Birthing New Energy

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AS You awaken Consciously in each moment, and are aware of Your OWN birthing in each moment, You may consider THAT each electromagnetic illustration of You shows UP w-here Your “NEW” awareness IS seeded.  The old energy of linearity IS shifting so THAT the “NEW” energy of spirally, heart-led electromagneticism, will take hold in Your OWN cellular structure.  It’s a beautiful shifting of the old/NEW, and in THIS awareness ALL kNOWs Its deFINEd place, and IS very, very supportive.

The NEW energy IS asking You to BE Conscious and awake for Your never-ending birthing process.  For It allows You the “full” privilege of BEing PRESENT….not knocked out…. THIS time in Your OWN evolution….THIS time You are “FULLY” aware.  The old language of “don’t look, It will BE painful” from Your historical perspective IS shifting in accordance with the NEW language unfolding.  You want to look for t-here IS sustainable JOY beyond any”thing” You have experienced, thus far….Conscious JOY. Look. 🙂

Your BODY of awareness will BE shifting Its cellular structure to make way for the NEW energy.  Similarly, when a woman gives birth, the “whole” BODY….not just the uterus….attunes to the experience so It can BE supported in the “focus” of the woman and ALL “other” parties in attendance. If t-here IS a belief in pain and ALL other historical monuments, then pain will BE REAL-EYESed…..ALL in the support Who recognize the “focal” point of the “necessary” and “synchronistic” experience.

It’s the “focus” THAT IS the primary awareness…..w-here Your focus goes so goes Your support.  In the NEW model, Your focus IS JOY, and thus, ALL the supportive people and circumstances will BE PRESENT for Your JOY-FULL experiences.  Birth can BE JOY-FULL If You believe It to BE….despite ALL the history of proof which will BE PRESENTed…yet, Your memories are changing to rePRESENT Expanded JOY.

When You consider going to the doctor, the doctor IS a supportive “focal” point for Your awareness. If You have a belief THAT some”thing” IS wrong and You want It fixed, Your doctor IS “part” of Your belief structure and he or she will become Your “expert” opinion.

He or she simply offers Your exploration into YourSelf through ALL the nuances and means which come about during the unfolding experience.  He or she becomes Your physical guide so THAT You can have the experience You want in “physicality”, and THAT IS exploring a part/apart of YourSelf.  The “part” expert IS here so You have the privilege of exploring and studying your “part”ial journey.  Remember, ALL IS supportive for THAT which You mostly believe….Your focus…so a part of You, an aspect of You, will BE.

When “whole”ness IS the focus, then the BODY of awareness symptoms are the “whole” focus.  AS THIS BODY of awareness, I do experience multidimension-ALL symptoms showing Me how supportive the NEW/old IS in My framework of LIGHT.  THIS said, I have what in the old energy would BE labeled a bladder infection…..just writing It IS very strange for Me AS My “current” BODY doesn’t recognize THIS label.  It offers NEW language of support…..reconnecting and realigning old/NEW energy…old emerging into NEW LIGHT….birth/death in Its amazing tribute to ONE an”other.”

I’m guided to take action, yet the action IS taking Me to savor cranberry.  In THIS NEW action format, I’m LOVE receiving the cranberry AS none “other” than MySelf in LOVE. Thus, the cranberry serves Me from THIS heart-felt awareness….just like any food would do.  I’m eating LOVE in Its variant forms AS I AM LOVE in Its variant, multidimension-ALL forms….”delivering memorable and rewarding experiences through heart-felt service to the ONE Who IS in LOVE.”  In the old energy, I wouldn’t have been THIS Conscious, THIS aware…I would want to get rid of the energy.

So You see t-here IS a shift in old/NEW language which IS the focal-EYES-ed awareness. You can’t shift without Your language changing…..NEW and improved way of looking, writing and speaking about the moment through the EYES of ONE-ness.  You are living in THIS space, a frequency THAT You kNOW IS the place of LOVING tribute.  Thus, ALL cellular BODY emphasis IS on THIS NEW language and understanding Its NEW language.

When You think about It, a mom can talk to her un-born baby AS if he or she can hear every word….and It can.  Likewise, each moment IS an OPEN communication opportunity to speak Your vibrant language to THAT which IS yet born…facilitating an easy birth….in each moment.  You spiral THIS Essence forward so THAT LOVE fills UP and permeates the TRUST THAT You hold dear.  You are the “Expert” opinion AS You talk YourSelf UP to ALL the inner, non-physical, guidance Who permeate Your cellular, LIGHT-filled, vehicle. They are the Experts Who Created You….might AS well listen to Their Creative ideas. 🙂

AS You talk YourSelf UP in Your thoughts, You may dis-cover the “true” flowing river of life w-here ALL IS UPlifted in Its OWN “true” recognition.  You come from an advanced civilization w-here Your cells are coded with Mastery, enLIVEned with THIS wisdom so You turn YourSelf toward YourSelf to see the “Experts” at work.  You are LOVE in manifestation….manifesting cellular harmony….feeling It in Your bones.

ALL IS a refraction or reflection of the ONE BEing so w-here You are IS w-here It ALL IS….ALL coming into view so You can AS-certain what class You are in….studying fractions or wholeness.   You so-called start with a “whole” and will end with a “whole”….even though You study fractions AS a means to explore separating the “whole.” You are “whole” watching fractions BE studied, and yet, Your “true” Self can never BE divided….OWN-ly Expanded in Its awareness…a sort of “whole”-er.” 🙂

THIS NEW Energy IS fabulous….connecting the dots called You…returning You to Your original FORM and proceeding from here….in Your Self-FULLFILLing prophecy called LOVE, calling It AS You see It…by the name Who IS served by It.  🙂


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