Timeless PLAY Brings Creation

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You are a Creator…forever and ever…and then some more….and in Your OWN capacity, You determine and focus w-here Your Creativity abounds.  T-here are ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS FUN surprises in the midst because You are the center of these surprises. You bring Them to You, through You, for You, and pop Them through Your hologram so They can BE physically PLAYed with.

AS You deSIGN Your You-niverse PLAYfully….full of PLAY….You will bring more people, conditions, situations in which to emBODY Your sense of PLAY.  Your idea of FUN IS at the forefront of You…..looking for more FUN and artistically focusing Your moment to give way to Your Heightened senses:  “What are You looking for?  I”m looking for more FUN. You?” 🙂

Yesterday, while vacuuming, I noticed My sense of PLAY.  I LOVED how she/I saw My true deSIGN coming through.  I had a sense THAT she would’t be back THIS way again….she would expand herSelf to incorporate and assimilate THIS moment, and THIS moment and THIS moment.  Yet, she would BE forever changed by virtue of her OWN recognition of her PLAY of Mastery.  So she PLAYed AS her vacuum became her magic wand. 🙂

When You notice the Infinite versions of You AS You move, shift and deSIGN Your moment to moment experience, You are a-new.  Thus, when I vacuum again/a-gain, I have gained access into the Infinite versions of the many of the ONE Who vacuums, and They ALL come alive and come on board to experience THIS again moment.  Nouns and pronouns merge so You don’t have to keep track of which ONE IS appropriate for Your language. 🙂

It’s so beautiful to BE aware of how Infinite You are and Create Your You-niverse by virtue of Your PLAY-FULL frequency and expand upon It.  It’s not about You looking at some”thing” via an historical recognition of the element THAT would bring about PLAY…..a board game, coloring….You simply are PLAY-FULL and every”thing” and every”ONE” becomes the element of PLAY.  Thus, Your DAY of PLAY encapsulates ALL Your activities.

So each moment can BE PLAY if You accept and allow THAT It IS.  It’s just THAT You may have to shift Your focus AS to the element THAT You’re using, THAT You are.  PLAY IS inside You and comes alive through Your awareness and recognition.  You don’t grab some”thing” to PLAY with so THAT You can “feel” PLAY.  You are PLAY and “feel” PLAY, and ALL pops through Your hologram in Your OWN recognition…..”Oh, THIS IS here to PLAY. Oh, she IS here to PLAY.”  The idea of PLAY IS OWN-ly an awareness away/a-way.

Let US PLAY. 🙂

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