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Surrendering to the ethereal to gain access to the larger part of You, the You who connects with ALL Your Collective, non-physical team, IS very pleasing.  THIS IS the team Who sets Your moment-ummmm in forward motion! You LOVE the idea of surrendering and submitting Your entire BODY of awareness to the Higher Realms w-here ALL connections are facilitated.  ALL on Your vibration-ALL frequency are picked UP and tuned into the moments comin’ ’round the mountain.  🙂

The non-physical IS w-here It’s (the Collective) at, and THIS IS why It’s important to go here first so THAT You, the physical, can join w-here It’s at. THIS IS w-here You came from, w-here You come from right NOW, so utilize THIS important awareness of THIS REAL-ity AS You Create FROM It, and have FUN.  THIS IS w-here You talk Highly to Your team members to join in the Team effortlessness. 🙂

It’s a place w-here You feel so alive while resting in peace at the same time….w-here You smile AS You slumber for ALL IS taken care of.  So, in Essence, You don’t have to physically Create or make effort….You REAL-ly can’t.  Well, You can try, but understand THAT You will experience ALL for the sake of Your OWN understanding THAT effortlessness IS w-here Your power IS.  And You may have to experience efforting if OWN-ly to show You the expanded part of You Whose pictures of effortlessness continue to flash before Your eyes. They do LOVE to flash You. 🙂

THIS IS w-here things begin to not make sense and make sense.  It’s the old switch-a-roo. In the old energy, striving hard was the key, but also REAL-EYES in THAT energy t-here were still threats THAT Your key would BE taken away. THIS IS w-here You worked for people, things, money, situations, experiences, and You worked hard to maintain It ALL. Thus, the old energy doesn’t make sense any longer.

In the NEW energy, ALL works for You…people, things, money, situations, experiences. ALL work on Your BEhalf…..the physical half.  Thus, It’s important to turn towards You, the non-physical, Who work to connect and coordinate Your heart space to bring about ALL THAT You desire.  THIS IS w-here every”thing” and every”ONE” IS held in TRUST. Physicality must take into consideration Consciousness Who IS REAL-ly running the show…and THIS NEW energy does make sense. 🙂

And also understand THAT You will utilize inquiry of Your beliefs and thoughts THAT say It can’t BE EZ-SCHMEZIE, LAZY RIVER.  Just kNOW THIS IS the old energy communicating with You, and just kNOW THAT You can communicate from the NEW energy and let It kNOW Your “true” position….gently and gracefully.  It’s simply a beautiful shift and ONE THAT IS occurring a gazillion times per second.

Every”thing” and every”ONE in Your experience IS here by virtue of Your vibration…..ALL the non-physical You co-mingled Its particle Self, Its Essence, so THAT It could material-EYES in Your favor.  It’s ALL what You intended via Your vibration whether You REAL-EYES It Consciously or not….awake to It or not.  Some may BE wanted, some may not, but ALL comes through You for Your own awakening, and It’s ALL necessary to the frequency emitted.

For Me, I can see My timeline and understand the frequency emitted and the people and experiences Who showed UP.  WOW….I can see THIS clearly. 🙂

Look around You….Your birthed ALL of It into Your physical awareness.  When You understand Your OWN vibrational-ALL power in each moment, then You glean Your power by shifting Your awareness to non-physical first, and first, and first.  When You stay in THIS Higher electromagnetic, pulsing awareness, then You Master Your Moment AS You gain more and more understanding of what the physical IS intended to do.

Just like You, AS a Collective Soul, came first from non-physical and projected a portion of YourSelf into THIS physical BEing, You still do exist in non-physical from w-here It’s ALL taking PLAYce.  The “MORE” You can BE aware of THIS in each moment and turn towards YourSelf vibration-ALLY….turn towards Your vibration ALLIES….the “MORE” You will BE exposed to Who will orchestrate Your money, things, people, experiences, situations into Your space, Your REAL-ity.

They work for You so You don’t have to. 🙂

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