Familial-arity of Oneness

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In Your so-called continual state of BEing in each moment, You may notice THAT surrendering IS happening….giving in to THAT Who “truly” facilitates THIS space.  You may also dis-cover THAT Your family of physicality gives way for a greater familial-arity in THAT Your family comprises a much greater BODY than You have trained YourSelf to have. Your patterns are changing and UPlifting Your “idea” of every”ONE” and every”thing” surrounding You.  You are soooo “physically” fit to contain It ALL. 🙂

In THIS way, ALL Who enter Your space are considered Your “Soul” family.  Thus, You don’t get attached to Your physical family AS They are simply a re-PRESENT-ation of those Who enter Your space and, Who may stay a REAL-ly, REAL-ly long time….even over-staying Their welcome. 🙂

Yet, AS Your “Soul” family, They are the ONES Who You decided to teach You some very power-filled lessons…THAT’s why They hang around so long…..and They live UP to these lessons full-filling You UP repeatedly…and then some.  🙂 

If You can see Your familial patterns for Who They “truly” are, You may consider THAT You can release Your “attachments” to Them….for ALL Who enter Your space are familial….not just the ONES You have trained YourSelf to BE Your familial patterns.  Your history does not repeat ItSelf….unless You say It does….”Here We go again!”  You’re a new person in each moment electromagnetically charging Your space and experiencing ALL Who are charged UP to PLAY with chu. 🙂

I LOVE the “true” BODY of ONENESS THAT IS felt in ALL My cells, pointing My BODY forward to My “true” magnetic North and en-COMPASS-ing ALL Who move with Me in flowing harmony.  When My compass….come pass…..IS pointing “true” North, then AS I walk towards, the path OPENS UP and reveals ALL the waiting arrivals….just passing through…. ready to mirror My “true” North.

For THIS IS My frequency in which I operate BEST, and AS I’m in BEST mode, then the BEST arrivals come by virtue of My frequency.  They’re ready to perFORM Their BEST so I can BE at My BEST.

Thus, You can BE JOY-US if You see the “Them” or “They” for Who They “truly” are in relationship to You. You Created and carry the frequency pattern so ALL carry the “gene” frequency in Your relationship with ONE an”other.” So You see THAT ALL Who appear are in resonance/residence with You, and You can then loosen the tight reigns You have on Your so-called “physical” family….Those in which history repeats ItSelf.  Because ALL are Your patterns…..not just Who You have trained YourSelf to BE Your family picture.   ALL are ONE pattern of Infinite variances on the same ONE theme.

Your family of origins keep growing and expanding, and They PLAY ThemSelves out inside You and mirroring Who You see “out there.”   Your familial-arity IS magnificent and massive….mass- I’ve….”I’ve amassed a gargantuan family”….and thus, You have “registered, vibrated and radared” a family of huge proportions.  No ONE IS off limits…..ALL come via You so THAT You can BE Heaven on Earth….if You choose.  ALL come so THAT You emBODY Your “true” Self.

No longer do You have to “box” people in….boxes of pictures….of Who You think rePRESENT Your family.  No longer do You have to put Them on a shelf and speak of Them in the way You do.  Your patterns of “separateness” of “physicality” are giving way to “wholeness” of “non-physicality” so You speak, write and act accordingly to THIS wholeness AS You show Them off…and They BEcome Self on a Shelf. 🙂

So t-here IS not…..”THIS IS My family AS You PRESENT Your slide show of experiences.” You, Who IS BEING right NOW in Your original FORM kNOWS and operates THAT ALL Who show UP are familial-arity in allowing You to PRESENT Who IS PRESENT.  Our origins are clear, and thus, We radiate Our “true” origins of wholeness and timelessness….no history THAT does not serve the masses.

You may still speak of “THIS IS My brother”….and yet, Your speaking gives way for Your gene frequency to dialogue and electromagnetically connect in Your “true” residence, and for Your “next” conversation to unfold, and Your next, and yada, yada, yada.  You’re electromagnetically spiraling forward for the next opportunity to show UP….moving towards….AS Your space IS excitedly prepared for ALL on Your path.  And It’s FUN to see Who shows UP AS You orchestrate FORM from Your heart space.

Because t-here IS OWN-ly ONE of US here, and any”thing” You can do, I can do better. 🙂

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