Souls Arrive in Perfect Package

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Yesterday, a Soul ascended into My space and I noticed him.  It’s very fascinating AS I’m much more aware of ALL Who are PRESENT in My space and I simply allow MySelf the Higher Octave of awareness…or shift to It….AS I AM with Them.

While waiting for My husband to get his haircut, I positioned MySelf on a bench outside the salon and simply people watched…..silently thanking ALL Who walked past Me AS I kNEW Who They were and why They were here.  They were here in support of My journey and gratitude flowed through My veins…..Conscious, synchronistic gratitude. 

THIS Soul sat down next to me, and I had some straggling thoughts about his appearance and his scent, and then THIS quickly gave way to….”Remember Who he IS.”  So I sat in reverence and remembered.  Then the Soul began to speak and I was in awe….moving Me to tears at Who was here to perceive and receive him….the ever-shifting Consciousness.

He said, “Do You like compliments?” And I replied, “Yes.”  He said THAT he likes to give compliments because he likes to give people more than what they had before.  So he said, “You have a beautiful Soul.  My eyes are the window to Your Soul and I can see THAT You are beautiful.”  Then he inspired Me with more fragrance…the fragrance I had shifted to.

“Do You kNOW why t-here are no people with gray hair?”  I replied, “No.”  He said THAT halos are refractive LIGHT and when You see gray, It’s REAL-ly silver…just through a different LIGHT, a bending of a wave of LIGHT.  And I listened AS if I was at the door of My OWN Soul hearing on such an expansive level, a Highly Intelligent level. 🙂

He said THAT he IS a published poet and LOVES words….LOVES what They can do for people.  And he also said THAT every”ONE” IS a published poet….publishing words in many different ways….even through thoughts…and people receive the benefit of those published words.  He asked Me what It’s like to pick UP a book of poetry, and I immediately thought of Rumi and said, “Oh, It takes Me to a radiant place.”

And he said, “Exactly. It’s what You do for people when You “think” about the words You share before You share Them……You want Them to BE more than what They were before. Using Your word, You want Them to BE radiant.”  My husband came out of the salon, and I thanked the Soul for his words, for his depth and touched him tenderly on his arm.  I was the chosen ONE and kNEW It. 🙂

Some Souls will simply walk through Our lives, some will bump into Us, some will stop and chat, some will BE silent, some will stay for a while.  In whatever way They choose to enter, It IS on “purpose” for It IS through Our frequency in which They arrive, and We notice the synchronistic way in which They bless Our space for Our learning, Our growth, Our evolution into Who We truly are at a Soul-lar level.  Each person IS a Soul, non-physical, PRESENCE first, then human, physical, PRESENCE, and It’s UP to Us AS to Whom We allow Ourselves to converse with first.

We simply notice Their arrival….the birth of the Souls and how fortunate We are to kNOW Our OWN PRESENCE so THAT We notice Theirs…and kNOW Why They come.  They come through Us to en-RICH Our lives, and perhaps We will shift….if We choose…to ackNOWledge Them. 🙂

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