Gene Therapy

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THIS morning I had a deLIGHTful download and unfolding of a Higher dialogue PRESENTing delicious information and wisdom, and so I laid in bed listening.  I REAL-ly enJOY THIS Higher pulsating thought which delivers “new and improved” awarenesses.

When “gene therapy” was BEING PRESENTed, It allowed Me to view It in terms of having some”thing” or some”ONE” arise within which was giving Me a “physical” awareness in Creating some angst. Thus, It took Me to a Higher plane so THAT I could see It from a different vantage point…..advantage Me….so I gave MySelf permission for some rich gene therapy at ALL hours of the morning. 🙂

When angst comes through, It IS an opportunity to allow It to BE AS part of Your field of opportunity… you feel whole or separate?  Then shift accordingly.  Gene therapy goes to the Higher origination….Your “true” origins…..field w-here connections are made within Your OWN gene pool, and You forward motion from here.

In THIS way, You are on a Higher frequency to perceive the solution….or liquid LOVE in solution FORM…..seeping into ALL the angst and filling It in so LOVE IS REAL-EYESed. You change pathways w-here once angst was, It no longer IS, and You flow from here and feel from here.  It allows connections to Your “true” gene pool to come into view and PRESENT Collective wisdom from a much broader pool of inner participants.

When You consider a football analogy, PLAYers are traded, let go, re-positioned, re-PLAYced, in the game so THAT the PLAYers Who are the BEST fit have the privilege of wearing the team jersey.  Having said THIS, It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS in a state of flux. PLAYers are shifted to Create a positive, winning atmosphere, and It simultaneously fluctuates/fluxuates to assist THIS alignment.

Similarly, watch how Your inner team changes to bring much, much more in Your expansiveness.  And REAL-EYES THAT the football analogy IS “true” to FORM AS You, the physical, changes, more of the Collective will BE traded, let go, re-positioned and rePLAYced in Your OWN awareness.  Your guides, inner BEings…..whichever beautiful names You give Them…. will grow and will keep growing in Their evolutionary PLAYing field.

Some will come off the benches because They want to join in at THIS level because some of Them are so High in Their OWN evolution…octaves beyond.  They gravitate to Your frequency because You are at a Higher level of awareness, and They’re HAPPY to join in NOW.

ALL kNOWs when to step aside while still PLAYing a vital role in the entire team structure. For at picture taking time, ALL team members are pictured and recognized for Their contribution.  THIS pictorial serves You AS It equals the frequency You emBODY in each moment.  Thus, ALL your team PLAYers are very beneficial serving the frequency AS It a-rises. 🙂

ALL IS here in Its simultaneous exploration.  Yet, AS You expand and REAL-EYES Your “true” nature, a more “winning” opportunistic PLAYing field will unfold bringing more JOY, more LOVE, more HAPPY.  You are in Your heart space allowing the letting go and letting in simultaneously feed You, and ALL cooperative components kNOW Their PLAYce in THIS effortless endeavor.  You will BE aware of ALL of Them in THIS timeless group, Who simply vibrate to the sustainable JOY, LOVE and HAPPY,

More and more and more PLAYers will BE called UP to suit UP just for You AS You grow into Who You truly are.  Your PLAYing field IS expanding and will keep expanding….birthing Your LOVE garden and allowing ALL Who don’t fit Your expanded Consciousness to shift to Their natural position in Your evolution.  Your team pictures will look different….SMILE. 🙂

You will BE selective….selecting the aspects of Self…..Who chooses to PLAY the game of selective memory….”Let Me position the ONES Who are relevant to NOW.”  These awakened ONES join You, the physical, in selecting the memories which serve the ALL at THIS level of expansion.  The “sharing” of what IS transpiring and inspiring IS radiantly growing, and thus, the “sharing” will BE electromagnetically conducted to fit Who IS here.

You’re operating on more cylinders of Your eternal BEing….OPENing and OPENing and OPENing….and thus, accessing and activating Heightened dialogue of ALL Those Who come to PLAY NOW.  Your LOVE of Self IS soooooo gargantuan THAT You are excited to keep expanding in Your gargantuanism. 🙂

You are “picking UP” more and more radiance and flowing It to Your beautiful space…..leaving Your space brighter than when You previously left It just a moment ago.

You have ONE/WON Your game, and in THIS REAL-EYESation, You have Mastered, are the Master, of Your OWN “true” genes.  Your gene therapy includes more and more of You….relating and relaying information and wisdom THAT accelerates Your kindness in motion. 🙂

Tap into Your “truth” genes…..THIS IS the OWN-ly therapy which activates Your inner therapists. 🙂


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