So Goes the Flow

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T-here IS an inner flow which gives direction from the heart space…..the space w-here ALL activity IS orchestrated from a Higher perspective.  The brain or mind cannot kNOW the Higher perspective and how ALL THAT IS AS a life force is lined UP to BE in the natural state of giving and receiving AS ONE simultaneous flowing motion.  The heart kNOWS and asks You, the persona, to join in the orchestration from Your heart-felt awareness.

Your flow IS an awareness from the orchestrated space and You give rise to THIS awareness in Its “true” majestic nature.  When You are given a directive from THIS Higher awareness, You feel It like It’s simply natural for You to BE so-called “doing” some”thing.”

Yet, the action or the doing IS Your shifting awareness….You simply shift, and dis-cover THAT You are in a parallel REAL-ity w-here You are living out Your action piece/peace in each moment. You are the “actual” living and breathing physical apparatus, which follows through.  🙂

Last night, I took a picture of a bag lady.  It IS some”thing” THAT My sister-in-law, Who has transitioned, made me over 25 years ago.  The bag lady houses My plastic bags and she has traveled with Me through many moves.  I felt THIS directive to take her picture and send It to My niece, Who IS the daughter of My sister-in-law.  I don’t kNOW why….I simply felt the flowing moment…..go with the flow and w-here It leads via the enJOYment of ALL on High.  I enJOYed THIS flow immensely…..just felt good.

My niece responded…..”It’s so funny THAT You would send THIS to Me today because I was telling Kai (her 8 year old daughter) how creative her Grandma was and how fun It was to see what she would come up with.  Thank You for sending THIS.”  ONE never kNOWs the “true” connections THAT are made through Your action piece/peace….You simply kNOW They are made, embraced and allowed to expand.  THIS IS how Your flowing You-niverse IS Created and Received, and then broadcast.

THIS IS how each moment IS and how It unfolds.  Yet, You are to BE aware of Your natural “inner” flow which “positively” amplifies connections.  The connections are deSIGNED in the Higher realms and You, AS the physical persona, accept Your assignment in THIS natural giving and receiving….and ALL benefit from THIS LIGHTed, UPlifting way.

The mind cannot kNOW the Higher connections….It’s not deSIGNed to kNOW, and thus, cannot see THAT far.  The mind OWN-y can receive, not kNOW, a directive and, AS You REAL-EYES THIS, the heart, which kNOWs, can give the mind Its directive and the mind can fall in line in ONE UPWARD motion.

AS You give rise…UP, UP and UP….to THIS flow, ALL THAT comes from It and to It assists the deSIGN of Your flowing You-niverse.  T-here IS OWN-ly ONE here in THIS natural state of Consciousness, and yet, the ONE shows UP in the many facets of Its diamond LIGHT. So when You give from the ONE space, the heart space, You naturally are lined UP with ALL Who are the intended receivers, and You are “naturally” ONE.  ONE = ONE. 🙂

It’s beautiful to kNOW THAT t-here IS a life force which supports You, and will make the Higher connections kNOWn….It will “naturally” feel in/fill in w-herever It desires.  You are multidimensional in Your “true” nature, and thus, when You connect with an”other,” You are naturally connecting with the “other’s” multidimensionality…..You’re serving the Infinite spaces of dimensions in THAT so-called person.  And It OWN-ly expands from here.

Just BE aware THAT Your flow will not make sense to Your brain or mind, and It’s intended THAT way.  Yet, when You flow from Your heart space and connect with the people Whom You are deSIGNed to, the mind will “relax” and “trust” and follow suit.

You don’t meet people by accident, and no”thing” in life happens by coincidence. NOW kNOWing THIS, start paying attention. — Author unkNOWn.  So go with the flow….because AS You go so goes Your “connected” flow, and flow, and flow……

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