A Series of Awakenings

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What if each moment IS Your gift to awaken into Your Infinite sensory mechanism.  What if Your senses are actually Your trillions of cells….not just the 5 senses….but truly the enLIVEment of Infinite cellular senses Who have basically been asleep for a gazillion years. Yet, NOW, in Your OWN evolution, You OPEN Them UP AS gifts….and say, “Wake UP….It’s time to “feel” alive.”  And They respond accordingly….”About damn time.” 🙂

You aren’t simply a “routine” mechanism….relying on Your routine to get You through the day….”I do THIS, I do THIS, and then THIS” without REAL-ly “feeling” THIS. You change Your language to say, “I’m awake and alive….enLIVEn ALL My cells to feel My entire sensory organ of ME and give It permission to sense Its Infinite structure which goes beyond My body of awareness.”  And then hum, dance, sing, skip in Your awareness….when was the last time You skipped? 🙂

You kNOW, when You have those experiences and You can feel goosebumps.  Well, goosebumps are Your body’s receptivity and passion ID codes THAT actually say….”Damn, THIS feels good!”   Yet, how often do You allow YourSelf to have Your body give You Its vibratory signal…..”I feel so ALIVE.”

Thoreau said It so eloquently, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, find out that I had not lived.”  I LOVE THIS AS It allows You to deliberately define BEing ALIVE.  IS It because You are breathing…..naturally or artificially….or IS It some”thing” even greater to BE experienced?

Neville Goddard who considers human imagination AS the mouth of God, says THAT We are inundated with facts of life, and THAT We actually worship the facts.  It’s interesting to ponder THIS because We allow facts to penetrate Us and emBODY Them…..take Them on into Our cells….and then are irritated because We have believed Them vs. our OWN “truth.”  We have allowed “penetration” vs. penetrating the facts with Our OWN sensory truth…..”I kNOW Who I am”….and stay in Our truth despite any sensory evidence to the contrary.

We can utilize THIS Cupid day and have FUN, and imagine facts AS bubbles and shoot Cupid’s arrows in the facts….”I’ll shoot You in the fact”…THAT aren’t BEcoming…..BEcoming to Us.  🙂  In THIS way, We utilize the sense of PLAY and enLIVEn Our Own Infinite senses and LOVING force (tenderized, of course) field.  We “feel” Our OWN LOVING power AS We don Our little ol’ Cupid uniform and move about Our day.

We kNOW Who We are and don’t need to take any”thing” on.  We’re ALL-READY wearing Our uniform and don’t need to add any more layers….LIGHT-er IS better and more BEcoming.  We conduct OurSelves inside out and give others what We ALL-READY possess and emBODY OurSelves.  We give Them Our “true” possession and THAT IS LOVE….You can’t give some”ONE” what You don’t “possess” YourSelf….THAT would BE considered stealing. 🙂

If some”ONE” gives Us some”thing” in return, It’s OWN-ly because We serve AS a mirror so “mirrorly” speaking, You’re receiving LOVE back in Infinite ways LOVE can BE expressed.  It’s the Cupid law. 🙂

Awaken Your gazillion cells and let Them kNOW You’re ALIVE, and “feel” Them return to You what You have given Them, “mirrorly” speaking, Infinite LOVE.  And ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS remember to obey Cupid’s law. 🙂


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