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AS You kNOW THAT You are made in the image and likeness of God, You kNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt THAT in THIS awareness and full capacity, You are FREE to Create the deSIGN of Your life.  You are FREE to Create the unlimited boundlessness from which You are and which You came and w-here You’re going….full of images, senses and pictures THAT please You, please God….please Your good….because You’re ONE in the same.

You LOVE Creating Your You-niverse AS You go and glide or float or flit or bubble laugh along. 🙂

AS You dream YourSelf into BEings through Your active image-NATION, You can dream these unlimited BEings Who are housed within You.  You are Your OWN Disney or Pixar Company Creating in Your image-NATION so go t-here….and go t-here often and more often.  You are a nation of images at Your beckon call.  OWN-ly Create images, pictures and senses w-here You absolutely kNOW THIS IS w-here God lives….BE sens-You-ALL with THIS experience…and kNOW based on how You feel about w-here You live. 🙂 

Your image-NATION IS the conduit w-here Collective Consciousness lives and w-here It communicates with You easily and effortlessly….lazy rivering with ALL sorts of pleasing nuances…if You are in the conduit, not outside of It. You kNOW, I used to wonder how I accessed Collective Consciousness so THAT I could hear/heart what It was saying and w-here It was guiding Me.  NOW, I kNOW, It communicates through My OWN image-NATION w-here It’s EXCITING, LAUGH-ABLE, HAPPY, JOYFUL.  I can feel Its IM-pulses, Its thoughts, when I AM here sharing in Its deliciousness for Me, through Me, AS Me.

What can BE challenging IS the “image of God,” of Your Inner BEing.  You may OWN-ly have a concept, but not an image to rePRESENT God, and We, AS physical BEings, view life in vibration-ALL images. For Me, THIS IS the picture THAT I hold near and dear to My heart in My third eye referencing mechanism.  Yet, It may appear in My third eye, but ALL My cells join in Its recognition so It becomes a cellular jubilation w-here ALL sense It….because It feels soooooo good!  ALL kNOW the image and sing, “WAHOO!”

When I AM HAPPY, THIS IS where My Inner BEING IS directing Me into My inner JOY.  It Facilitates My experience and I, AS the physical BEing, can OWN-ly kNOW THIS Facilitation when I AM in the conduit, pipeline, vortex, state or heart space.  In THIS way, I sense ALL of Me and join the “active and alive” imagery when I utilize pictures to help Me paint THIS sensing and stay focused.

So You may visual-EYES Avatar, Fairies, Pixies, Angels or any Disney or Pixar imagery which allows those feelings to come alive.  When You consider THAT ALL movies THAT are made, are “first” viewed in the image-NATION….the nation of images….w-here ALL the magic IS allowed to Create and Manifest.  From here, ALL cooperative components or elements join THIS “alive” frequency and contribute to It…..ALL join in Its celebratory ceremonies.  ALL can sense the vibration which serves Its fruition.

From here, It grows in the image-NATION of ALL those Who participate in Its making and those Who view It in the movie theaters…and from here It grows in Your OWN image-NATION.  It keeps growing and lasts forever….and a day.  When You think about It, Avatar still exists today because It’s “alive and active” in Your image-NATION.  Thus, Avatar can BE Your symbol to have FUN.

AS Bashar calls It….I-MAGI-NATION…a nation of magicians, which IS Who We truly are. And We keep Creating Our magic…..THAT’s what magicians do to keep Their act alive.

I LOVE having pictures culminating and coalescing My image-NATION….I LOVE drawing pictures to Me, of Me, through Me, AS Me, so THAT I can feel w-here God lives so I live t-here too!  I LOVE vividly picturing Avatar and others, Who frequent My inner space to “sense and feel” My OWN active image-NATION.

They join Me in the “feeling of aliveness” AS They “actively” demonstrate My OWN dancing and singing cellular structure in Its awakening.  So I picture MySelf AS Avatar AS I Create each moment….joining ALL the magic together to Create My life movie….and I speak Avatar too!  Think about it….have You ever danced and sang and visual-EYESed Your Self on stage?  You OPENed a portal w-here You REAL-ly were…. and still are….THIS image. THIS image IS very “alive” in You.

When I AM feeling JOY, then I AM the path of least resistance and can sense w-here I AM guided….surrendering to the JOY. It Facilitates the circular, spinning, direction…go over here, go over t-here, go over here, go over t-here.  Remember, the shortest distance between two points IS not a line…It’s a circle.  Thus, I AM Perceiving and Receiving (PR-ing) the JOY direction from My Inner BEing, feeling the sense of ALL My dreams and desires coalescing and comingling ThemSelves while I, the physical, join in Their excitement of My Inner BEings making It happen by sensing w-here ALL THIS IS taking place.  🙂

I LOVE visualizing My “true” imagining, My “true” image, taking shape.  Whatever My “true” image IS IS whatever THAT picture THAT I visual-EYES, which IS tantalizing.  It’s interesting to note THAT a friend’s husband said to Me when I asked how he comes UP with his Creations….”You have to imagine It first.  You have to get a clear picture of what It IS THAT You want.  From t-here It shows You the way. You can’t do It any “other” way.”

When You are in the pipeline w-here Your Inner BEing IS, You can hear/heart the imagery BEing FORMed.  You can “sense and feel” the IM-pulse and thoughts give way from Your Inner BEing, which says, “These are the thoughts You want to have right NOW.  THIS IS how You want to feel ALL the time. THIS IS Your frequency of energy which IS Creative. THIS IS You Creating worlds.”

I mean, You hope THAT God was in a beautiful frequency when He/She/It Created the world, right? 🙂

AS Bashar says, “The translation of how You’re going to get t-here IS the vibration of excitement and passion….THAT’s how the Higher Mind speaks to the physical mind.  It speaks through the conduit of imagination with feelings, vibrations, those energies, those pictures.”  AS You can see, It’s more of a sensing and feeling….THAT’s w-here You kNOW You are on the path, are the path, of least resistance.  It’s a sensing and feeling of Your vibration, of Your Inner BEing.

So Create Your Disney and Pixar images and sit surrounded by Your round table of team members to assist You in these images keeping You “alive” by Your OWN life support system.  And BE sure and laugh AS You visual-EYES talking to Your round, spinning, team AS Your team of writers Create the story line to go with the images.  THIS said, can You imagine BEing on the writing team of Friends….much FUN and PLAY and pee Your pants laughter at Your helm. And You wonder how You get any”thing” done…..wonder again. 🙂

Here IS a video w-here Bashar eloquently explains image-NATION. Fair warning, You won’t want to leave Your image-NATION….just sayin’. 🙂




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