Your Higher For-ness

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When You are the focal lens from which ALL can “sense” Your vibration-ALL output, You BEcome the awareness THAT IS PEACE, LOVE, JOY, EXQUISITE…if You choose these delicious words over and over and over again….a gain of Who You “truly” are.  You are the intended lens….THAT which You intend to focus upon….THAT which IS “for” THAT which You desire.

Similarly, when You focus Your camera upon a subject, You hone in and zoom in on the subject….THAT Whom You desire to Create a picture of….”for” Your gallery, Your keepsake…because It’s delicious to You. It’s not “against” Your gallery…”these are ALL the things I’m against…here, let Me show You My gallery.”  🙂

Hence, if You don’t keep focusing upon the “for,” and BE clear with the “for” vibration-ALL output, You will face a never-ending “against” which will disturb Your “for.”  You are disturbing Your OWN PEACE, thank You very much. 🙂

But wait, “I was for “for”….how did I get here?”  It’s Your clarity in the making in each moment, and in Your OWN evolution, You are BEing asked to BE very, very, clear with Your OWN eye of Your lens….Your Internal and Eternal camera…Who IS Your focus?  It IS Your wake UP call….”for” NOW and “for”-ever hold Your PEACE. 🙂

So when You have Your camera in position to take THAT delicious picture and You allow YourSelf to BE taken off Your OWN position, You are aware in Your OWN evolution THAT You do THIS.  Many messengers who will bring a “call for action” to go “against” some”thing” vs. “for” some”thing”….and t-here goes Your “cute” picture.

When You are “for” PEACE, then You OWN-ly focus on Your Internal and Eternal pictures THAT Create PEACE in You so THAT You can BE the for-bearer of PEACE.  Otherwise, Your out-of-focus awareness will emanate from You some”thing” different than REAL-ly what You intended. And t-here You find YourSelf taking pictures of every”thing” in Your moment to moment gallery pictorial which re-PRESENTs ALL THAT IS against PEACE. It’s subtle and yet, very, very POWERFUL.

Just NOW, I said, “REAL-ly!!,” and began to laugh.  My husband, AS ONE of my Infinite messengers, brought Me a cute video of a puppy and I said, “Oh, THAT IS so cute.” In the same flow, he also brought Me a video of road rage, and I began to smile Eternally.  I didn’t say, “Oh, THAT IS so cute,” but I was very aware of the illustrative points BEing conveyed to Me, through Me, AS I took a deep breath and smiled.  I can’t just write about PEACE….I have to face It in each moment AS It comes and kNOW My OWN camera lens….does It have the PEACE filter ON or not? 🙂

The OWN-ly “call for action” IS the PEACE THAT flows from Your heart space in the correlating action.  Intention does go somewhere….It takes action in a simultaneous, parallel REAL-ity, electromagnetically spinning ALL on Your path “for” You. It calls “for” an adjustment of focus….honing, zooming, fine tuning….for Infinite messengers will BE forth-coming to beg You to get on Their bandwagon.  And It IS “for” You to BE Infinitely clear…..polishing Your lens….to iterate and re-iterate….EXACTLY Who You are and what You want to convey and share.

The messengers will give You a list of topics to choose from…..or choose ALL of the above….so THAT You can get on board and BE with Them.  Yet, You kNOW when You get off Your OWN call for PEACE, THAT You are disturbed and find so much to BE disturbed about.  AS Neville says, You worship the disturbing facts and wonder why You’re disturbed.

You are the chosen ONE….the ONE Who has staying POWER in her OWN vibration-ALL output…the ONE Who IS clear….over and over and over again, a gain of Who You are AS the chosen ONE.  From THIS “for” Me place, You are Creating an Essence of crystalline tranquility which IS “sensed” beyond the five senses.  You are the pattern of PEACE THAT IS Creating and Re-Creating the OWN-ly pattern THAT makes “sense” right NOW.

Just kNOW, in each moment, You will BE picking UP people, circumstances and events. It’s not unlike You traveling down the road in Your vehicle, and seeing a person on the road, Who IS giving You the sign, “Pick ME UP please….I need a ride.”  You make the Conscious choice to not give him or her a ride because You say You don’t kNOW him or her and don’t even want to consider ALL the facets THAT go along, a “long,” with THAT Intended ride…You just don’t want to go t-here so You don’t.  So You pass him or her by.

Similarly, in each moment, You can make the Conscious choice not to give ALL people, the messengers on Your frequency, a ride with ALL Their lists of topics.  When You are awake, aware, Conscious, then You decide Who You want to join You in Your frequency gallery, and You don’t deviate from Your Conscious awareness of Who You are.  ALL are here AS an illustration of diversity of planet Earth, and yet, You get to decide Who You are and the ride You desire.  You are in Conscious control of Your OWN vehicle and ride, right?

ALL can exist, and yet, You don’t have to pick Them ALL UP….It’s Your vehicle.  You decide Who gets to ride with You, right?  You want Your ride to BE scary….ok?  You want Your ride to BE PEACEful….ok?  The Universe IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS “for” You….You just need to BE clear which You It IS “for.” Clean Your lens so You kNOW.

BE “for” You, and kNOW Your location, Your non-physical location….the place from which PEACE, HAPPY, JOY, DELICIOUS….flows.  ALL messengers will come AS a mirror to show You Who IS PRESENT….puppies or road rage…..Who IS PRESENT? 🙂

And then laugh because laughter makes beautiful, Infinite, “sense.” 🙂




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