Where You Find YourSelf


I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas and what an astounding trip It was.  Before I left, I heard a message, “Do you want to experience more LOVE?”  I, the physical, don’t ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS kNOW what the messages entail because It IS a moment to moment shifting in Consciousness w-here I experience the message. “They” don’t give Me ALL the pre-planning awareness….”Here’s what You’ll experience at 10:02, and then at 10:04 BE ready for You kNOW what”…..dang Consciousness.  Thus, I AM on a journey of Self-discovery and It simply OPENS UP for me to explore and BE surprised with excitement. I can so-call plan ALL I want. 🙂

I do LOVE to put pictures UP along with My text, and yet, It was not intended to put UP pictures THAT I, the physical, thought “should” BE rePRESENTed.  So I found MySelf traveling through My gallery and Flat Stanley decided to BE rePRESENTed.  It makes Me, the physical, laugh AS I journey into MySelf and receive ALL of Me in-JOY.  Who kNOWS w-here We find OurSelves except here…the “true” North, the path of least resistance. 🙂

So I surrender and give in and AS I, the physical, do THIS, I bring Me to MySelf so THAT I will experience the electromagnetic harmony in My Internal/Eternal relationship…the marriage made in Heaven.  AS I surrender to the Greater Me, so much OPENs UP THAT I had not been aware of and THAT’s the point to life…..OPENing UP more and more and more of Who You truly are.

AS My husband and I traveled in the air-plane (such a FUN word…what ISN’t a plane of air?), I REAL-EYESed THAT I was much more aware of planes traveling in the air…..felt like a multidimensionality of planes traversing the multiverse.  Planes were flying overhead, planes flying in parallel FORMS, planes off in the distance, and I could see Them…or “sense” Their vibration.  It was fascinating!  AS I mentioned THIS to My husband, he said, “They have ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been t-here.”

THIS IS what IS so FUN about existence, about life.  You become much more aware of things THAT have ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been, but NOW, You can see and “sense” so much more.  AS You OPEN UP more and more of You….simultaneously letting go of physicality holding on and integration thereof….You are able to perceive and receive so much more on Your pathways…the more of the “Collective” You.  Thus, the “Collective” IS BEing rePRESENTed more.  You’re moving from I to We.

While in the air, I experienced THIS intense vibration for a few seconds.  I asked My husband what It was, and he said, “T-here was a plane flying overhead and we were experiencing the circular vortices left behind by the plane.”  Again, It was fascinating to BE aware of ALL THAT IS in the multiverse and get to experience It on such a multidimension-ALL PLAYing field.

In Vegas, It was absolutely beautiful….so much unfolding.  We thought We wanted to go see Cirque du Soleil, but the “thought” didn’t come to Us purchasing tickets.  The thoughts were so interesting AS They came, t-here was an awareness of “Perhaps You are experiencing Your OWN Cirque du Soleil right NOW…..why not enjoy right w-here You are. You don’t have to “physically” experience some”thing” in order for It to BE so. OPEN UP Your multidimension-ALL senses and purely experience. Create Your OWN version of Cirque du Soleil…..so much more here.” 🙂

So the LOVE THAT came through AS a message was so profound in each moment of My experience…..simply “sensing and feeling” MySelf AS ONE-ness kNOWing My place and connectedness to ALL THAT IS AS “whole.”  Each moment allowed Me the privilege to experience My heart wide OPEN filled with LOVE ALL-READY and OPENing UP to witnessing more LOVE than the ever-changing Me had previously experienced.

I was LOVE in e-motion “sensing and feeling” and in-JOYing My OWN connectedness by utilizing My focus.  And AS I sit here writing, my husband exclaims, “The market IS flat lined because oil prices keep going UP.”  And I smile with My OWN LOVE expanding and OPENing UP to receive, perceive and integrate these “positive” messages. 🙂

LOVE will come in Infinite ways.  Are you ready for more LOVE? It IS here because You are here and aware. 🙂

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