Growing Good Dads

Introducing my good dad……

We are offered choices in our lives to see anew, to see something that presents itself as painful and to see it again, a gain, through new eyes.  It is only us who can contribute to ourselves, to reveal ourselves to ourselves.  To place the mirror directly in front of us and look deeply who is staring back at us.  We are the eyes through which we see the world and the world sees us, a “true” reflection.  Through our own eyes, we are born again to witness a metamorphosis of inner memories and transform them in a positive way.

Tis the season for us to honor ourselves, and in this honoring, we assemble all the pieces of ourselves who still harbor negative memories and lay them to rest.  We organize them into pieces who only harbor peace.  Their final resting place exists within us.  The season is now….not awaiting a different season, a season which may indicate our demise, to come about before we transform and see the light and love.  Resting in peace exists now.  

It’s an excited energy which is here to shift the rainbow spectrum from negative to positive, and to accentuate the positive.  It takes focus, and excitedly, it is a focus whose time is here, whose time is come.  We are the light and love to pay tribute to our memories, and on this lighted path, we can light up our memories, showing them, showing us, a High road.

If we don’t do this for ourselves, we will risk our own love within ourselves, and that is a huge price to pay.  That you had love inside all along, awaiting transformation, but didn’t know it.  The love starts with you and ends with you and it is a moment to moment discovery of this love.  As you experience more love within you, you will mirror this love for your memories and out to your world.  For the memories exist inside you as all does.  This love has the ability to transform ALL.  For now is the only time to experience, and in this now, all memories can be transitioned to their true location, Heaven on Earth.  You are Heaven on Earth.

My dad passed away or transitioned when I was 14 in 1969.  Throughout my life, I harbored many negative memories of him.  I didn’t know that you could shift and change these memories.  Yet, several years ago, as I have focused on my own inner work, I began to experience these memories differently.  I began to see my dad with such love that I didn’t know existed.  Through this loving inner path, I now see the love that I have for myself growing new, loving neural pathways for my dad. Thus, my pictures of my dad, which are hanging around in memory, are now framed in love.

As as Glinda, the Good Witch, said to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, “You’ve always had the power to go home. You just had to discover it for yourself.”  I became the power to change my memories and perceptions of my dad and discover him with new light, from a new light.  He is now, and forever more, a good dad. 🙂

My dad was a warm, loving and gifted man.  He gave so much to his family and to others. My focus is on the positive way in which he presented himself.  He did have another side to him, which we all do.  You can’t have positive without the negative.  They are both present.  It just depends upon which side you’re looking from for they both reside within you.  I believe it’s our complete freedom of choice…..which one feels good and which one doesn’t?  You looking from Heaven or looking another location?

We all possess different sides that we show others and my dad had his sides as well.  He had a visual side, the reaching for alcohol side, that he would choose and it would transform him. But this is not a side I choose to focus upon.  I have done and continue to do my own inner transformation to see him in a kind light, the light I choose to see in myself so that I can see it in him and in others.  As I choose this side of light, the light side, then I can immediately see how warm and loving he really was/is and this takes precedence. Memories can only be accessed now, and so I choose now how I see myself in order to really see my “true” dad.

For he exists inside me as a “real” energy, albeit a memory.  This memory is privileged to exist as a real way in which I exist and carry it throughout my world.  We all carry memories and we can choose how we carry the memory….light or heavy? If I am born from love and light, and I know I am, then all are born from this substance, and this is how I choose to see.  Not through filters, but through integration, integrating all parts of me so that I can move in harmony with God, the “true/truth” seer, leading the way.  A memory is only something you visit time and time again and it can either uplift you or torment you.  I choose to be uplifted.

My dad had many talents, one of which was connecting with others.  He had a remarkable way in which he could start up a conversation and loved being with people.  He was a masseur when I knew of him, having learned the craft from my grandfather and a man of Japanese descent.  He started his own business inside our home and many, many people, from all ages and all walks of life, came to experience his gift of touch and healing. He regularly traveled to various locations, even out of state, to provide massages to people who could not travel to him.

I was one of those people, who from age 5 to 14, received massages on a regular basis. In addition, I got to sit in a steam bath, which was located in his office.  If I developed an illness or anomaly, he would tap into this ancient wisdom to bestow a modality or method to facilitate my body’s own natural powers to heal.  You can imagine what it’s like to carry this ancient wisdom within me, and the ability to tap into it.

My dad befriended a man named Sundance, a Native American, who regularly visited his office.  I don’t know if this is how my dad learned about the earth, nature, rocks and minerals.  I do know that he passed this wisdom onto me for the experience of it as we regularly took hikes, went rock hounding and to rock shows, camping, swimming and utilized natural mineral baths.  In addition, we owned horses so my dad took me horse riding often.

He rewarded my grades in school with money for E’s (grade school) and A’s (junior high) and also rewarded me with an income cleaning his office and pulling dandelions, which I would earn a penny for every 5 dandelions.  And even trips to the dump with him….well, those experiences were priceless treasures and rewards.

I felt very loved through these experiences, and these experiences carry me now.  I couldn’t have experienced the “focus” of these loving memories without facing my own negativity and desiring to transform it.  I am very proud of me and the way that I choose to instill love so that I transform my own world.  I have such deep awareness now when negativity is present, and I know now how to transform it in me so that only love is present. I can’t “truly” see love if love isn’t seeing through my “true” eyes. To thine own Self, be true.

My dad and my elixirs may have been different, but he and I drank from the same cup to try and rid ourselves from negative feelings. Now, that I am awake and aware of my own good and Self worth, my elixir is more sparkly and bubbly, and it exists within me and I drink from it very, very often.  I don’t have to reach for anything to take anyone or anything away for ALL exists inside.  In this way, I rest and relax, and I transform me in each moment so that my eyes hold the vision of kindness for me first.  Then I can “truly” see the kindness in my relationship to others.

I fill my own cup with love first so that love is the only potion that I share and my world looks accordingly.  If I choose another path other than love, then I am my own substance abuser as I would be unable to see that ALL is made from the substance of love and light.

We are God’s gift to the world in spinning our own love and passion forward to grow good people, the way that God sees.  If we are to grow good dads, we have to be the Source of that good, for all is grown through us, in a forward emotion, forwarding our “whole” selves in motion.  Memories are a huge part of us in that motion, and as we claim these memories, in loving memory, we have the ability to change dads.  It’s such a beautiful way to love…..the way through you is love, and dads take on this version of love, their rightful, bloomin’ place, within us.

Be a good dad grower and be excited what blooms! Look forward with love!

Love is the only thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. — Interstellar


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