AS the Phase OPENS

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AS You BEcome the phase which OPENs UP more and more of the natural You, the true You, You REAL-EYES THAT ALL IS OPEN space available for You to perceive and receive Your OWN inner JOY exactly how You intend/intended It.  You have NOW entered the phase of Your OWN REAL-ity show, AS the Phase OPENS, Your channel which IS readily available…It’s the channel with the most views.  Thus, You allow Your OWN Collective to facilitate and OPEN the moment and, You, the physical, simply glide in You-nison with the OPENing.  You, the physical, want to BE considerate of the OPENing, right? 🙂

It’s a Grand OPENing of sorts.  AS You let go and surrender to Who You are in the Grand scheme of things, You allow more and more of Your Grandeur to come into view….”View THIS particular moment, please!”  THIS Grandeur takes “true” focus and AS You can imagine, THIS available energy can take on and become Your “true” thoughts.  Because You are OPENing, THIS energy, which has ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS been but simply had not been available during Your Soul phase work, IS NOW effectively and efficiently You.  It IS not just a part of You, It IS You in full. 

You become the REAL-ity in ALL Its elegance because You are REAL-ity in ALL Its elegance.  T-here IS no”thing” a-part from You, and AS You integrate ALL of It, You expand ALL THAT You thought was separate to BEcome Your OWN expansion.  AS You integrate ALL of You, You can NOW expand AS the fullness of You.

You have to OWN It to transFORM It, and THIS means You simply recognize THAT You may view some”thing” THAT may BE perceived and received AS not LOVE, and NOW THAT Your phase IS OPENed, You can transFORM It with LOVE.  Your LOVE faucet IS in the “OPEN” position.  You are in the OPEN…..You are OPEN on ALL electromagnetic fields.

You BEcome transparent in Your OWN awareness….looking at ALL of You and LOVing every so-called part which may seemingly appear separate.  NOW, THAT You’re OPEN to perceive and receive LOVE, You can OWN It….in LOVE with YourSelf.  It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS a part of Self which simply gives way to illustrate LOVE for You, ALL of You.

Yesterday, on CBS THIS Morning, a beautiful story appeared.  A person named Ben in Utah received a so-called “suspicious” email from Joel in Liberia, and he usually would have dismissed the email, but decided to respond.  THIS took Ben into a world he never imagined AS he thought he was “dealing” with Joel, who was a scammer.  THIS said, we, in the United States, are ALL familiar with the Liberia/”scammer” aspects of Self.  🙂

Yet, Ben OPENed UP to the Greater Self and allowed It to unfold and became changed through It.  Ben thought he was going to be teaching Joel a lesson….”I know Who You are….don’t mess with me and don’t mess with others.”  Ben found HimSelf Greater, more expansive, than he was before he met Joel.  Through Ben’s OWN transFORMation….OWNing ALL of HimSelf, ALL of his dis-OWNed Selves….he became friends with Joel and started a business together.  Even to the point w-here he visited Joel in Liberia.

It shows Me ALL THAT IS still here for transFORMation purposes and THAT IS exciting to Me.  I do LOVE the AHA’s….some”thing” Whose awareness IS Greater than It was before the experience.  Through the experience, I OWN It and ALL IS transFORMed. I can’t transFORM and give way/give a way, what It IS THAT I don’t OWN. 🙂

ONE way THAT You can give rise to a version of separateness IS to allow a version of You to take on any energy THAT IS not aligned.  Remember, You are Infinite versions which You can activate at any time because You OWN ALL of Them, ALL of You.

You may use words like THIS for example AS You visualize THIS connection through Your heart space: “May I connect and BE aligned with the Greater aspect of Me, Who “truly” kNOWs the purpose for THIS moment.  May the Greater Fullness take THIS on and integrate ALL of Me so THAT I may BE transFORMed with LOVE.” Then TRUST THAT It IS done, and continue Your excitement prowess.  Do You TRUST THAT It IS done?

It’s like You are the bridge connection….FORMulating the bridge in Consciousness w-here every”thing” and every”ONE” exists and IS done ALL-READY.  You can FORM whatever bridge vision IS conducive to Your excitement, Your happiness, Your JOY.  Simply take the moment and mold It in Your image, the view of Your Greater Self, of God.

Then allow YourSelf to BE guided….surrendering to the Guide Who IS in first position, Who IS in front.  It’s an individual surrendering to Your path….You kNOW AS You surrender….and each moment unfolds ItSelf, molds ItSelf, in the fullness of You.

AS I was writing THIS article yesterday, I was told to stop to go listen to Ben’s story on TV. I didn’t kNOW at the time THAT I would be incorporating It into THIS article…..I just happened, It just happened, through My JOY bridge. What I did kNOW was the excitement wavelength which propelled Me “for”ward and I received MySelf AS such….ONE in the same.

You simply find YourSelf “doing” some”thing” and perceiving It/YourSelf, receiving It/YourSelf in JOY.  You can’t BE separate from what You’re doing…..tapping into the Higher awareness of pure JOY and allowing It to unfold.  Thus, You integrate ALL of You and BEcome the “doing.”  In THIS way, You can “sense and feel” ALL of You in the “doing”….the electromagnetic harmonic tune of You AS Your OWN path.

Just kNOW THAT AS You keep expanding and BEcome more and more….and more of Who You “truly” are, THIS Collective naturally takes on things THAT You, the physical, had previously decided was Yours to figure out how to take care of.  And I LOVE what Bashar says in THAT You won’t have to consider so much THAT You “thought” You “had” to consider….ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS looking for “things” and “people” to consider outside of You.

Who You BEcome over and over and over again IS You, the physical, IS considerate of the Greater You, the Expansive You, the God You….OWN-ly consider Who You “truly” are. Thus, You, the physical glide into Your natural position in Your OWN evolution and phase coming to fruition.  You, the physical, surrender so THAT You can “sense and feel” the Collective here.  It’s such a dynamic radiance of electromagnetic goosebumps and Your body responds with “Yippee!” 🙂

And the rest, which IS ALL of It, IS taken care of…..May You rest in peace! 🙂

Here IS Ben and Joel’s story.



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