experience the sensation-ALL feelings You allow YourSelf to encounter….ALL the energy available to You.  With THIS said, My husband and I recently went out to dinner and had an experience with the server, Who We absolutely LOVE.  In THIS experience, We allowed It to unfold to PRESENT My husband with his dinner, which he didn’t order. In addition, We received someONE else’s bill.

Or did We get the order and bill exactly how It was planned….was It REAL-ly “THE” order to facilitate the experience into the Expansive ONE?  “Let Me use THIS experience to shift ALL the energy THAT IS available to Me NOW!” 🙂

If life IS 1% what happens to Me and 99% how I respond (where I AM in relationship to My vibration and My Higher Self Who brings ALL) to It, then My, the physical, response becomes first and foremost in My awareness of the experience.  Thus, My husband and I giggled and let Our server kNOW just what she was serving Us….serving Us with time to Expand into giggling.  You get served more than You REAL-EYES in each moment, don’t You?  And sometimes You may sense It ISn’t what You ordered….”Why are You serving Me THIS?”….and so You think again, Grasshopper. 🙂

I told Our server THAT in THIS experience I learned to “cut people slack”….THAT providing slack helps to loosen UP the experience, My experience.  She was so apologetic and expressed THAT she didn’t kNOW what happened, but also expressed THAT her son, Who was getting a divorce, was moving in and she was “feeling” It.  We don’t kNOW ALL THAT IS occurring in each moment so We OPEN UP the space to BE aligned in the kNOWing of the alignment, the path of least resistance, “true” North…THAT’s It. 🙂

First vibration, then….becomes a loosen UP time, loosen the reigns, THAT can feel so tight around physical experience…and You allow YourSelf the PRESENCE of mind to do THIS. You give YourSelf the space….right t-here in the midst of It…and close Your eyes if THIS helps You shift.  Just think about if some”ONE” held You so tightly and didn’t let go….yikes!

You come from and exist from a Higher plane of experience, and in THIS Higher plane, just like a plane at 35,000 feet, You can see further and further and Expand Your horizon to meet You. You can see w-here You’re going and how You connect to a framework of existence THAT IS not physical.  You live on a Higher wavelength of HAPPY, JOY, PEACE, CALM, EXCITED….ALL the words which resonate and You use THIS language to “sense and feel” YourSelf at any given moment.

You’re ordering every”thing” and every”ONE” so You can Expand from Your OWN depth and You-tilize more of You to PLAY with.  Spin from Your OWN frequency despite any evidence to the contrary, which can make You distance YourSelf from YourSelf.

Get back to Your vibration and spin from here….It’s the OWN-ly awareness which IS sustainable FUN and makes sense out of PLAY. 🙂

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