The Space of Time

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When time IS measured in terms of Who You are, You may experience THIS measurement AS an aspect or version of You, Who wants to explore the adventure in time.  Time, and Its measurement….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS measuring…thereof, gives You the idea of separation….separating YourSelf from Who You REAL-ly are….so THAT You can have the adventure of a life-time, and REAL-ly explore time in ALL Its You-nique facets of You.

When You don’t notice time and experience ALL THAT You do AS a simultaneous ONE-dance, You kNOW THAT You are right w-here You need to BE….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS. You probably have had the experience of BEing lost in time…..having so much FUN with what You were “doing” THAT time wasn’t noticed….You didn’t “need” to notice It.  It wasn’t necessary to Your experience to notice It.   

So It appears THAT the idea of time comes in when You are exploring some”thing” or some”ONE” in time….You want to BE in time, do time, with It.  Yet, You, AS a non-physical, exists outside space and time, and project portions of YourSelf into specific time/space holograms which You experience AS an incarnation….in time.

Thus, from THIS incarnation AS a persona, You experience past, present and future….THAT’s the exploration You want to experience so THAT You can conduct YourSelf accordingly and have conversations rePRESENTative of time.  From the point of view of Your non-physical, t-here IS no time…..It’s ALL a large space of happening NOW….ONE large, massive, simultaneous Eternal NOW.  So keep THIS in perspective…..It’s You, AS a non-physical, actually Creating the actual “time” THAT You experience in a linear fashion.

Can You imagine not mentioning references to time in Your conversations?  You simply kNOW when the shift of energy wants to change, and You go with It.  You “tune” into Your energy and kNOW when It wants to change to some”ONE” else or some”thing” else.  It’s not about time in THIS situation….It’s about You tuning into Your energy.  You change the channel when Your energy IS complete with THAT channel, and “tune” into an”other” channel.  You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS shifting so You simply are “tuning” into Your natural shifting apparatus.

It’s FUN for Me to BE with time in a “whole” different way….looking at the clock, at the temperature gauge in My car, looking at the calendar.  Right NOW My husband IS watching news channels and commenting THAT We must have gone through a time warp because the reporting IS ALL off, and his favorite news channel IS OWN-ly reporting commercials.  It makes Me laugh. 🙂

T-here IS a beautiful article about time/no time from the Reconnections.  Although It appears to have been written in 2003/2004, You are experiencing It NOW in the Higher Perspective from w-here It “truly” came.  The idea of 2003/2004 IS OWN-ly a “frame” of reference for physical conversation sake.  Yet, the “frame” IS housed in LIGHT outside of space and time.

So You simply give in to Your natural flow and set a course in the flow.  You may sense time AS It comes in, but NOW having a greater awareness and understanding, You kNOW THAT You’re not tied to It.  You simply notice It while continuing in Your flow.  It’s like You give It a cowboy hat tip and say, “How do?” AS You flow in Your non-physical REAL-EYESation.

AS We approach 2018, It will BE FUN to see Who IS REPRESENTed NOW AS You are larger than life….more expansive in Your awareness….You are gargantuan. 🙂

Here IS the Reconnections article…..

Time/No Time



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