OWN Your Enthusiasm

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AS You begin to BE aware THAT ALL life IS You, Your OWN (Obvious Wavelength Network) Creation, You may allow YourSelf to BE emotions or feelings on a sustainable, regular basis, which You previously thought were reserved for just a few “select” moments in Your life.  “Oh, ya, I remember when I felt enthusiastic…..long ago….It was because of _____.” Perhaps You may “sense and feel” THAT deserving to BE Who You naturally and truly are IS here, IS NOW, and You can take full advantage of Your whole Self and feel enthusiastic about Your OWN curiosity….BE into You. 🙂

It’s interesting to perceive e-motions or feelings and put Them in a box reserved for special occasions….THAT You couldn’t possibly feel Them in each moment.  THAT each moment IS not a special occasion…THAT You are not special in Your OWN observance of You. Thus, You pull out the fine paper Chinet and use It for Your special occasion.  

You may laugh THAT I use Chinet on a regular basis, and I reuse It AS well.  It makes Me laugh to write THIS….My OWN special occasion reserved for laughter.  THIS said, We had an electrician at Our home recently, and I ate lunch while he was here.  His comment was, “Now I know why your house is so nice and clean. You use paper plates so You don’t have dishes piled in the sink.”  Yup! 🙂

Reserve THIS moment for Who You are and what You want to experience….You are the special occasion because You’re here.  AS a multidimension-ALL BEing, You can “sense and feel” Your “true” Self until the cows come home.  And You’re in luck because cows may not BE present in the majority of dimensions…so sing It like You feel It and carry Your tune so ALL can hear….”It’s a MOO point.”  🙂

Just NOW, I went out to Our garage, and on the floor, right next to a litter box was a beautiful deSIGNed swirl of poo awaiting My arrival into Who was enthusiastic to see It.  I began to laugh because life IS just THIS….full of poo moments….and We, the multidimension-ALL ONE Who IS here to see It with ALL Its Conscious elements, get to decide what It rePRESENTs.  We are the magicians! So I imagined It AS chocolate ice cream, the kind THAT comes out of a machine, and I swirled with It, with no resistance. 🙂

It takes focus to dive in or expand to Your multidimension-ALL Self….THAT ALL IS not what You think It IS…..It IS so much more….electromagnetically more, e-more, awaiting Your perceptions and reception of It.  T-here IS an Expanded Self, Who sees ALL in such a fascinating and enthusiastic way……BEing able to tap into ALL with the curiosity of a child….”Hmmm….I wonder what else IS here?  Let Me PLAY.”

Thus, I will say, “I AM Tami of the ONESelf calling UP My BEing Who senses ALL with profound curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm, and I blend with her NOW.”  Then I feel the full blending of Our energy and move AS THAT energy.  I mix UP tools or what I say because It feels fresh and NEW…and alive.  I feel fresh and NEW and alive tapping into the e-moremous Me. 🙂

Recently, when entering a restaurant, t-here was a friend sitting at a table and nearby was an empty table.  T-here was an aspect which said, “You don’t want to sit by him, remember the War of 1812″….going to My history book for a not so good reference.  Yet, in THAT ever-shifting moment, the majority of Me said, “BE curious….go sit by him. You’re NEW!”  So My husband and I sat by him and talked to him the entire time.  My curiosity had gotten the best of Me. 🙂

It was a delicious time, a time reserved for My OWN enthusiasm PLAYing such a key role. The elements of history were seen in such a curious fashion….fresh and NEW.  Thus, They didn’t add weight because I was not weighed down….I was weight less….”But wait, t-here’s more, way more, e-more.” And I REAL-ly had FUN and IN-JOYed MySelf.

You are here reserving YourSelf in each moment for Your special occasion…..You are the occasion….so bring out what You would do if You were celebrating You right NOW. Streamers, Boys II Men, disco shoes, booty movin’. 🙂

You are a multidimension-ALL, enhanced, Version of You.  You tap into ALL Who are PRESENT in You, ALL the BEings, Who have awakened and those Who are yet to awaken….”Wake UP ALL-READY!”  You move in THIS Expanded Self, E-Self, and REAL-EYES, You are Your OWN “cause” for celebration and You’re enthused and infused about It. In each moment IS Your “cause” to LIGHT UP the firework display with how You “feel” in Your body….the body of LIGHT which activates THIS kNOWing.

You are excited because You “feel and sense” in a Greater capacity, tapping with NEW tap shoes on, into Your OWN awareness of THIS alive energy which LIGHTS UP fireworks in Your honor, and You feel these fireworks going off inside. You’re aware of the energy moving through Your body and You move with It, not against It.  You feel YourSelf spinning in Your OWN orbit with the Earth plane.

It’s interesting to write THIS AS My husband had moved Our telescope a few nights ago so THAT We had a clear view of the planet in the Northern sky.  When I looked at the planet, and then looked away for just a few seconds, My line of sight had changed.  I had to keep repeatedly moving the telescope to have a clear view of the planet.  It was fascinating and peaked My curiosity, and THIS IS what I heard in response to My curiosity.

You are accelerating AS You move in e-harmony.  Thus, ALL IS OWN-ly available for a shortened time AS You, the physical, “feel and sense” Your “true” Self.  You are moving in the Center of Your OWN BEing so ALL will BE moving in You-nison with You.  You think You are accessing the same NOW moment AS just a moment ago, but You are not.  You are shifting a gazillion times per second and keeping UP with It. THIS requires THAT You shift to meet Your OWN Self in Your OWN Northern sky. Have FUN!

Moving at the speed of LIGHT can BE scary and FUN at the same time….an exhilarating ride.  Yet, You kNOW each moment IS not the same moment AS You expand in THIS awareness.  Each ride IS not the same ride so even if You go to the store to purchase groceries, You are an expanded Self doing THIS activity.  You’re “feeling and sensing” so much more in THAT activity AS You sense Your power-filled frequency.  Btw, You’ll BE asked to check Your “mundane” at the door.  🙂

It’s a time for FUN, for CURIOSITY, for MAGIC….to BE ENTHUSED…”BE AS little children and welcome Your OWN MAGIC Kingdom within You.” 🙂


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