Path of Least Resistance

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It’s very, very, interesting to ponder the phrase, “Path of Least Resistance.”  THIS said, I AM such a student through My OWN Inner teachers/teaching learning, growing and evolving into Who I “truly” AM.  I’ve heard THIS phrase for many, many, years, and would listen to ideas about It and understood It to a certain degree, but I don’t think I “truly” grasped THIS phrase until a week or so ago.

What I’ve come to appreciate experientially IS THIS path IS vibration-ALL.  Since Who I “truly” AM IS vibration-ALL, then when I AM resisting whatever IS on My path through a sense of worry, fear, doubt or any”thing” of a negative tone, I AM actually resisting Who I “truly” AM….not what appears on My path.  I AM resisting My “true” vibration and AM out of alignment with My “truth.”  Thus, I AM limiting My senses to OWN-ly physical.   

Yet, what I appear to BE resisting IS THAT which shows UP from My brain’s perspective, but My brain IS not Creating what shows UP.  It’s OWN-ly a mechanism, a tool, to establish a framework of acceptance….or not…. from Collective Consciousness, Who Creates what shows UP based on Its celebratory “sensing” vibration.  Thus, the “true” job of the brain IS to Receive and Perceive in JOY and inner JOY the gift Collective Consciousness Creates and brings.  It’s a celebration of the sens-Y’ALL vibration and ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS brings what It senses vibration-ALLY from You.  🙂

It’s easier for Me to talk about the brain or the mind AS ONE so I may simultaneously flow with these words. In addition, I like to flavor the name of the Creator so THIS changes AS well.

ALL THAT IS here for Me IS actually/actual-EYESed here and It IS located in a vibration-ALL account…..on account of My vibration.  When I AM resisting MySelf, then I can’t sense My invisible, yet power-filled, true nature vibration, which holds ALL My abundance in place….can’t sense ALL the vibration-ALL filled to the brim and spilling over accounts in My favor. I can’t sense the Greater Me Who Creates the world in which I live and keeps Creating more and more JOY in which to experience.

When I AM resisting, I AM sensing an”other” vibration, which doesn’t belong to Me.  It belongs in the sense THAT ALL belongs. Yet, in My OWN evolution, I sense what fits well and let go of or don’t focus upon THAT which doesn’t.  It’s similar to the Infinite buffet table. I choose those food items which fit well for Me and allow the “others” to exist, but don’t have to focus on the “others” with any reference THAT They are bad or shouldn’t exist. Thus, I AM very, very, clear THAT ALL IS a delicious palate for those Who are FREE to choose, and I AM FREE to choose My very, very, clear focus and take deLIGHT in It.

The vibration IS a sens-You-ALL ONE…..ONE THAT IS Internal/Eternal, and It’s UP to the physical Me to stay tuned to Its unseen, yet very, very, pulsating REAL energy.  The unseen IS w-here the energy exists which Creates My world.  It’s similar to electricity….don’t see It, and yet, You kNOW It’s t-here by the results of what You see and experience….and It travels far and wide connecting You to Its invisible framework to in JOY.

If I AM looking at “what IS” and basing ALL THAT I “think” I AM on the “what IS” in a single dimensional awareness, then ALL will BE seen through the single dimensional lens.  Thus, I AM considering MySelf single in every”thing” THAT I AM and do.  Yet, I kNOW I AM multidimension-ALL, but just can’t quite sense My multidimensionality because I have declared MySelf single.  And OWN-ly experience My physical brain to BE the ONE Who IS in control.

My lens will BE clouded so THAT THIS one dimensional Me, the physical Me, cannot see any”thing” beyond.  Thus, I AM in opposition to the ONE Who Creates and Facilitates Me into BEing, and can’t “sense” Who I AM….the REAL Me, the “Whole” Me….”But wait, t-here’s more.”  I will resist any”thing” THAT My brain won’t accept and will feel THIS resistance through worry, fear, doubt, frustration and yada, yada, yada. 🙂

THIS path of least resistance IS set UP by the REAL Me, the Higher Me, Who sees how It will happen, how It IS happening….It’s the ONE guiding and running the show.  When I AM in the vortex, the flow, the state of BEing, the heart space, then I AM on the path of least resistance…or I AM the path of least resistance….flowing in a multidimension-ALL vehicle backed by Infinite power.

If I resist THIS path THAT IS clearly set UP with a clear lens of the inner-connections and facilitates My moves through JOY, FUN, EXCITEMENT, then I cannot get a “sense” of My OWN “truth.”  My filter of worry, fear, doubt IS restricting My flow and I can’t get t-here from here.  I can OWN-ly sense the lesser Me, not the more of Me, Who provides every”thing” THAT I have ever dreamed of….including ending a sentence with a preposition. 🙂

So It’s not a hard work, keep trying, just gotta keep going, get ‘er done, touch stone.  It’s a pause, a stop sign to say, “Time to sense and feel Your connection first, then proceed.” It’s like t-here IS a beautiful field calling You UP for alignment first….feel Your connection first….then do Your activity so You “feel” Its/Your multidimensionality.

Feel the Whole of You/Me so THAT You can feel ALL Your Inner connections….ALL THAT You are connected to visibly and non-visibly.  You’re BEing connected to many more facets than what Your physical brain can think of.

Last month, a company did granite counter tops for our cabin, and They turned out beautifully.  The owner mentioned THAT if I gave a review on Yelp THAT he would, in turn, provide a cutting board made out of the same granite.  I complied with the owner’s request and sent him a copy of My review.

A month passed, and I hadn’t heard back from the owner so sent a follow UP email simply stating THAT I hadn’t heard back and wondered if he received My email.  I sensed My “true” vibration before proceeding and then hit send.

AS of today, the owner still hadn’t responded, so today, I sent an”other” email to the same email, but also included an”other” email address AS I was guided to do.  I was “truly” focused on My vibration…..ALL I wanted was to sense My vibration….THAT’s ALL I cared about.  I didn’t kNOW ALL the connections THAT were BEing made in THIS ONE, multidimension-ALL, activity so I TRUSTED My “true” vibration AS the leader of these connections.  It leads My pack. 🙂

After I sent the email, the owner called Me and apologized because he hadn’t seen the previous two emails and was HAPPY THAT I sent the email to the other address.  He said the previous emails THAT I had sent went to an email THAT ISn’t used.  I mentioned, vibration-ALLY (an ALLY of My vibration), THAT the email was on his paperwork and he laughed and said he needed to change it…and THAT his assistant’s head was going to fly. I laughed and said, “Yes!! You have to find some”ONE” in which to point “THE” finger.”  It felt REAL-ly good to laugh through THIS vibration-ALL connection….feel the wires on fire with laughter. 🙂

I REAL-EYESed so much from THIS path of least resistance….sensing My good THAT IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS here.  I didn’t want to go to the place of…”It’s been a month, why haven’t I heard back.”  It was “truly” a gift of timeless inner-connections beyond THAT which IS physical, which has a tendency to look at time, and then BE guided.  I intended to BE sens-You-ALL and BE UPlifted before engaging with the moment.  THAT the subject didn’t matter…..ALL THAT mattered was My OWN vibration-ALL prowess….THAT IS the “true” focus.  And the rest IS history…of an evolutionary kind. 🙂

So You see, the path of least resistance IS not what Your physical brain thinks It IS.  It’s not a “get ‘er done” sort of focus so You can cross It off Your list.  It’s You staying in Your “true” vibration or wavelength despite any evidence to the contrary.  You want to stay w-here the inner connections kNOW Your path and will lead You to w-here You are intended for the “whole.”  You sense Your good NOW and excited to Create more on Your path of least resistance…”for” Your OWN good. 🙂

The physical mind cannot kNOW and will never kNOW the “whole” of You.  You’re giving It a basis THAT It wasn’t deSIGNED for.  The Higher Self or Heart Space (HS) kNOWS….It kNOWS every”thing” and every”ONE” Who requires the pure, electromagnetic connection. It can see far and wide….reaching and touching ALL Who will feel It.  It’s the biggest wide body t-here IS. 🙂

When I, AS the physical BEing, line UP with Who Creates and Facilitates My vibration-ALL journey, then I can “feel” and “sense” the sensation-ALL journey of ALL the elements cooperating on My behalf.  I AM so loyal to the unseen because I can sense It through ALL My cells.  Likewise, I can’t see ALL My gazillions of cells, but I kNOW these magnificent and magical elements are here and sense My vibration.  They are part of My support team of cooperative elements, but They must sense clear communication to kNOW how to cooperate….”Say what?” 🙂

So we have physical senses which We celebrate and are grateful for.  Yet, in Our OWN evolution, We are NOW aware of the gazillion senses We have and We celebrate these AS well.  We’re not focusing on the 5 physical senses, but utilizing Them in cooperation with the gazillion cells with which We sense Our world.  In THIS way, We sense beyond in Our NEW, Out of THIS world, style. 🙂

AS the brain accepts THIS NEW awareness, It feels the connection from Collective Consciousness, Higher Self or Heart Space.  It can then function “with” the team not in opposition of or “resisting” It “thinking” THAT It’s on Its OWN and controls the team.  It can then relax….You relax.

AS You incorporate more Self talk with Your deSIGN team, You will incorporate favor and flavor…”favor flave.” It/You can then stay in tune with Your reason for living, for BEing alive, then JOY, HAPPY, PEACE, FUN will BE Facilitated in harmony.  And Your world will BE spinning in THIS perfect harmony, and You will keep Creating It AS You go along….whistling, humming, dancing, rapping. 🙂

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