Your Highest Excitement

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I do LOVE the message from Bashar.  The Collective called Bashar has provided Infinite wisdom and understanding of how REAL-ity works and also provided “how to” implement changes, vibration-ALLY, in My life.  I resonate with so much THAT Bashar says…..It strikes a beautiful, harmonic cord. 🙂  Thus, BEcause It does strike an harmonic cord, It tells Me THAT THIS IS My highest excitement….writing THIS, sharing It and LOVing every moment of It.

Bashar teaches to find Your highest excitement in each moment.  Yet, You may have to come to Your OWN understanding and definition of the word, “excitement.”  We tend to think of excitement OWN-ly AS a jumping UP and down activity.  It can BE THIS too. Yet, Bashar defines excitement to BE: What feels most correct for You, what feels right for You, what Your gut tells You, whatever IS in alignment with Your highest Self LOVE. Basically, whatever “truly” resonates with You IS Your Highest excitement.  

Below IS Bashar’s video: Finding Your Highest Excitement.  If THIS “truly” resonates and You find It exciting to want to go further, You can scroll down in the video to find a reply from Marin HR, who provides the scripted FORM of THIS video.

NOW, If You find THAT THIS IS an exciting thread and You want to even go further into YourSelf, I have provided a link to Bashar’s book, Blueprint for Change.  I have not read the entire book yet, but what I have read excites Me…..feels so wonderful to read It and understand even more, especially about phases.  You may resonate with It AS well…..if You don’t, You’re going to hell, AS We speak. 🙂

Just like You do food, LOVE first, digest a bite at a time while You’re “feeling and sensing” BEing in LOVE, assimilate and “feel and sense” the LOVE THAT You ALL-READY are. Then take the next “exciting” bite AS You digest even more of YourSelf.  Just witness You in each moment….LOVE in electromagnetic e-motion.  You may “feel and sense” THAT You can’t get enough of You AS You expand with Your “TRUSTED” elastic waist band pants on, of course. 🙂  THIS IS Your FORM in excitement mode. 🙂

In-JOY….from My heart through Yours…..connecting ALL THAT We are through Our OWN innate power of ever lasting, ever blasting, JOY.  I do LOVE connecting with You like t-here IS no “other.”  Yet, t-here IS OWN-ly ONE of Us here so It must BE Me BEcause any”thing” You can do, I can do better. I can do any”thing” better than You.  In-JOY the innate, Collective, laughter AS You sing along with Me. 🙂


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