Infinite Array of Choices

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When You ponder THAT You are the Receiver and Perceiver AS the physical aspect of Self, Your role IS a beautiful ONE, and ONE THAT IS very essence-tial to ALL the colorful aspects of Self Who choose to come to PLAY at the level You are NOW.  AS You unfold, more and more of You are available to join in the FUN.

After ALL, It IS You, the physical, shifting YourSelf to REAL-EYES more and more of You Who have ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been. It’s just NOW, You are able to “feel and sense” the energy THAT has ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been.  You are waking UP!

It’s You, the physical, Who can “feel and sense” THIS aliveness within You AS the energy IS Received and Perceived AS “I’m having more FUN.”  Your role IS simply aligning vibration-ALLY with the ONE Who Created You so THAT You, the physical, can Receive and Perceive You in JOY.  Otherwise, “I’m having more FUN” will BE hit and miss AS You “think” THAT FUN exists AS the element of what You’re doing, not Who You are.  🙂

Each moment IS an Infinite array of choices in the electromagnetic field of choice.  AS You decide what to choose in each moment, each can BE a touch point on the same electromagnetic wavelength if You Receive and Perceive YourSelf on the wavelength of FUN, HAPPY, EXCITED, JOY. Thus, ALL THAT You choose from IS an illustration of THIS wavelength so You don’t have to choose a selection, thinking THAT THIS selection will lead You to Your goal. ALL IS from THAT wavelength selection so It does not matter what You choose because You are the chosen ONE choosing….You are ALL-READY the goal. 🙂

If You are Receiving and Perceiving Your FUN, then You are lined UP with the Creator of the FUN Who IS “essence-tially” You.  Thus, It feels so much FUN because You’re on THAT “feeling and sensing” electromagneticism firing on ALL rockets.  You have set YourSelf UP AS a magnet for FUN, and in THIS way, You can “feel and sense” ALL the energies, images and thoughts Who have NOW joined You in the FUN.

Can You “feel and sense” how these energies have anticipated THIS moment when You are aligned and You can “feel and sense” Them? 🙂

Today, It was very interesting AS a person in My class emailed Me to let Me kNOW she had “other” things going on THIS week so wouldn’t BE attending.  Thus, It was such a FUN opportunity for Me to reply with such clarity of FUN.  I told her THAT Infinite choices are at PLAY and I was very grateful THAT she could choose which activities would BE ideal for her and PLAY with Them.  It was FUN to respond with THIS PLAYful energy writing It.  T-here are an Infinite array of choices, right?  So You can choose Your OWN FUN response.

You kNOW, It’s no longer necessary in Your OWN phase work to look at any”thing” or any”ONE” and not feel Its compatibility…able to BE compatible.  It may not BE Your preference, but “aligned” choice IS power so You don’t use Your power to exert over some”ONE” because You kNOW You are every”thing” and every choice BEcomes You in Your OWN alignment.  You are choosing Your alignment first and then “setting” Your OWN example to YourSelf…..”Set It and forget It.”  🙂

Thus, You “sense and feel” the essence in Your body first before You move, AS the most important move You will ever make, so THAT You can ascertain/AS certain Your OWN sensing mechanism first….BE LIGHT first, BE first LIGHT. In THIS way, You are lined UP….Heavenly choices ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS exist here. So Your choices are ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS exquisite.  First, You have to “feel and sense” YourSelf exquisitely.

ALL the Consciousness will, in effect, BE absorbed by You and BE integrated AS a means to BE equal, an equalization, of Your vehicle.  You assimilate easily and effortlessly and digest ALL by Conscious choice.  It NOW feels like a “We” is working and Creating together in harmonic momentum….such compatibility BEing REAL-EYESed.

You are compatible with Your OWN alignment.  You kNOW THIS by how Your body digests food…..You don’t concern YourSelf with the “entire” digestion process….”How IS THIS food going to go down, will THIS make Me sick, what will happen If I hurl?” 🙂   You LOVingly eat and allow LOVE to do ALL by Conscious deSIGN…”Set LOVE and forget It.” 🙂

When You listen to a story, pay attention to how It feels in Your body.  If the story makes You come “alive” in Your cellular story, then You are It.  If It doesn’t, then dive into the Soul of the subject and bring out the magic THAT IS inherent in You to convey to Your body THAT You are “alive” AS You listen to It.  You do THIS everyday with Your remote control connected to Your TV AS You switch to a channel which makes You “feel” more “alive.” Thus, Your remote control IS much more than You “think” It IS.

You are the Center Point from which ALL exists and can BE electromagnetically conveyed through Your body….if You choose.  Each day t-here IS a plethora of choices at hand and AS You choose, You can LOVIngly nurture….not convince….Your body THAT You are grateful You’re “alive.”  Use Your OWN magic to convey LOVE by utilizing tools or whatever which assist You to kNOW You’re “alive.”

You may need to mix things UP…, mantras, meditations….can BEcome “dull.”  Thus, It’s UP to You to switch things UP and BE imaginative and “sharpen” Your imagination.  I once read THAT when a person “feels” THAT life IS dull, she IS quite unimaginative about her life.  She OWN-ly need turn her OWN dial a few degrees to shift her awareness, but It takes pure focus of choice.

You are FREE to move or shift to any energy, thought, image, sound…..whatever….in which You can “feel and sense” Your OWN pulse.  You don’t need some”ONE” else to tell You or confirm to You THAT You’re “alive.” You are connected everyw-here ALL at once….kNOW and OWN Your OWN truth and travel FREE.

“We can see other people’s behavior, but not their experience.” — R.D. Laing.  Choose Your OWN experience and allow You to come “alive” with such vitality THAT You “feel” like You can burst.

Set It and forget It. 🙂




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