LIGHT Source

THIS IS a picture of Me filled with LIGHT, a Selfie which I took of Me at night appearing with My headlamp on to make My way UP our driveway in the snow.  I revisited THIS picture of Me and much communication came through AS I was visiting with It from the Me, Who IS NOW.  It’s very similar to the pictures THAT My husband and I took of the solar eclipse in August 2017.  Yet, THAT eclipse IS happening NOW for Me to revisit.  ALL IS a simultaneously convergence which can BE accessed for the You, Who IS PRESENT.

It appears THAT LIGHT IS ALL THAT We are, and yet, It will BE very challenging to see Our OWN LIGHT which reflects to see the LIGHT of “others.”  We believe THIS idea because It feels so good to believe It, and yet, We are challenged to look through the details of some”ONE” in order to see Their LIGHT.

Many filters are here which prevent Us from seeing Who IS “truly” here, and those filters can rePRESENT many aspects or versions of the Selfie….those dang historical events from many lifetimes.  🙂

The LIGHT IS in the details or through the details…..right here, right NOW.  And It’s UP to Us AS the Source of the LIGHT to look and look again and turn OurSelves UPside down in order to see existence from an”other” vantage point.  You might remember THIS in Infinite areas of Your searching for Your OWN LIGHT AS You couldn’t quite grasp the concepts until You shifted and saw It differently.  And t-here was struggle because You didn’t kNOW THAT standing on Your head was an option….”Oh, NOW, I see It.”  🙂

Intention OPENS UP a REAL-ity….It IS REAL….and goes somewhere AS You intend to see the LIGHT….go to the LIGHT even when You, the version, Who doesn’t see It right away/a-way….Your intention IS BEing set UP for You in Your multiverse.  It does exist in a parallel REAL-ity awaiting Your maturing AS a Soul…..You are so mature. 🙂

It’s OWN-ly through the unfolding of You, the nurturing of You, the surrendering of You, through the filters or details THAT You shift Your Consciousness to reveal more of Your LIGHT so THAT You can see the more LIGHT of “others.”   You actually gain access to the LIGHT when You surrender the details and shift to the REAL-ity w-here You can actualize It and see It.

But remember, It IS the journey of contrast, diversity, beliefs, definitions….It IS the journey of unfolding YourSelf.  You may see the LIGHT in “others” right away/a-way, and You may not see the LIGHT in others right away/a-way.  The FUN IS in the journey of Your delicious unfolding, and You let go and surrender to Your multidimensionality.  It can OPEN UP excitement AS You are excited to BE on Your journey not kNOWing Who will BE uncovered. 🙂

It’s OWN-ly when Consciousness decides THAT “timing” IS right for You to see because You have matured enough to OPEN Your “BIG,” natural, Eternal, eyes to see It.  Your DNA IS becoming more efficient because You’re letting go in a HUGE way, and THIS allows Your Crystalline DNA to Create Crystalline fields, not battle-fields.  ALL IS BEing rewired, reconfigured, realigned in Your OWN awakening.

So, in Essence, You don’t have to physically Create or make effort.  It’s ALL BEing….Your BEing…orchestrated/orchestrating.  It’s ALL singing Your praises right NOW.  Your OWN-ly responsibility AS a physical BEing IS to shift Your respond-ability to comprehend THIS truth and waive Your rights to make things happen.

You shift into the state of effortlessness….Infinite states to grant You access… Your heart space.  Thus, the electromagneticism of Your Collective team orchestrates the next vibration-ALL phase of people to flow into Your space because You have given the “They or Them” permission to do so.  “I NOW grant You permission to “work” on My BEhalf.”

Simply relax into the permission and in-JOY because the Higher UPS are in-JOYing You right NOW….might AS well in-JOY Them and Their access to You….”I’m NOW OPEN to Receive You. You NOW have access to Me.”  It’s not unlike working at a company and allowing the CEO to do what needs to BE done. You don’t have to kNOW what he or she IS doing or the details….You just surrender the details so THAT You can access Your OWN LIGHT and TRUST the “orchestra” section…”Fa la la la la.”  THAT’s Your job…..respond-ability. 🙂

You kNOW, for whatever reason, when You look at some”ONE” and want to do battle with Their hair, Their voice, Their behavior, Their eating meat, It IS Your DNA which houses ALL of these patterns of battle fields.  Thus, It’s UP to You to keep going within wherever You go in each moment and shift YourSelf when You are putting on ALL Your armor to do battle.  In THIS way, You kNOW THAT You, AS the physical, are the CEO….ONE in the same….so You surrender Your battle-fields and hold out Your white flag. 🙂

And You’re very grateful, so very grateful….filled with such gratitude in ALL Your cellular structure THAT You NOW have THIS understanding “about” You.  You kNOW what You want to do…..Crystalline, not battle-ing.  THIS simple awareness shifts You to more and more of Your “true” DNA….You don’t even kNOW how electromagnetically Your strands look….”Don’t hate Me because I’m beautiful.” 🙂

And You don’t have to fight to see some”ONE”s LIGHT….just kNOW It’s t-here….and Your white flag IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS in Your pocket awaiting Your OWN recognition to shift Your awareness.  Listen within for Your OWN Eternal guidance, Who has ALL-READY filled in the details so You don’t have to look for the details.  So stay within the lines of Source and fill in the LIGHT AS You go….Your LIGHT.

Battle-ing IS sooooo yesterday! 🙂

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