When LOVE Takes Over

T-here IS an undeniable energy THAT IS here…..so VERY powerful in Its PLAYful ability…if You will consider It AS such.  When I used the vacuum recently, I became THIS energy in Creating “LOVE tagging” on My furniture.  It felt like finger painting and I got lost…or rather found….in THIS feeling.  I LOVED Consciously Creating AS I shifted to each right-full position THAT I “found” MySelf and It was FUN.  🙂

What You may surmise IS THAT each moment IS Your Conscious Creation….It’s You Creating.  You may BE awaiting some”thing” to happen….like a response to an email, text, phone call, verbal communication or some sort of action, and yet, THIS IS You Creating the so-called time lapse in order to have THAT some”thing” come about.  “Please hold for the next available rePRESENTative….Your wait time IS a gazillion minutes.” 🙂

You are simply Creating the “idea” of more time, and It IS Your Consciousness Creating THAT splendid idea. “ALL-RIGHTY then, more time on aisle 15…..send the appearance of more time and make her sweat…..Ya, add sweat…..much more FUN to see dripping water beads. It adds to the dramatic. 🙂

When You are inJOYing Your moment and Your entire body “feels” It, You, AS Your Consciousness or Higher Self, don’t need to Create more time…..You’re not awaiting in Your waiting room for some”thing” to happen.  You are Your multidimension-ALL Self having FUN with what IS and diving in to Create more on FUN on Your frequency.  It IS a High flying frequency, after ALL…an altitude of gratitude w-here t-here IS no concept of time. 🙂

Recently, My husband was driving Our car into the garage and I was the passenger in THIS scenario.  I thought he was too close to the side and scolded him for his near miss. From his perspective, he had two or more inches and calmly expressed It.  AS We pulled into the garage, a beautiful portal OPENed UP w-here I could “sense and feel” THIS entire scenario differently…..traveling in My electromagnetic North heart space….and I found the multidimension-ALL space in which to experience It.

Although It was a split second, a plethora of wisdom expanded from THIS space THAT I entered.  It said, “You are not scolding any”ONE” else….t-here’s OWN-ly ONE of You here. Thus, You are scolding Your perspective or scolding YourSelf. You are miss-feeling….missing Your OWN feeling in Your OWN connection, Your OWN alignment, to Your Higher Self.  It was a near miss with Your Inner BEing AS an aspect of You ventured away from Your heart center….”I’m missing You near Me.” So would You like to heighten….lift UP….THIS experience and now unfold YourSelf with no scolding in the mix?”

I affirmed My answer without even saying It.  In THAT split second, I had expanded and kNEW I was traveling North….a NEW version of MySelf came into PLAY and began again….a gain of New perspective so I could move “for”ward in harmony.  I was on the path of least resistance…..”for”warding My true Self.

And It was like I had a fleeting awareness of the scolding, and yet It had changed with such gratitude for MySelf.  And NOW I was back to My drawing board….drawing the Northerly version of Me into My picture w-here My compass needle was softly pointing North.

So imagine YourSelf like a compass needle and find YourSelf in right-full position and possess THAT feeling, THAT image, THAT sound, THAT thought, THAT word, THAT energy….whatever Your imagination comes UP with….which rePRESENTs the KNOWINGNESS THAT Your heart, mind, brain, body, Soul, Higher Self…..ALL of You….IS aligned.  THIS IS Who You truly are in Your right-full position….THIS IS Your frequency of LOVE Who takes over Your entire world.

And when You inJOY each moment to Its fullest, You don’t Create AS much time to process or analyze (or I like to laughingly write….anal-EYES) things.  Thus, Your desires can come at the speed of LIGHT because You are not constricting Your right-full flow.  It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS going to BE Your NOW moment which fields/feels Your alignment and then constructs….not constricts….Your REAL-ities accordingly.  It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS You beginning fresh and aNEW.

You’re accessing more LIGHT BEings to come on board….Your drawing board….to carry Your load, carry You through EZ-SCHMEZIE.  And when You “feel” LIGHT-er, watch the Creative Cooperative Components assemble Your moment with LIGHT-er manifestations….”Oh, You want more LIGHT-FILLED manifestations? We’re here “for” Your pleasure, at Your service…watch Them come abundantly.  We’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS “for” You.”

If You, AS the physical, perceive and receive THAT we’re against You, You might BE “working” to make some”thing” come about. Simply shift so You kNOW We’re assembled to do THAT for You….little Elves in Your workshop….images which bring bright smiles. We’re absolutely “for” You…..without a doubt….in mind. 🙂

And the Creative Cooperative Components sent Me THIS message…..”Here’s a picture You can display in Your gallery, Your art museum.”  You might perceive and receive the “early” FORMS….ALL little embryos….. of Your desires….and ALL on the wavelength of pleasure…if You perceive and receive Them AS such.  Each little morsel THAT comes about in THIS moment IS on purpose toward You, and It will BE Your golden, LIGHT-filled opportunity to receive and perceive inJOY.  After ALL, Who sent It?

Just BE aware….You didn’t have to “work” for THIS picture, but You Co-Created It and It was delivered on Your path of least resistance.  “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”–W.B. Yeats

Magic Mountain……..




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