Working WITH the Elements

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If We are “truly” ONE Infinite BEing, then We work, PLAY, commune, with the Infinite elements at Our disposal.  When We can commune with the space of elements or particles in Our awareness, We allow OurSelves, AS the physical BEing, to come together in THIS demonstration and Intend what We desire to happen.  We’re in the flow, the vortex, the heart space, the state of BEing, which can then move in Uni-son because We ALL kNOW the vibration which accelerates, not decelerates. Moving “for”ward in harmony IS the ultimate power machine. 🙂

It’s a “sensing” beyond THAT which IS seen through the physical eyes….It’s a “sensing” of trust and faith and loyalty to the un-seen in the ONE multidimensional PLAYing field.  And ALL are of the ONE from the Infinite perspective in THIS Higher vibration-ALL element field, and can get US quicker to Our destination, ALL in ONE peace/piece.  BEing scattered or ALL strung out on Our journey doesn’t “feel” very FUN. 🙂

Just kNOW THAT utilizing imagination IS key AS You “sense” so much more when You’re PLAYful.  PLAY more, achieve more….effortlessly. 🙂

We enlist OurSelves in THIS Higher communication to call UP ALL the elements which are here, and dial Them in so THAT We, AS a physical, can have the greater “sense” w-here They are non-physically located.  We go to Them, sense Them in the way THAT “feels” Their PRESENCE, so THAT THIS Higher state of BEing can facilitate Our desires AS the ONE facilitator. When ALL are on the same page, on the same wavelength, then desires are coalesced faster AS ALL agree w-here They/We are located, and We’re ALL spinning in the same direction.

Recently, I had scheduled a massage, and when I was ready to leave, It began to snow. We live at the base of the Olympic National Forest and a long driveway, and in THIS experience of these characteristics or facts, I went to a place of fear in Consciousness, an historical place. Yet, t-here was some”thing” even greater propelling Me “for”ward….”You want to learn how to have peace and not default to Your “go to” place when some”thing” seemingly familiar arrives through Your physical eyes?  You want to BE “for” You and believe in the greater, expansive, You? You want to “sense” ALL the elements available to You AS You journey together?” 🙂

My answer was a re-SOUNDing, “Yes!”  And I could “feel” My frequency AS I ventured into Consciousness, and I took a stance, a state, which said, “I TRUST.”

So I decided to TRUST and believe in the Infinite Me.  AS I drove to the massage therapist, I in-VISIONed and imagined the roads, the snow, MySelf (in capri pants and flip flops), the warm sun, and I spoke to Them, the REAL Them.  ALL were My beautiful components, particles and elements deSIGNing My “for”ward motion and I could “feel” Them AS We chatted among OurSelves to ALL decide “favorably” in Our journey together.

Even when thoughts entered My awareness during My 90 minute massage THAT PRESENTed Their reasons for fear or non-peace, I allowed Them to enter and encircled Them with LOVE AS I reminded Them of Our focus. ALL I could see or “sense” in My imagination (or AS Bashar calls It….I-MAGI-NATION…a nation of magicians) were bare roads and Me in capri pants and flip flops, and I kept focused on My “true” deSIGN.

It was such a PLAY-filled space of awareness.  And I had such a “sense” of relaxation during My massage…..I kNEW I was cared “for” and supported beyond any”thing” THAT was physical….and THAT’s w-here I allowed MySelf to live during the massage. I was living in the nation of magicians AS ALL the elements moved with Me, the physical, and I with Them.

And I summoned more wisdom: THAT t-here IS no REAL REAL-ity from which to measure what IS or ISn’t REAL…..I decide what’s REAL.  ALL simultaneous REAL-ities exist and I can access any or ALL of Them at My beckon call because It “feels” so good to do so.  I was existing in the nation of TRUST and, “WOWZA! It felt GREAT!”

After My massage, My massage therapist left the room so I could dress, and when she came back, she said, “You’re not going to believe THIS….or maybe You will.  Your car has no snow on It, but the two cars THAT are adjacent to It are full of snow. Tami, You have spirits supporting Your way.”  And I kNEW what she spoke of, I kNEW she spoke from the elements, and I kNEW I could TRUST My OWN “sense” of TRUST AS I welcomed It aNEW with My OWN colorful magician’s hat on. Merlin would BE so proud.  🙂

On My way home AS I drove, I could “sense” the LIGHT-HEARTed Me AS I was driving. The roads were bare in some places and snow in some places, and the level of support could BE felt on My OWN rich-er scale.  I was so rich with the power vested in Me THAT My car felt like It wasn’t touching the ground. AS I gained altitude with My attitude, I kNEW THAT I was LOVE and THAT LOVE was permeating My entire spaciousness.  I was BEing UPlifted and communing in timelessness w-here ALL the elements live, a truly magical place.

My husband texted Me THAT I should pull in Our driveway and park at the entrance, and he would pick Me UP in Our snow cat and BE My Uber driver UP to Our home.  It was the most incredible ride….a ride THAT I “for”-saw in ALL the support THAT surrounds Me.  I do LOVE a supportive ride. 🙂


First, I must kNOW ThySelf and Honor Me and enlist TRUST AS a true REAL-ity, a more resonant and resident REAL-ity, from which I can view My world.  And like Neville, Abraham or Bashar says, “Your state or vortex contains ALL the elements to make ALL You desire come true, come through.”  You simply need to BE in the state or vortex to BE a cooperative component or element.

It was a blast to OPEN UP and “sense” and commune with the supportive and cooperative elements, and I was ONE with Them……truly very power-FULL.  I LOVE utilizing My imagination and BEing filled UP with the “sense” of so much more.  When I do THIS, I have access to so much more of My BEing, Who just gets more expansive….simply larger than life. 🙂



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