S’Mores Vibration

THIS bowl of everything IS in Our guest bathroom and I LOVE to look at It and feel It each time I enter Its/My space…It’s delicious to Me.  It allows Me to BE exactly Who I AM and give MySelf My OWN permission to BE everything and taste My OWN magical worthiness AS I venture into Its/My Center.  Through the heart center IS every”thing” imaginable if You believe, but first, You have to find Your OWN center in order to find the center of every”thing” and every”ONE” else….THAT’s how life responds and supports You….center to center.  Life support any”ONE?”

I had an awareness yesterday w-here I sensed the Greater Me providing a message while I was PRESENT with My luscious bowl….You can go anywhere right NOW, w-here would You like to go….It’s Your everything at Your disposal.  Simply Believe, Dream, Create and vibrate w-here You want to go and BE t-here energy-tically so I did and I felt tremendously delectable.  🙂

You may ponder THAT You’re “physically” somewhere in one physical location, and yet, You are non-physically everywhere in ALL vibrant locations.  You are “sensing” every”thing” from Your OWN vibration-ALL standpoint…It’s ALL vibration-ALL. It’s not person-ALL like You’re a person…no”thing” IS, It’s vibration-ALL like You’re an Infinite vibration.

Thus, the more You give way for the Greater You to BE sensical about It ALL….providing a sens-You-ALL experience and aligning You, the physical, with It, the s’more (“sum” more deliciousness please) You can give YourSelf and “add” to You, the non-physical…”Give Me s’more dat.” 🙂

S’mores offer a picture which indicates mouth-watering flavor, and when You can activate Your Imagination and Creativity, You allow YourSelf to Perceive and Receive from the very same s’mores of conception….You were/are conceived from delicious s’mores…sum more BEings at Your disposal.

You are conceived in LOVE of every”thing” and every”ONE,” and thus, You simply turn Your attention and focus to how savory You “actually” taste.  If everything IS You, the non-physical, in ALL Its Infinite FORMS, then taste some”thing” wonderful and good and kind…THAT which IS appealing to Your taste buds…”Hey, buds, want to taste THIS!”  And OWN-ly report from Your OWN tasty buds.  It’s an Internal/Eternal taste test.

You are the Creator in each moment so You’re not waiting for some”thing” to come about before You “actually” begin Creating.  You’re Creating Your REAL-ity, Your actuality, NOW in reading THIS….You Created It to happen along Your frequency…although I will BE taking credit for It. 🙂  IS Your body excited to read THIS….does It feel pleasurable?

You Create vibration-ALLY….a vibration-ALL ALLY of Creation.  So if You consider YourSelf to BE on the good side of Creation, You “sense and feel” YourSelf Creating AS You view the Creator in Its/Your image with pictures, images, feelings, energy, vibration….sens-Ya’ALL.  Whatever It IS for the inherent You, the ONE Who has inherited the vibration.

ALL can BE considered good and positive if You are ONE in the same AS Creation, Creator, Creativity. You define what It “actually” IS from a vibration-ALL standpoint.  You give the You-niverse Its go ahead or good ahead frame of reference so It can mirror back to You what You are vibration-ALLY reflecting.

It will BE in full support of Your vibration…whatever THAT IS.  It’s not the You, Who IS reading the words.  It’s the You, Who IS “feeling and sensing” Your vibration and emitting THAT AS You read.  The words are like the clouds and Your vibration IS like the sky.  Can You feel THIS?

“Hmmm……if I and the Creator are ONE, ONE in the same, then ALL IS “actually” good because I wouldn’t consider THAT the Creator IS bad…..or would I and proceed from here?”  🙂

ALL IS a High image of a relative sense…..Your Higher relatives….s’moring Your experience, and AS You, the physical, align with Its good, then You are in alignment with good….ALL IS defined AS good because You say so.  “THIS IS here because It’s intended to BE here because I AM here witnessing Its/My good….said Me to Me, in My OWN palatable language.”  You want things to go down EZ-SCHMEZIE, don’t You….”What went down?” 🙂

No”thing” IS inherently bad….You just have twisted Its right to BE here and considered THAT It’s wrong to BE here…”bad” thing. You have caused the plot twist in Your OWN definition….plotting some”thing” less tasteful which You may spit out or even vomit.  How’s THAT for a sinister plot for You OWN in-digestion?  You vomited UP Your OWN Version of what IS intended to BE yummy.  Remember, Your You-niverse doesn’t care how It supports You….You’re the first responder and then It responds to You.  How do You taste to the You-niverse so It can respond accordingly?  🙂

It’s doesn’t mean You have to taste every”thing” on Your buffet table. You just don’t make It wrong to BE on the buffet table and proceed from wrong picking UP ALL on Your wrong path.  Let Me point out and count the wrong ways in which You have done Me wrong for the last 30 plus years.  I think t-here IS a country song in the making, but It would probably BE longer than 4 minutes. 🙂

Bashar has a deLIGHTful way to describe pointing YourSelf in the direction of Your OWN scrumptiousness by virtue of an audience member. You can fast forward to 1:36 for THIS succulent inner/interaction.


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