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While sitting on My sofa and closing My eyes, I was taken on a delicious adventure.  AS I was on My adventure, I had a thought THAT I should get UP and sweep the floor so I did, but I did the sweeping in My OWN Consciousness so THAT I could flow in My delicious adventure. Thus, I dialed UP a version of Me, Who was smiling AS she was sweeping.  I was completing the task multidimension-ALLY (My true ALLY) and could inner JOY the sensation of carrying MySelf to task….such a Divine sweeping flow…while BEing seated. 🙂

I kNEW she was getting It done, so to speak (a delicious volume of sens-You-ALL vibration), and I could still inner JOY w-here I was “physically” located on the sofa.  I kNEW she would come about and I would experience her “physically” so didn’t have to worry THAT she wouldn’t achieve her desires.  After ALL I kNEW Who I/she was multidimension-ALLY….an ALLY of ALL My dimensions which take shape NOW.  I’m in such great shape to BE able to lift UP mySelf from any position. 🙂

I kNEW She was Me and I could incorporate her in My OWN sensory deLIGHT, and allow Her/Me to have FUN and see Her smiling ALL the while.  If ALL IS Consciousness and BEing Created in Consciousness, then t-here ISn’t anywhere I AM not, and I AM FREE….WHEEEEE!!!!. 🙂

THIS life adventure IS a sensation-ALL experience in THAT You awaken ALL the multidimension-ALL cells, Who are alive, but thought They were dead…or at least asleep…for eons. 🙂  You awaken the “imprisoned” cells and allow Them to break free of Their walls, and give Them Their freedom….”pardon Me.”  They are free….born free….to travel in Their unlimited space.  You are free… beyond Your OWN Versions of Who You thought You were….flitting LIGHT-er AS You venture.

“Feel” FREE to move about Your awareness. 🙂

AS You awaken and enLIVEn Your awareness, beliefs and cells, You OPEN UP ALL of You, Who travel in THIS High vibration-ALL vehicle and capacity, and ALL Your Versions come out to PLAY on THIS wavelength.  Your multidimensionality expands and grows exponentially to Infinity and beyond and more and more….and more of You….enLIVEn ThemSelves and come out to PLAY.  It’s FUN to “FEEL” YourSelf (ALL of You) awake and alive.

It’s a LIGHT-hearted awareness….sensing and feeling YourSelf on ALL levels, and the OWN-ly way You can sense and feel YourSelf in THIS vehicle and capacity IS to BE REAL-ly alive and tingle with excitement…..”Hot damn, I’m alive.” You kNOW, when I had My multidimension-ALL experience when I was pregnant with My daughter, I felt more alive than I could ever verbal-EYES….even though t-here were comments from the medical staff about leaving THIS space. I was “truly” living multidimension-ALLY, which IS the OWN-ly place/space to live…THIS IS w-here BEing alive IS felt.

Considering YourSelf dead…or asleep….does not mean non existence for if You exist, You will ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS exist in whatever capacity of Your Inner BEing’s choosing.  You are energy and energy cannot BE destroyed or made dead….It ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS, through Infinite channels, changes FORM.  Thus, You want to feel and sense Your physical Self deliciously alive….in cahoots with Your Inner, non-physical, BEing dreaming of Your next moment…dreaming You into Your next flavorful moment AS ONE harmonious BEing.

Think about those Who channel Their entity. THIS entity IS alive and well….although You may consider It dead from an”other” realm of experience, and It speaks from beyond the grave. 🙂

Yet, We ALL have the experience of sensing the blah’s, not having FUN….whatever THAT sensing IS.  NOW, You kNOW Your Inner BEing doesn’t feel THIS way…..You, AS the physical, IS simply sensing Your OWN out of alignment feeling with the You, Who IS beyond.  You are “feeling” YourSelf dead or asleep.  It’s simply an awareness to do some”thing” to sense Your Self alive….and put a spring in Your step.  THIS IS w-here, in Your story of You “feeling” dead, You would shift YourSelf….”Ahhh, shift!” 🙂

It’s Your Inner BEing, the ONE Who Creates and Facilitates Your Journey, Who provides ALL the elements of Your delicious sens-You-ALL (sensing Y’ALL) existence and experiences…w-here You view You in Your element.  It IS You, the physical BEing, Who IS the Receiver and Perceiver of what IS felt and sensed in Your Inner BEing’s journey of You. Your Inner BEing lives in Your “alive” awareness in Your Higher vibration, and delivers every”thing” and every”ONE” through THIS sense of JOY, HAPPY, FUN, SILLY.

It IS UP to You, AS the physical BEing, Which version(s) of You are PRESENT to Receive and Perceive in the way, through the way, via the way, It was given.  If ALL IS given through You made in the image (I-MAGI-NATION) of the Higher You, then You desire and deserve to Receive and Perceive the physical You so THAT You are ONE harmonious mechanism. The giver = the giving.  You cannot separate the giver from the gift….They’re/You’re ONE.

If I give You a gift in whatever FORM IS material-EYESed, You get to choose how You desire to Receive and Perceive It.  If I’m in Your awareness, I AM giving You a gift.  I AM Your mirror from which You get to decide how You sense YourSelf, the greater You, the ONE Who IS giving It although It appears in FORM.

ALL IS Conceived in the Higher Realm and shows UP in the physical to BE Received and Perceived from THIS end, Your end, so to speak, what does Your end REAL-ly look like? 🙂 So if It’s showing UP, just remember Who Conceived It.  ALL IS You from Your multidimension-ALL Self.  If It’s You Conceiving It, It’s You Receiving and Perceiving It….ALL the same ONE BEing.  Hmmm!! 🙂

Yet, what appears to happen are cellular beliefs or thoughts THAT have a filter of worry, fear, doubt, frustration, turned ON in Their view and, thus, t-here IS a sense of resistance in what has happened from the part of the physical BEing.  Then out of alignment comes in to PLAY and You feel It.  T-here IS a cellular structure which houses THIS particular wavelength, and It IS UP to the physical BEing to BE aware and sense ItSelf, and shift accordingly so THAT It can live “awake” and “alive” in harmony of the ONE conception.

AS Bashar and Abraham mention, Your Inner BEing conceptualizes and brings about You, Who Receives and Perceives.  Your Inner BEing shifts a portion of ItSelf in order to Create and conceptual-EYES an experience in the physical realm.  The “true” deSIGN IS THAT You, the physical, Receives and Perceives in JOY.  Any”thing” else IS a knock off or fake news. 🙂

Bashar also says THAT Your Higher Self IS the OWN-ly ONE Who can conceive an idea. It kNOWs from the mountain top about what IS “happening.” Your physical BEing cannot generate an idea….It wasn’t deSIGNed in THIS way.  Your physical BEing was OWN-ly deSIGNed to BE the Receiver and Perceiver of the idea or experience AS FUN, JOY, EXCITEMENT and DELIGHT in Its interpretation of what “happened.”

Thus, the idea THAT IS planted IS Your Inner BEing planting It, and You, the physical, are to BE harmonious with Receiving and Perceiving Your Inner gift or guidance.  You won’t hear It or sense It if You’re not on the Receiving end with a clear connection. Again, what does Your end REAL-ly look like? 🙂

It ISn’t about doing some”thing” to BE remembered by and making a name for YourSelf or “I have to live My passion.”  It’s AS simple AS brushing Your teeth and “feeling” and “sensing” BEing passionate in Perceiving and Receiving THIS idea in Your OWN beautiful Consciousness.  Then allowing THIS flowing passion within You to flow You to the next whatever.  Just think of Your body of awareness AS alive in each and every cell.  If You’re feeling “dead” or the feeling of dis-ease, then a shift IS warranted and THIS warranty will not expire. 🙂

Your body IS simply an expression of the Creative ONE and You can Create right along with It and communicate to Your cells Your “feeling” and “sensing” of BEing awake beyond Its cellular walls.  You want Your cells to “feel” and “sense” Their OWN Collectiveness and Connectedness….kNOWing THAT They are free to cross borders.

Thus, Your body will BE “feeling” and “sensing” a whole lot of different sensations deSIGNed for You, the physical, to Receive and Perceive from beyond. It will BE NEW giving way for these sensations.  If You interpret Them AS old influences, then THAT’s how You will BE Receiving and Perceiving these sensations.

AS You do Your Inner work, You will BE amazed at Your OWN structure of Your You-niverse, and how You’re ALL of It.  You will kNOW THAT You want to BE in alignment with Who IS the giver of the experience and who IS the recipient…..ONE “truly” magical BEing giving and receiving. When You are in alignment, here”in” lies Your “true” power, and in THIS capacity, You are of “equal” proportions….You are the “true” equality within…the “true” equal-EYES-er of Your experience.  Just consider when You are looking for equality on the outer.

BEing alive IS about sensing the elements in Your OWN aliveness.  You’re alive to the ONE Who Creates and Facilitates You in the Higher vibration from which You come….THIS IS Your OWN-ly focus.  Your Inner BEing communicates through Your thoughts, images, pictures, and these are filled with JOY, FUN, LAUGHTER, PEACE. When You are filled with the Greater elements on THIS wavelength, You can “feel” and “sense” Your Inner BEing and You are flowing with passion and excitement no matter what You are doing.

You are filled with come-passion…Your come-pass aimed at Your “true” North.  So what IS Your passion? It’s You. When some”ONE” asks You if You’re living Your passion, You, without any resistance or hesitation, say, “Absolutely! I’m dis-covering Me, LOVing Me….THAT’s Who I AM passion about….delicious, no borders, unlimited, Me!  I AM the living, breathing and alive passion. You want to check My pulse? 🙂



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