The Art of Acceptance

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It appears THAT You spin Your life in THIS abyss which holds You in acceptance….in alignment with….or resistance with….ALL which appears.  When You can center YourSelf and kNOW THAT You are the rePRESENTative of ALL THAT appears in each moment by Your OWN deSIGN, then You can transFORM YourSelf to accept You in Infinite FORMS.

THIS IS the pure art of magic AS You, the magician, because the magician’s intention IS to get You to “accept” the miraculousness of what You are seeing.  Otherwise, what IS the point?  If You don’t “accept,” then the magician’s career IS complete.  Yet, REAL-ly, the magician IS OWN-ly You in a FORM giving You Your OWN perFORMance through an experience. 

When You look at some”thing” or some”ONE,” and want to cast It away, remember ALL IS You.  Thus, You are a living and breathing magician when You bring ALL into the LIGHT and see THAT It IS ALL You.  THIS IS the greatest magic trick of ALL.  When You are an acting magician, You are deSIGNing Your act so THAT You’re not “separating” any”thing” from the audience, but rather drawing in the audience….bringing ALL closer together.  If a magician doesn’t draw her audience in, she loses Them….”not buying It. I’m outta here.” 🙂

The more You can draw ALL in when You perceive or receive some”thing” or some”ONE” THAT IS distasteful (wanting to spit some”thing” or some”ONE” out of You), the more You give way for acceptance, for reconciliation, of Your OWN electromagnetic energy.  And the more You can do THIS, and offer acceptance of the perceived and received dis-OWNed energy, the more You will OWN and expand AS Your “true” energy magically LIGHTing the path of least resistance.  Remember, You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS actually “buying” Your OWN Version(s) of You….Your Genieishness commanding perFORMance.

Your Consciousness takes on the reflective FORM so THAT You continue to learn, to grow, to evolve, into Who You “truly” are.  It’s ALL Your Consciousness Creating hocus pocus everywhere.  In THIS LIGHT, You may have heard THIS reference, “God doesn’t give You patience.  God gives You experiences so THAT You grow into Your patience.”

Well, Expansion IS what You’re all about… speaking. So, You will be offered experiences so THAT You Expand in acceptance, and It can BE JOY-filled if You have the magician’s understanding and awareness.  You, the non-physical, bring a JOY-filled experience and It IS You, the physical, Who accepts the JOY THAT You bring.

Over the last few days, I’ve noticed My understanding and application of acceptance.

While My husband and I were in Taco Bell, a woman shouted at an”other” woman because her dogs were left in the car.  THIS woman was parked next to Us, and I OWN-ly saw the cute gods…..funny THAT the word, “dogs,” transFORMed….presto changeo… ItSelf into gods AS I typed.  I went back to change It, but then decided to keep THIS illustration.  My husband commented on the dogs/gods when We pulled into Our parking space due to the “outside” (perhaps It’s REAL-ly the boiling point “inside” which IS heating UP) temperature , and went to verify his perception….or check….on the dogs/gods. 🙂

My husband and I were out on the lake and AS we came back in and pulled UP to the dock, a friend and her husband were pulling in Their boat.  THIS friend commented THAT she witnessed dogs/gods on a short, tethered leash and had concern for the dogs/gods because of the heat. THIS friend also mentioned THAT some kids were on a make-shift raft and she had concern THAT some”thing” could happen to the kids and THAT Their parents could sue AS a result.  It was interesting AS when I looked at what she was seeing, I OWN-ly saw people/dogs/gods having FUN.

My granddaughter’s school had a “down on the farm” event for her school, and My granddaughter didn’t like the idea of waiting so long in lines to ride a horse so she made her OWN comments about THIS through a “meltdown,” and the outside temperature was hot.  I immediately saw her with such LOVE through My heart space kNOWing THAT My perception and reception of such was the ultimate magic trick…I accepted her “true” FORM.  I did want a different experience for her, but in THAT instance, I kNEW THAT I “truly” wanted a different experience for Me.  It’s the OWN-ly way magic comes about….reconcile Your energy so THAT You Expand AS Your truth….so You don’t leave You and Your Internal/Eternal audience.

It IS not easy to FORMulate acceptance because We’re so used to seeing outside of Us and wanting a different experience, and We go through and perpetuate life….accept/resist. It’s not easy to BE the artful magician and allow YourSelf to accept You AS the magician…THAT what You are seeing with Your physical eyes IS not the full picture…and THAT You have the power to use Your magic and change the Internal mechanism for seeing.  And AS You allow YourSelf to regain composure, You reconsider YourSelf from Your NEW reframed picture and You’re able to show YourSelf to YourSelf….Your OWN magic prowess!

AS You Integrate and Accept ALL the particles which are FORMing in each moment and THAT It’s ALL Ewe, Your OWN “down on the farm” experience, then You allow Your magic to bring You about and OWN ALL Your sheep. Leave Them alone and They’ll come home wagging Their tails behind Them….ALL IS not lost.  🙂

In Your evolution, the OWN-ly way some”thing” changes IS because You take OWN-ership of It.  Like Bashar mentions, Your REAL-ity can change and often does and instantly and miraculously when You change, but the REAL way You kNOW Your REAL-ity has changed IS the way You respond to It.  You don’t improve upon a situation, You improve Your response to It…THAT’s how “improvements” are REAL-ly made.  You bring in ALL Your Internal audience so THAT Your magic stays intact on Your vibration-ALL Higher wavelength despite any “outside” evidence to the contrary.

You don’t want to perceive and receive “leaving” You, the “true” magician, in each moment, do You?  When You do THIS, You’re OWN-ly convincing YourSelf THAT You are not “truly” magical.  Magicians have faith and trust THAT Their magic tricks will work….They believe in ThemSelves and keep perfecting Their magic deSIGNing aNEW so THAT ALL IS fresh and awake.

Such IS the miraculous, beautiful, life! 🙂



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