I LOVE watching Bloopers, especially Friends, AS much AS I LOVE watching the so-called REAL show.  If You can imagine THAT ALL movies and TV shows have edits and outtakes….ALL those THAT didn’t make the so-called final cut….those edits and outtakes ALL exist NOW…..They’re REAL….to access at any time if You desire Them.

You are the access point from which You can draw any”thing” in Your REAL-ity.  You make It REAL according to Your vibratory tone…..REAL IS what You say It IS and It’s AS Infinite AS You are.  Thus, You draw Your OWN conclusions. 🙂

In Your OWN nation of images, ALL REALS exist with You in mind….the “For”ward motion of REALS reeling/REALing You in.  You can access any”ONE” of Your REALS That You want, and thus, You get to actively and electromagnetically bring UP some”thing” THAT IS vibration-ALLY aligned with Your FUN.

You are the Creator of Your REAL-ity and I believe AS the Creator, FUN and LAUGHTER IS a frequency which You, AS Your Higher Self, LOVES to utilize to symbolize….”Yup, My cells are alive with the sound of laughter.  Julie Andrews has no”thing” on Me.” 🙂

I LOVE to laugh and so sometimes when I write, I will facilitate from a REAL-ity THAT just draws Me in… delicious to My entire cellular prowess.  THIS said, I LOVE to write poetry when I communicate a birthday celebration with My relatives. I get into THIS state of BEing and allow My creative juices to flow and watch ALL materialize (My material EYES) from THIS state.  I, AS the physical, AM OWN-ly to “feel and sense” THIS state and participate in Its immersion. From here It leads Me into the unkNOWn for pure exploration and dis-covery….and deliciousness.

T-here are times when I don’t want It to end…..It just feels so good.  When I AM in the flowing state, It just keeps OPENing UP more FUN and It’s absolutely intoxicating.  Watch what happens in My so-called bloopers or FUN state of BEing.  Doesn’t the word, “bloopers,” just make You laugh and draw You in to want to investigate further? 🙂

THIS ONE was to My brother-in-law, Who turned 69.  I magically turned the rapper 50 cent into 69 cent just for him.

“Happy Birthday, 69 cent. Yo 69 and mighty fine even tho Yo whine all da time. Very OLD and on da decline, better grab sum lifts so you can incline. Eat yo cake and expand yo waistline all the way to yo neckline. Redefine yo lifeline and guzzle dat der moonshine. Move yo spine and disco in the sunshine. Make sum headline before yo DEADline.  Have FUN fo sho rapping Yo way today!”

THIS ONE was for Valentine’s to My great niece, Kynnady, Who IS 12.  To give You a basis for It, when Kynnady was 7, I was in Utah and It was a hot day so Our family decided to go to a water park. Kynnady and I were dropped off so We could secure a spot inside.  BEing a hot day, t-here were many people Who had the same idea, and thus, the water park was filled to capacity so the employees were OWN-ly allowing one or two people in at a time. Thus, t-here was a line and We had to wait until “others” left.

Feeling inspired during waiting, I said, “Kynnady, a diversion needs to BE created….somebody needs to poo in the water so We can get in….quicker.”  Well, THAT started laughter from both of Us and what came about was utilizing Baby Ruths AS a weapon of MASS destruction to help facilitate what We wanted.  Well, Baby Ruth still has power today AS Kynnady and I share some”thing” very special, some”thing” very Creative, some”thing” POO-erful. 🙂

“Kynnady, here is a RAP poem to remind You THAT You hold ALL the power to get what You want.

When things aren’t dandy. Because You’re out of candy. Throw Baby Ruth on the floor. And scream, “POO,” as kids run out the door. Then grab all the candy. Left behind by Mandy, Sandy and Randy. Smile BIG and satisfy your sweet tooth. Thanks to POO-erful Baby Ruth.”

Whenever You are inspired, inspirit, You are aligned with Your Higher Self….the ONE Who kNOWS the REAL emotion THAT will feed You because You just can’t get enough of THAT FUNkey stuff.  You may “think” in Your brain THAT You should BE doing some”thing” else more productive….”I’m supposed to BE producing some”thing” else, some”thing” THAT IS supposed to get Me _____.”

Yet, when You think of productivity in THAT You are Your Higher Self, a product of Your Higher Self, what could BE more productive than BEing Your Higher Self, in THAT beautiful state and producing from THIS state.  From here, ALL IS brought to You because It’s You, AS Your Higher Self and ALL Creative Cooperative Components, Who bring It to You….and quicker if You use Baby Ruths, fo sho. 🙂

You, AS the physical, slow down Your OWN desires from material-EYES-ing because You’re not aligned with the Collective ONES, which ultimately are You, Who “actually” Create It ALL.  Because You appear to BE dull when You’re doing some”thing” because You “think” You’re supposed to BE doing some”thing,” Your dullness doesn’t shine through Your body AS a beacon….”Whoa IS Me, I guess I have to do THIS. Let Me put My OWN brakes on.”

On ONE of Bashar’s videos, a person from the audience said to Bashar, “I LOVE to PLAY basketball. I just can’t PLAY basketball ALL day long and produce an income.”  Bashar asked, “How do You kNOW?  Have You given YourSelf permission to explore THIS idea?” Bashar went on to say THAT he wouldn’t PLAY basketball ALL day long.  He would BE doing “other” things, but these “other” things would BE on the same wavelength of excitement in his PLAYing and having FUN with whatever he IS doing.

You are NEW energy, and thus, You are ALL REALS simultaneously.  You simply need to eggs-ercise (a little Easter FUN) Your imagination muscle.  THIS IS the muscle THAT IS a little atrophied.  You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS imagining.  NOW, You can imagine Consciously and OWN Your REALS will BE strong and confident in You.

ALL IS brought to You by virtue of Your frequency.  AS You kNOW THIS, You get to BE the Creator of what IS brought to You….You are the Creator of It ALL, right?  So You simply activate Your imagination and PLAY more in ALL REALms THAT exist NOW.  If You want to BE a singer, activate THAT version of You Who IS on stage and REAL-ly “feel and sense” her AS REAL in Your entire body.  THIS REAL OPENS You, the physical, UP to perceive and receive on THIS Higher octave wavelength. Give Me a High note. 🙂

Even though You may BE doing the dishes during Your moment on the stage, You kNOW You can BE everywhere ALL at once….just by You activating Your version(s) of Self.  Just kNOW, when You meet some”ONE,” You’re meeting an energy THAT IS able to go off in ALL directions at once.  Similarly, You are the same energy.

If some”thing” appears dulls, It’s because You are perceiving and receiving It AS such.  AS the “PR” person, simply shift a version of You, Who IS PRing HerSelf to illustrate excitement and FUN.  You are the PR for YourSelf so pull UP any version(s) THAT give You an UPlifting sensing and feeling via Your appearance…..”NOW appearing!” You wouldn’t want to watch a singer at a concert BE less than entertaining, Your version of what You expect to experience, right? 🙂

You may REAL-EYES THAT You are BEcoming less physical, less dense, and THIS IS how You appear LIGHT-er and able to travel LIGHT so BE Whomever You want, do whatever You want and have whatever You want when You want It.  It’s ALL within in You awaiting activation from You by perceiving and receiving Who You truly are.

Create FUN bloopers and laugh till You pee, and then watch how Your income simply and easily comes through You.  Just imagine……




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