Magical IS the NEW Logical

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When You consider Your alignment with Who You “truly” are in each moment, THIS IS the place w-here magic happens BEcause You, the Greater You, the Fantastic You, the Higher You, the Magical You, caused It.. IS It. THIS IS w-here ALL occurs from a base THAT OWN-ly kNOWs the magic-ALL.  AS You, the physical, surrender to Your OWN magical place, You allow the LIGHT Fantastic to Create Your world….and You LIGHTen UP from here. 🙂

The Intuit place IS ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS aiding You, the physical, to shift so THAT ALL can BE infused….Your Inner fuse…..with the magic and kNOW It.  It won’t BE logical AS logic IS an old energy w-here You, the physical, utilized filtration, reason, logic and analysis and NOW, those words THAT were used in the old energy, are having Their OWN passing, Their OWN wake….say “buh bye.” 🙂

They were useful and served You at ONE time AS ALL does, and NOW, You can let Them go kNOWing They are shifting to more LIGHT….go towards the LIGHT and thank You for Your service. They can’t go anyw-here but LIGHT because You are THIS. 🙂

You kNOW ALL of THIS BEcause You can “feel and sense” It…and no proof IS necessary AS THAT would BE ill-logical. 🙂 THIS said, It’s a beautiful letting go and allowing in…..ALL to pass through You on Their way to the more LIGHT You are and which You are BEcoming….. more aware of the LIGHT THAT has ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been.  It’s just NOW You are aware of It AS You keep expanding in Your OWN deliciousness.  What could BE LIGHT-er than to eat “feeling and sensing” YourSelf LIGHT-er, not heavy-er?

It can BE just AS scary to hold on AS It IS to let go, and yet, these are simultaneous happenings AS You shift to even Greater awareness of Who You truly are.  You may BE wondering…when will I return to a body, a place, a some”thing,” of normalcy?   Then You have to define normal?  Then how do You define magic within the sense of normal?  It’s a never-ending unfolding of so-called NEW NORMAL w-here OWN-ly magic takes place.

You may consider THAT Your Higher Self IS not normal by any stretch of the imagination and has no logic in Its chemistry whatsoever….It doesn’t come from normal or logic. Consider Your life UP to NOW.  Your Higher Self, Higher State of Consciousness, has led You ALL over the place since the beginning of time….go over here first, then go over t-here next, move here, go to THIS time period with no washers and dryers, marry THAT person, NOW do the hokey pokey…no logic whatsoever.  🙂

Yet, You the physical, IS looking for the “logic,” the linear, so You can make sense from the physical brain perspective….”I’ve traced My roots/routes. NOW, w-here the heck IS THIS going to get Me in My OWN map quest?”…logic keeps You intact, in form.

And NOW, You’re understanding so much more, so much more, so much more.   You understand THAT Your Higher Self IS You THAT kNOWS how to get You to w-here You want to go in Its hokey pokey, circular, fashion.  When You, the physical, surrender to Its PLAYfulness, then You get t-here faster, but It’s a vibration-ALL, path of least resistance faster, not a physical faster.  The hurriedly You go, the more You put Your OWN brakes on AS Your vehicle focuses on the logical….”It will BE faster if You take THIS route…hurry!” 🙂

NOW, consider THIS when assessing Your so-called outside environment and running into people.  When You find It challenging to “digest” certain people into Your ONESelf body, It ISn’t due to the “other.” It’s BEcause of what IS missing in You….miss-ALIGNment in Your position to Your true Self, Your true North…and THAT’s why in-digestion mirrors Your position.  Digestion happens on the inside, right?

Think about the physical digestion system when You have a so-called allergy to a food. You either stay away from the “offending” food stating THAT It’s the food THAT caused Your body to react.  Or It may stem from a processing agent like a digestive enzyme THAT IS missing from Your digestive process….”Gotta digest lack-t-aid to digest the lack”…..  in order for You to assimilate the “offending” food. Thus, Your focus IS on what IS outside of You, which can potentially tear UP Your insides….dang food, dang people. 🙂

Yet, in THIS NEW energy, t-here IS no “offending” food, person, situation, outside of You which puts You on the defense. You’re out of alignment with Who You truly are and, thus, You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS on the defense in order to counteract the offense….”I am officially offended. Some”ONE” offended Me so I must defend My position.”….Yikes!!

You’re in Your OWN game and PLAYing both sides and running exhausted PLAYS, I might add…and You OWN-ly have ONE salary BEing given to You, not two.  Yet, You would argue THAT You’re working hard and should BE compensated accordingly….t-here IS a gap some-where and some”ONE” ISn’t addressing Your gap. Get the exhausting picture?  🙂

It’s You, the physical, THAT has the so-called “missing” element….You’re missing You, the warm, fuzzy slipper place.  You, AS the non-physical, has no “missing” element so You, the physical, may want to return to Your OWN energy ALL-chemical/ALL-chemistry….the Great Alchemist…. “I AM balance.”  Imbalance actually means “I AM balance” and You are when You are in alignment.  Interesting, ISn’t It?

So when You state You have a chemical (ALL-chemical) imbalance, what are You REAL-ly saying?  When You’re not in alignment, every”thing” IS out of sorts because It’s You out of sorts.  It’s You, Who IS PLAYing both sides and stating THAT You need some”thing” to counteract You PLAYing both sides.

If t-here IS You Who IS offended by some”thing” or some”ONE,” t-here IS a You, Who IS also defensive…..You can’t have ONE without the “other.”  You’re looking for the logical and You just won’t find It to Your, the physical, satisfaction.  If You’re analyzing some”thing,” It’s Your Consciousness taking You, the physical, on a journey and w-here You return IS back to w-here You started and Who You ALL-READY kNOW……THAT dang circle of life Elton John keeps singing about. 🙂

The OWN-ly way to give You back, get You back, to You, IS…..drum roll, please…..BE aligned with the ONE Who You truly are over and over and over again/a gain through Your awareness.  It IS the OWN-ly way I kNOW….the ALL-chemist way of kNOWing…giving You Your OWN missing element so THAT You “feel and sense” balance and can NOW move in magical ways.

The magic-ALL IS w-here You rest in peace, rest in excitement, rest in happiness…ALL the words which are germane to THIS magic-ALL civilization.  Perhaps We’re Creating NEW language when some”ONE” passes….”She IS resting in excitement.”  Won’t You get funny looks when You say THIS. 🙂

You come from magic…..THAT IS Your “true” origination place.  So when You find YourSelf attempting to take on logic, You can shift through awareness so THAT You find YourSelf in Your magical place.  From here, You BEcome every”thing.”

A few days ago, My husband, Who enjoys Facebook, followed Me to show Me a video THAT was on Facebook. When he attempted to show Me, I told him to wait just a sec…THAT I wanted to put some laundry in first.  Well, My husband felt irritated with Me and said so.  He said THAT I could have waited to take the laundry.

Yet, It was Me, Who was irritated because I had “felt and sensed” irritation within Me…not just with THIS occasion, but a few occasions.  So It was a build UP of My OWN irritation coming to a head and It did burst…and It allowed Me to BE with It and get to kNOW It…through the FORM called My husband.  So very grateful THAT he would BE exhibit A. 🙂

So I sat and wrote to It…..getting to kNOW My irritation by writing to It.  I wanted to kNOW My magic and in order to do THIS, I wanted to kNOW what was under the irritation so THAT I could “feel and sense” the magical place I AM.  So I asked It deep questions and then left It.  I kNEW It would answer Me back when It/I was ready….just like an email or text.

And then It/I was ready to answer….My OWN energy coming alive with such enthusiasm THAT I could hardly contain MySelf.  What was interesting IS when I wrote to It, the cursive slant was to the right.  When I/It wrote back, the cursive slant was to the left.  Thus, It felt like t-here were two different octaves….the question and the answer.  It was FUN to journey/journal together.

It said, “Allow YourSelf the 60 seconds or so to view a video brought to You via LOVE. You may BE pondering THAT It’s Your preference to not witness these videos in Your time and space, to not BE bothered, because You have more “pressing” activities You would like to do.  Yet, he brings You such an exploration of FUN if You will see It AS such. Remember, t-here IS no offending ONE….OWN-ly THAT Whom wants to transcend the energy of internal opposition. We LOVE THAT You would write Us.”

And in THAT space and time, magic happened and I was privileged to “feel and sense” It.  I do LOVE writing because It takes Me to My OWN magic-ALL, w-here ALL the energies cooperate and are ALIVE….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  I AM so very grateful to Me, for Me, through Me, circling the wagons Me and am excited THAT t-here IS more of Me yet to BE dis-covered.

May You kNOW Your true magic in each moment AS You journey/journal with ALL of You…Your OWN nation of magicians. 🙂

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