Bridge in Consciousness

T-here IS a Conscious awareness occurring in a huge way, and in THIS awareness are the You’s, Who are awakened to the Inner kNOWing, and You speak in concert, in connection, to ALL Who You are.  It IS a liberation which speaks to You, the physical, providing a bridge in Consciousness by which You can readily travel to any and ALL other You’s, Who are currently living out THAT which You desire in e-harmony.

THIS picture of a bridge captivates Me every time I walk by It AS It hangs in My hallway to everyw-here. 🙂

When You find YourSelf somew-here in Consciousness w-here fear IS PRESENT, You can instantly form a bridge to the You, who kNOWs no fear, so You close Your eyes and “sense and feel” YourSelf in Consciousness.  Then articulate Your desire……”I am Tami of the OneSelf and My desire IS to bridge with the Me, Who OWN-ly kNOWS LOVE in regards to THIS _____.”

Then You “sense and feel” YourSelf bridged, or blended energies, to the You in the so-called “other” dimensions of which You readily are, and blend the energies and feel complete.  Those “others” certainly have Their lives of luxury….luxurious lives ALL within You awaiting Your recognition of Them and Their availability to You.  They are You. 🙂

You might think THAT a bridge IS traveling away from, and It can BE THIS.  Yet, in Your OWN awareness, You NOW Create a bridge taking You, or shifting You, back home to the BIG house instantly and simultaneously.  AS You travel within YourSelf, You are accentuating more of YourSelf and allowing more of YourSelf to assist You.  Thus, You call UPon YourSelf ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS so THAT You bridge a gap, so to speak, between You, the physical, and You, the non-physical, especially when You’re feeling some”thing” a-miss, a miss-fire.

You have or are much more available than You may REAL-EYES.  When You OWN-ly view YourSelf AS physical, You are OWN-ly allowing a small portion of You to BE available for You….when t-here IS sooooo much more.

Last week, I attended the PLAY, Beauty and the Beast, with My granddaughter, and It was absolutely beautiful.  The humor and new songs captivated Me and I was drawn into It….could not get enough of every”thing” THAT was occurring.  After the PLAY, I got in My car and was intending to eat the salmon sandwich which had been waiting for Me for the ride home.  My granddaughter and I had lunch prior to the PLAY and I reserved the sandwich for My special occasion driving home.

Then an aspect came to fruition….”Are you sure You should eat THAT sandwich? Remember, it’s 80 degrees outside….been sitting in t-here for 3 1/2 hours and It has mayo. You kNOW what THAT means… poisoning.”  In THAT moment, I met MySelf and an historical event, which occurred over 30 years ago, but I was accessing It NOW.

Yet, My Greater Self, My Higher Self, said, “The food just arrived on the scene.  You are the first responder to It. You are NEW to It and It IS NEW to You….no history THAT We can see. How ’bout You feel LOVE for YourSelf first and then feel LOVE AS You’re eating Your sandwich.”  So I closed My eyes and felt LOVE and felt the energy of the Me, Who was eating THAT sandwich in e-harmony….just felt It/Me expand.

I gave way to My Expanded Self, My E-Self, and Created such splendor in bridging My NEW Self with My NEW experience, and It was delicious.  On My drive, I had such appreciation for Me and My sandwich…..felt like Ross in an episode of Friends and I belly laughed.  It was like My sandwich was saying, “I’ve done nothing to You to warrant a response….”My God, You’re going to kill Me. I’m NEW here intending to bring deliciousness to Your palate, Your whole body experience. Dang, woman!”

It’s funny to write THIS.  I shared THIS experience in My class AS every”ONE” could relate to having a “food poisoning” event. When I wrote on the board THAT My event took place over 30 years ago and I’ve eaten tons of food since then, I illustrated THAT My focus was on less than 1/2 of a percent in how I related to the sandwich.  The 1/2 of a percent became the larger part…..forgetting about the 99 1/2 of the food which has served Me well.

If every”thing” and every”ONE” IS a relative of LIGHT and LOVE, then the larger part of You, the multidimension-ALL You, can come to the moment and establish a bridge to NOW-HERE to relate to It AS LIGHT and LOVE.  THIS activated illustration can bridge the math gap and Create the more Expansive You encompassing the activity…..if You do the math correctly. 🙂

You have at Your disposal Infinite BEings, Who are readily available at a moment’s notice to feature blended energy You’s.  In THIS way, You access ALL Who contribute to Your moment in such a blissful, e-moremous way.

You are PLAYing every”thing” and every”ONE” out in Your Consciousness so why not utilize Your OWN Infinite BEings to assist You and expand Your Consciousness to include ALL of You.  The idea of a “blended” family gives way for Your experience and can LIGHTen Your, the physical, load….if You let Them.

T-here ALL here to assist, but if You insist….”No, I can do It MySelf.  If I want some”thing” done right, I have to do It MySelf”….then You won’t sense Them here.  So turn insistence to assistance and magically transFORM Your experience….You are magically delicious! 🙂


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