Not Gone, Just Unfolded

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I had the privilege to see, sense and feel to Infinity and beyond A Wrinkle in Time, and absolutely LOVED the movie.  T-here were so many beautiful aspects to visit with AS I journeyed through the movie, through MySelf.  I experienced a true, natural High AS I OPENed UP to ALL My sensory cellular mechanisms so ALL of Me could experience THIS beauty.  The OPEN dialogue unfolded to incorporate ALL the deliciousness and My “Royal Highness” continues. 🙂

“Not Gone, Just Unfolded” refers to a quote in the movie w-here an origami-type tool was PRESENTed to illustrate how things or people are “not gone, just unfolded”….you simply have to unfold Them in a multidimension-ALL way in order to experience Them.  Thus, You are taken on a journey to unfold YourSelf to believe, and thus, experience the Infinite unfolding within and unfold You how You want to experience Your OWN defined deliciousness.  

So when You kNOW THAT ALL IS here to experience in the way You want to Create It, You can Create any”thing” and any”ONE” AS the multidimension-ALL You wants to experience It.  No”thing” or no”ONE” IS ever “completely” gone….existence ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS exists and changes according to You. It’s just THAT kNOWing Who You “truly” are, You can move through Your moment according to Your OWN deliciousness, and through Your OWN changing mechanism, You get to experience ALL in the way You “truly” desire.

You are OWN-ly invited to kNOW Your “true” Self with eyes on Your OWN unfolding.  AS You do THIS, You will kNOW how ALL serves You in relationship to Your “true” Self. People will come by invitation OWN-ly AS They pick UP Your frequency….”Ahh…those great PICK Me UPs”…. so THAT You “stay” defined in the frequency, AS the frequency, with which You operate best on.  Once You define It, You don’t waver from THIS definition….although a little willy nilly IS allowed here AS You OPEN UP to Your OWN Infinite “awareness.” 🙂

It’s not the person THAT arrives THAT “shifts You off” from Your frequency, It’s You have wavered in Your free choice from Your definition.  Along THIS same alignment, an”other” beautiful quote in the movie was, “Find Your Right Frequency and Trust.” 🙂

It IS a TRUSTING in Your OWN alignment with Your “true,” natural FUN Self.  You get to sens-Ya’ll so THAT OWN-ly ONE of You IS experiencing It.  You kNOW what It feels like when Who You’re talking to IS on the same page with You.  Yet, NOW You absolutely kNOW the ONE You’re talking to IS YourSelf.  You, the physical, BE on the same page AS the primary, non-physical, the ONE Who IS in control and facilitates Your moves.

So the “same page” IS You referencing the physical You to the non-physical You.  You NOW kNOW Your “true” direction and THAT IS sensing and feeling Your “true” frequency so THAT ALL moves in You-nison in order to experience finger-lickin’ tastiness.

But You have to find It over and over and over again, but once You find It, You kNOW.  You NOW kNOW the Self talk, the delicious thoughts, the nation of images, the pictures, the sounds, which allow You to maintain the frequency internally/eternally.  You kNOW You have access to Your OWN REAL-ity library so THAT You can Create Your REAL-ity AS You wish and keep unfolding It with Your OWN Eternal library card….”Oh, I think I’ll choose THIS right NOW. Let Me bring It out of My library.” 🙂

In the movie AS well was a frequency called the “It”….THAT which IS kNOWn AS jealousy, doubt, fear.  “It” was very PRESENT and will draw You in, and the OWN-ly way to facilitate Its changing FORM was to LOVE YourSelf.

EnJOY the way You unfold YourSelf kNOWing t-here will BE no end.  THIS said, though, AS You OPEN UP in each moment to Who You are and which frequency IS primary, You kNOW You can instantly shift Yo bad Self from the “It,” and feel and sense the frequency which gives You a better taste in Your mouth. Chocolate definitely tastes better than poo. 🙂

An”other” beautiful quote from the movie…..

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