The Great Facilitator

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When You BE-AM Your OWN recognition of You AS The Great Facilitator….the GREAT ONE….You may KNOW YourSelf AS the BEing of LIGHT….BE-AM of LIGHT… from which you facilitate LIGHT to every”ONE” and every”thing” on Your path.  When You feel YourSelf AS LIGHT, ALL who spin in You-nison in Your electromagnetic field are LIGHT-er AS well.

People will feel LIGHT-er and UPlifted AS You expose Your “true” Self to Them. You LIGHT-en the way in Your OWN enLIGHTenment activities….flowing LIGHT from ONE active BEing, from ONE activity, to an”other.”  🙂

THIS focused array/a ray of pulsing energy aligns you with the electromagnetic field of Earth, and thus, you orient YourSelf to Your purpose, Your truth, Your natural Consciousness.  You flow AS ONE magnificent BEing, and You say, “THIS IS how I want to feel ALL the time. Let Me feel these currents in Collective Consciousness, and let It flow.  

AS a Master Creator, You Co-Create with Your inner BEings and flow ALL Your fluent energy to ALL….You speak the language fluently.  In THIS way, ALL can OWN-ly BE receivers of You in Your full capacity AS You glean access to more parts of Your BEing and function on ALL cylinders.

Your BEST version of You brings a multitude of wisdom and information AS You are an OPEN conduit for Receiving, Perceiving and Radiating.  You are on the mountain top perceiving things from a much broader picture and point of view….HIGH above the fog….and It allows You to see connections that You may not have seen before in THAT version of You.

Recently, in my class, We discussed timelessness and through THIS dialogue, I mentioned THAT I saw a man sitting on the guard rail close to Our home AS My husband and I drove by.  I saw him with such radiance, and My husband saw him differently.  I was taken out of time with no history of Who THIS man might BE so It OPENed a way for Me to see him in the way THAT resonates.  THIS OPENed up beautiful and diverse perspectives in the class in how each saw the “idea” of THIS man.

ONE woman said she wouldn’t pick him UP.  Once she said THIS, It was fascinating AS My inner dialogue kept OPENing and OPENing.  I said, “Picking him UP has such depth for Me. Perhaps what THIS conveys IS You are picking every”ONE” UP whether You REAL-EYES It or not.  You think You OWNly pick UP physically.”

Yet, You, AS the larger part of You, are non-physically picking UP every”ONE” and every”thing” on Your path. You are a Co-Creator, and thus, ALL Who show UP on Your path are picked UP by You on Your radar….Consciously or UnConsciously…..Your field IS power-fully magnetic.  When You perceive from the mountain top, Your perceptions will change, and AS timelessness from w-here You naturally originate, You can see ALL AS “true” pick UPs. 🙂

So feel You AS The Great Facilitator, Who brings ALL on Your frequency, and ALL resonate to the vibration-ALL signal You are broadcasting and show UP.  Thus, pick Them UP and feel such flowing LOVE because You brought Them through You, through Your home, so THAT You may kNOW, without any doubt, Who You “truly” are.

You kNOW YourSelf through diversity, through You OWN power-filled multidimensional space, and at Its “true” core, It IS ALL ONE, not a-lone. When You ponder THIS, and “facilitate” a class, people show UP Who “register” with Your frequency.  You’re ALL ONE having an interdimensional dialogue for the FUN of It. 🙂


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