More Mileage to Your GodSelf

Swirling energies appeared in My midst to remind Me THAT which I AM.  In THIS way, I can choose to move about My ever-shifting moment in REAL-EYESation of THIS fact and stay focused even in the midst of “other,” linear, energies beckoning for My attention….which They did.

When You ponder THAT a car, which IS OWN-ly a reflective symbol of Your Consciousness, has a capacity for fuel efficiency….more miles to the gallon and You like THIS feature.  It means You can BE very efficient in how You travel AS You don’t have to “stop” more often for gas and You like THIS.    

When You ponder You THAT You are the more mileage to the gallon, to Your GodSelf, You can move more efficiently when You are in Your “true” state of BEing….You don’t have to “stop” Your OWN swirling energies.  What “stops” You IS an aspect or version of You, Who IS considering/considerate of separation and wants to explore….You separate from THAT which You are.  You decell-erate Your OWN Self….You stop and run out of gas…..when facing some”thing” or some”ONE” with a negative twist by BEing repulsed by It/him or her.

T-here IS no”thing” wrong with THIS exploring…It IS the adventure after ALL. Yet, when You can kNOW THIS, then the larger part of You (Your GodSelf) can respect the space and watch the observance of said exploration.  You’re intact….still swirling….watching YourSelf go through It….swirling AS You pick UP ALL on Your path….You’re still in the flow.

NOW, when You look at some”ONE” and “stop” YourSelf to resuscitate him or her…even though he or she IS clearly wearing a “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” sign, which IS a legal and binding document….You are giving way for You to look for Those Who need reviving, according to Your separation papers.  No ONE needs reviving and Your hands-on awareness of Them….ALL are alive and well in the Soul realm if You choose to see Them THIS way.

It’s like We’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS looking for some”ONE” in which to perFORM CPR….t-here’s gotta BE some”ONE” in need of a revival….looking for LOVE in the walking dead, which IS OWN-ly a perception. 🙂 ALL IS alive and well….”doing fine, thank You very much”….despite Your proof and evidence to the contrary…”But You said or I see.” 🙂

If You’re in Your OWN heart accepting THAT ALL are sitting in Your OWN heartbeat frequency, then ALL hearts are beating in rhythm to the ONE heart.  ALL do have a heartbeat, right?

ALL are responsive to Your frequency….ALL do respond in Their OWN way.  You are the “sensing” mechanism radaring every”ONE” to Whom You sense…..sensing and studying the elements and particles They’re made UP of.   “Oh, They’re REAL-ly made of pure LIGHT and LOVE so how would I perFORM CPR on Them?”  Make some sense, will ya! 🙂

You are alive and doing well and sensing ALL Who emanate the same message, the same frequency.  You don’t need reviving…..You’re ALL-READY revived non-physically and physically, living proof THAT You exist and so IS every”ONE” else.  All are here in whatever vehicle works and drives BEST….It IS Their vehicle of choice.  Your challenge will BE to look under the hood and see Who IS powering Their vehicle.

I do kNOW THAT life and death are the same, yet, I do like the word alive AS It allows My cells to tingle with excitement.  With THIS said, just because I may transition and shift to an”other” frequency…..Higher, of course(LOL)… w-here You do not see Me, doesn’t mean I’m not alive elsewhere…I AM Saint Elsewhere, after ALL. 🙂

You can still sense Me if You are believing and TRUSTing THAT I AM multidimensional, and You can communicate with Me in THIS realm…w-here We both live simultaneously, and are alive and well.

It’s just THAT We’re so used to sensing physically….I must sense It with OWN-ly My five senses to believe It….and THAT IS old energy coming to a NEW awareness.  You’re NOW Infinitely sensing non-physically w-here It ALL makes sense…..BEing alive in Your multidimensionality.  You sense on a Higher plane of existence and awareness.

In THIS way, You get more mileage to Your GodSelf and are more DNA efficient and shift easily and effortlessly. You OWN-ly decell-erate and stop if You choose and are fully alive and aware when You do.

Every”ONE” will want Your vehicle and ALL Its features….Your NEW model, which IS called Eternity, and IS bright, shiny and perFORMS optimally. 🙂




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