A New Experience in Trust

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When You arrive in each moment, t-here will BE symbols and signs which will point back to You, the physical, to go deep and expand….ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS.  Each moment can BE a way in which You can AScertain….BE AS certain….THAT You are the way.  Thus, You, AS the non-physical, IS ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS providing for You, the physical, to adhere to the deeper and more expansive You….give way to THIS .  When You experience THIS level of trust, You will BE able to view each moment in a purely “trusting” fashion….You are very fashion-able. 🙂

T-here IS a road in which I travel frequently and on THIS road IS a billboard which says, “A New Experience in Trust.”  NOW, It also says on THAT billboard THAT It IS sponsored by a credit union.  Yet, when I simply look at the “face” value, the credit union, I cannot AScertain the deeper, more expansive, message AS I AM OWN-ly focused on the credit union.  T-here are deeper pathways, thoroughfares, networks, parallel REAL-ities, and such, right in Your midst if You choose to go t-here….beyond the face….connecting You to You. 🙂

Just kNOW THAT ALL IS neutral, a blank canvas, and You, the physical, can choose any medium, any colors, any words, any interpretations, in which to artfully paint Your Version of You.  It’s You providing for You to illustrate just for You, BE the example just for You giving You ALL.  In THIS way, You are the way and Your world will come about simply by BEing You.  What You put out IS what You get back so You ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS want to go deeper when some”ONE” IS passing along some”thing” to You. Do an about face and put out for YourSelf OWN-ly. 🙂

Recently, My sister was contacted by a woman about a BEing a “potential” relative. Through the thoroughfare of THIS conversation, My sister was inspired to complete an Ancestry DNA test, which came back “positive.”  THIS message inspired Me to go deep and look what THIS means for Me, while allowing ALL My relatives to describe what It means for Them.

AS I sat with It, I BEcame aware of a much greater field of “pure positive potential relatives.”  I believe THAT Ancestry DNA testing IS coming on line in a much greater capacity to understand THAT We are ALL connected and THIS IS positive.  If, at the base of Who We truly are, IS LOVE and LIGHT, Our “true” Ancestry DNA, then Who aren’t WE related to?

It’s just THAT We will separate OurSelves from any”ONE” Who may not look, act or see things the same way…My DNA, Your DNA…..and Our “sensing and feeling” of “family” definitely provides a network to explore separation.  I think I’ll Create a bumper sticker THAT says, “My DNA IS better than Your DNA. I come from LOVE, not sure ’bout You.” 🙂

When You respond in each moment, ALL IS relative.  If ALL IS Your relative in Your relationship to You, how You relate, then Your intended response must BE relative, must relate to Who You are NOW.  If You OWN-ly look at the face, the name, the history, the yada, yada, yada, You may suffer according to Your OWN separation agreement.

ALL IS inside You, and thus, Ya’ll are ALL connected through ONE another, but You will have to focus on the deeper and more expansive You, Who sees It THIS way.  Otherwise, You will separate YourSelf from YourSelf and experience separation anxiety, which IS not just reserved for children. 🙂

So You trust in Your OWN wings and when You do THIS, ALL hell could break loose around You, but Your ability to fly High IS so great THAT the so-called hell won’t affect You because ALL IS seen in the LIGHT of “pure positive potential relatives.” You’re in Your true North looking from THIS direction so every”thing” and every”ONE” IS seen from here, from You, from Your “true” vantage point.  Then You laugh and sing like a bird and tweet THIS, “Ha, ha, ha, ha….I’m above You and You’re in hell.” 🙂

You say what It IS relative to You, and then no”thing” or no”ONE” will appear AS separate. You BEcome Your OWN vibratory Version Who IS trusting in Her OWN awareness of Who She actually IS and calling It AS She sees It.  I call BS (Bigger Self). 🙂

Just remember AS You gain more relatives, You do have to buy more PRESENTS/PRESENCE, but It’s worth It.  You get PRESENTS/PRESENCE back. 🙂

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