Your True Magnetic North

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The reference point of “path of least resistance” IS a frequency, a vibration, THAT can OWN-ly BE felt and sensed.  Similarly, Heaven IS a vibration AS IS hell and these can BE experienced right NOW.  THIS said, we tend to grow UP and grow Our beliefs based on what We believe to BE true and We adopt beliefs based on what “others” may describe to Us.  Yet, Our beliefs change AS We Internally/Eternally change….some”thing” comes about which shows Us a different way of BEing and draws Us in to explore.

You kNOW how You may hear terms such AS Northern Lights, the North Star, Your True North, point Your compass North to get Your bearings, or things went South.  These are reference indicators to determine Heaven or hell. It’s a vibration-ALL, synchronistic pointing of sorts….looking UP or looking down.  Who You truly are IS North, but You will have to TRUST THAT You are THIS. 🙂

T-here IS a wavelength, which I like to picture AS the Northern Lights, which carries beautiful images and thoughts of JOY, HAPPY, FUN….THAT which IS truly aligned with Our Collective Consciousness…and runs the show.  T-here IS also a wavelength which carries fear, worry, frustration….THAT which carries a wavelength or system of beliefs THAT are out of alignment with Your True Magnetic North.

Just like a compass, You must find Your True Magnetic North in order to kNOW w-here You are and how to keep moving in the “right” direction (vibrationally) to get You home, back to base/basics.  When You think of a magnet, Its deSIGN IS to have You locate North by looking at the free-flowing needle at Its heart inside and then adjust It to the magnetic field of the Earth.

Thus, You can use THIS analogy or tool to indicate w-here You are based on Your alignment with Your true, electromagnetic North or Earth’s magnetic field so You are aligned to move forward in a JOYful vibrational direction. Look…or sense and feel UP. 🙂

According to Bashar’s description, Your Higher Self lives and facilitates at the level just above Your physicality.  It’s part of Your personal BEing and at THIS level, It has the ability to understand how things happen….the True connections BEing Created.  THIS IS w-here You, the physical, learn to TRUST THAT part of You Who truly IS in charge.

You, the physical, don’t have the capacity to kNOW how some”thing” will occur.  You will never kNOW the path, but what You will kNOW IS the images, thoughts, sounds and energies THAT pulse You in “THE” path and You TRUST.  You OWN-ly kNOW how to perceive and receive the result of what occurred through the wavelength in how It was conceived and given…..through JOY, HAPPY, FUN.  If You aren’t perceiving and receiving from Your Northerly heritage, You are traveling South.

North IS You, sensing the direction Your Higher Self, God, Collective Consciousness, Soul….whatever the delicious names You give YourSelf….are located.  THIS IS w-here the location will have to BE felt and sensed by You, the physical….w-here every”thing” makes perfect sense.

So You face North….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS…to feel and sense Who You truly are.  THIS IS Your alignment with Your true, heart-felt, electromagnetic compass needle.  Set YourSelf North and kNOW the direction You travel in each moment.  Let the energies THAT You’re sensing bring You along…and bring You back when You are traveling South.  In THIS way, the “true” way, You are in Your “positive” position so THAT You align with the LIGHTS THAT are You and, thus, perceiving and receiving Your “positive” heritage.

In each moment IS Your awareness BEing Created so THAT You adjust accordingly.  Your path of least resistance IS felt and sensed in Your OWN harmonized frequency pattern. ALL can BE perceived and received in JOY….THAT’s w-here It originates.  Yet, what can occur IS Your compass needle gets ALL out of whack with beliefs which makes Your Internal/Eternal compass needle hard to interpret…”w-here in the heck IS North?”

NOW THAT You have more wisdom and kNOWledge, You NOW kNOW how to navigate and shift Your needle.  You kNOW It OWN-ly takes a simple shift….It’s not a huge undertaking.

Yesterday, We had no water for a short period of time.  My husband made the dis-covery and then called Our electrician, Who could not come.  We have a well on Our property so My husband called a company THAT drills for wells.  I was in the middle of writing THIS post when It occurred…perfect timing, right?

I kNEW My Higher Self was in control and ALL I, the physical perceiving and receiving, had to do was TRUST on the path of least resistance and feel and sense My true North and feel the JOY in THIS experience.  So I did.  It felt like an adventure for Me.  I was filled with electromagnetic energy and kNEW I was.  I Created beautiful images in My mind and sung beautiful music ALL in accordance with THIS TRUST.

The company came out within 45 minutes AS They just happened to BE in close proximity. They tested things at Our well and ALL was good.  They came to Our home and found Their dis-covery.  According to Their evidence, a tiny ant had made Its way in between the connectors so the communication system went out of whack.  When My husband told Me THIS, I burst out laughing….a tiny ant? REAL-ly? 🙂

THIS was such a beautiful set UP for Me.  Happenings are still going to happen.  Yet, what changes IS the way It’s perceived and received.  You, the physical, change It ALL based on Your position to Your “true” North.  Are You in close proximity when It “happens?” 🙂

My NEW song IS “The ants go marching ONE by ONE, hurrah, hurrah.”  You are in beautiful position right NOW….so beautiful!! 🙂





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