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Early THIS morning, the dialogue arrived.  It’s ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS interesting how the Timeless has no idea what time It IS and so It arrives when It feels the space IS ready. 🙂 The Timeless actually Creates the physical time and It does not matter what physical time IS showing on the clock….It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS on the clock, the clock. So It sees no”thing” “wrong” with 2 PM or 2 AM….It’s ALL the same ONE time. 🙂

AS the dialogue flowed through Me, It flowed through and birthed each word or IM-Pulse which occupied My entire cellular structure.  The topic was IM-Print…..I AM Print….and each electromagnetic pulse delivered Its message on THIS topic. 

When I so-call “finish” writing a blog article, It IS not finished with Me…..It keeps flowing.  I used to wonder if I was intended to go back to the article and edit It to add to what the flow was IM-Printing through Me. Yet, what was BEing delivered was the un-finished AS the flow and to simply enJOY w-here I was going in the flow of It. I was the no beginning and no ending and I was adding to My OWN electromagnetic space, not necessarily editing the words on My blog.

I AM ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS in a state of Print like the Soul on the bench said to Me…..ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS a published poet.  And I will BE in My thoughts, My writing, My speaking AS to how It appears.  Whatever IS flowing through Me IS My mark, leaving a print of MySelf, recording the vibration of MySelf, for ALL multidimensions to feel, hear, taste, touch and see.  It IS not what I AM doing, but Who I AM BEing AS I AM doing so It IS “sensing” Me in THIS way and THAT way. 🙂

Through the Earth or AS the Earth, I am leaving My recording of ALL THAT I AM….an un-finished recording AS It expands and contracts in Its OWN pattern of Self dis-covery.  In THIS way, You may BE able to understand THAT Your battlefields….fields of battle through thoughts, writing, verbal or touching communication…. are IM-Printed for ALL multidimensions to bear witness to.

Yet, in Your OWN evolution, You NOW understand “fields of energy,” albeit battlefields or whatever kind of fields, and You can NOW OWN how You vibrate Your energy field and leave Your IM-Print or mark.  No longer do You have to do battle and war with YourSelf.

You’re NOW Conscious and deliberate, and take Your time (remember It’s ALL ONE time) to vibrate the “conducive” message for Your recording to go out to the world right NOW…sharing the vibration-ALL information.  For whatever You are vibrating IS BEing IM-Printed for ALL to learn, to grow, to evolve, and how You are BEing re-membered, a re-memorization of the version Who fits the multidimensional, electromagnetic, space right NOW.

You NOW understand THAT It’s been You ALL along….not the “others” outside of You. The Souls seemingly outside of You simply hold a mirror for You to see Who IS here internally and eternally vibrating and IM-Printing His or Her mark.  You hold such enormous power in the Earth re-construction phase re-writing Your memories, the battlefields read about in history books or watched on the news.  You’re never out of Print…..ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS Creating and illuminating forward.  It would BE like You running out of thoughts or words. 🙂

It appears THAT Creation IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS in a “state of Creation” so when You think some”thing” IS complete, It’s OWN-ly You shifting to a frequency w-here You visit with Its completion state.  Yet, the post THAT IS written and sent still vibrates….It IS here AS an IM-Print to re-call if You will, and It will BE the You, Who IS the Culminating, Creative You coming into Your OWN evolutionary state to BE with It.  It’s an endless stream of Consciousness PLAYing to the ONE tune.

History IS OWN-ly a “hi-story” from the culminating You, saying hello in the way You perceive and receive the story.   It’s a beautiful PR (Perceive and Receive) framework of existence.  Re-writing history IS a beautiful way to pay tribute to You, the ONE.  Yet, It IS “truly” a NEW You birthing YourSelf into multidimensional momentum in each moment adding to Creation to THAT Who was OWN-ly a moment ago, but NOW IS now-here to BE found. 🙂

You can NOW take Your “time” and PLAY with time and shift It, and re-align, re-connect or re-do You to Your Highest Version of You to IM-Plant the Earth with different information, different data….a more harmonic tone of what happened, IS happening, here.

If You are doing battle or have done battle and thoughts come in THAT re-PRESENT the battlefields, You can NOW IM-Print (I AM Print) Your electromagnetic mark and paint a beautiful picture of the energy fields which You would like to hold dear.  It’s shifting old/NEW and OWN-ly “holding the focus” for Who IS near and dear to You.

You are recording history right NOW and the Earth’s PR mechanism IS illuminating the information.  You are the ever-shifting You adding to the Earth’s recognition of the New You, New Earth.  AS You IM-Print or IM-Plant the New You, remember THAT You are re-membering the way You want It to BE, in resonance, in residence, AS You “focus” Your awareness.

You are crystalline, not battling.  You just don’t want to pay tribute to wars any longer…..doesn’t serve the crystalline grid You are Creating.  You want to add and support Your Creation of Your New Earth, and leave “others” to Create whatever It IS They hold dear. It’s a entirely Higher Octave of experience, and yet ONE Whose time has come….even if It’s at 2 AM. 🙂

And I laugh AS I was writing THIS, the Timeless had a little FUN….shutting down My computer and My not BEing able to gain access until It decided It was time.  I LOVE the idea of “surrendering” AS the “choice” which gains access….crystalline or battling. 🙂


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