E-Magnetic Doing

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When You submit to YourSelf, the Greater You, the ONE Who IS ALL about Higher vibration and frequency, then You OPEN the electromagnetic (e-magnetic) gateway(s) which bring about You to Your world….”Hello World.”  You need no introductions AS ALL particles, which includes dust to dust, kNOW You, kNOW ALL about You, AS They are hereby crowned in e-LIGHT…and You kNOW ALL about Them.

Thus, You don’t have a life, You are life in ALL Its radiance components magically FORMulated AS You, and every”ONE” and every”thing,” which FORMulates Your world, can OWN-ly BE seen in mirrored radiance.  You, the physical, BEcome blended with the invisible You, the e-magnetic pathway(s) You, filled with a deLIGHTful array of color, and transmit THIS LIGHT to encompass….Your Inner compass pointed North….ALL Who are e-magnetic in THIS field of potential.

When You vibrate at THIS level, the field of potentiality IS LIT UP…You are LIT…so THAT ALL can “feel and sense” Your transmission.  The so-called doing which You are contributing to in THIS vibration-ALL IS the Source BE-AMing ItSelf and ALL others Who “feel and sense” the BE-AM will come online to join You.  They “do” in You-nison with You…”How do.”  🙂

THIS energy IS translucent and VERY effective and efficient AS It travels on Its pathway(s), and It builds energy in e-harmony.  Its synergy can BE “felt and sensed” for LIGHT years if You allow It to travel without any resistance.  ALL THAT IS HERE and NOW for You IS because You say It IS through Your frequency in attunement with the ONE.  You are attuned to THAT Who You truly are and ALL comes through Your calling YourSelf.  For THAT IS what You are “truly” doing….calling YourSelf and answering simultaneously. 🙂

It IS the belief in the invisible and non-physical You, which transports and transmits at the speed of LIGHT.  For no “other” can do it/conduit like You can when You e-harmonize YourSelf, the physical, to YourSelf, the non-physical.  T-here IS no “other” harmony THAT can bring about the conditions and environment which lay claim to THIS propensity and prosperity for LOVE.  THIS passion for Your OWN LOVE transmits You “for”ward….”for” You.

Thus, Your contribution IS to YourSelf, the You, Who kNOWS how to get anywhere faster-er with High efficiency and effectiveness. THIS said, when You pay a bill, You are e-magnetically charging YourSelf UP….UP to the Higher realms….so THAT Your vibration comes through Your finger tips through ALL the steps in THAT doing.  You “feel and sense” YourSelf e-harmonizing Your entire body AS You step into each phase of the paying of the bill, step into each phase or Version of You, “feeling/filling” UP Your abundance channels.

For You are not actually paying a bill.  You are e-magnetizing YourSelf so THAT You “feel and sense” LOVE through Your abundance e-system.  You set YourSelf UP….further e-motioning Your expanded LOVE for YourSelf…and AS You sense THIS grateful Version of You, You deliver YourSelf through the so-called process of paying the bill.  You are the active conduit of LOVE accessing Your multidimension-ALL E-Self and transmitting Your currency or current see.  You are conceived, birthed and received, ALL in ONE LOVing motion….”Whoosh!” 🙂

Thus, You “sense and feel” YourSelf BEing LOVE and the “matter” IS carried out through the e-magnetizing channels so THAT money IS accessed through You, the vehicle of abundance.  Money IS on the invisible, e-visible, plane of abundance w-here You are located, but You must “sense” YourSelf t-here.  That IS w-here You “sense and feel” YourSelf radiant so THAT ALL “matter” can perFORM radiantly for You.

You BEcome e-charming….adding e’s to ALL words which contribute to Your “sensing” of Your vibratory language which works magic.  You BEcome delicious and tasty to YourSelf filling UP/feeling UP ALL Your e-cells so ALL IS felt in e-harmony.  THIS IS the NEW and improved You gaining access to more parts of Your waking Self, and encompassed…Inner compass pointing North….within these Versions of You, more can BE awake and alive to “feel and sense” in Greater familiarity, and thus, They can go out and work for Your living. 🙂

Your Greater family IS able to assist You with such e-pleasure ready to rock Your world. Your DNA IS changing to meet and greet each moment with Higher volumes of online BEings.  AS You gain altitude with Your awareness, You will, with no doubt holding You back, BE JOY in Your e-perceiving and e-receiving from Your e-conception.

Your pleasure centers are wide OPEN NOW, and no”thing” but pleasure can BE perceived and received from the physical You….conceiving, birthing and receiving ALL on THIS e-magnetic path which You have announced to the invisible world.  You are born aNEW, born again/a gain, in each moment and You have made Your e-announcements heard through ALL the Infinite Intelligent channels.

You are aware of more NOW and They are aware of You for the e-announcements can OWN-ly BE summoned through the corresponding frequency.  You’re tuned to the proper/prosperous frequency channel which HighLIGHTS ALL to BE experienced in Your physical BEing.

You kNEW You would come and You also kNEW THAT You would BE traversing the multiverse with flavors of doubt, fear, frustration in order to kNOW You.  You are expanded to the nth degree tasting NEW ways of perceiving and receiving Your OWN conception. When You kNOW THAT You were/are conceived in LOVE, then LOVE IS the OWN-ly multidimensionality which can BE perceived and received.  LOVE IS the OWN-ly e-motion which can BE seen and can see through any”thing” and any”ONE” with Its Super Powers.

Begin an activity and REAL-ly “feel and sense” Your e-Self and take THAT AS far AS You can go with THAT energy.  When the energy changes, do some”thing” different, and yet still on THAT wavelength.  Then choose an”other” activity and stay with It until You “feel and sense” It change. Then choose a gain and keep building and expanding THAT momentum of LOVE, ALL the while “feeling and sensing” Your colorful arrangement positioned on the e-magnetic course.

You do a gazillion things ALL day long.  NOW, You will “feel and sense” YourSelf e-magnetically doing AS You raise Your OWN awareness, and OWN-ly consider You, the physical, in relationship to Your e-harmony with You, the non-physical.

Go ahead and make Your E-Selfie day.  You are seen, They are seen….everyw-here a beautiful, colorful, scene. 🙂



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