Your Pivotal Moment

T-here IS a pivotal moment…..ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS….which can lead You to the most hilarious moment if You trust in Its leading. THIS said, I cannot hear the word, “pivot” without thinking of Friends.  I LOVE…. just by the sheer thought of some”thing” or someONE…THAT I will BE led and It will unfold Me to a heightened state of belly laughter because laughter IS Its focus….but I don’t kNOW THIS until It happens, I happen upon It.  🙂

THIS morning, I was replying to some”ONE,” and the reply was unfolding beautifully…..I didn’t kNOW w-here It was leading Me, and I simply had to give in and write.  AS the words were FORMulating and unfolding, I was led to go do some”thing” else and let the words simmer and slow cook…..just like in a crockpot.  I do like SNL’s….”Simmer down now.” 🙂 I was in a beautiful space of the unfolding perspective, and yet, t-here was an expanded message coming through simultaneously…so I waited.

What I was “gathering” from the Collective in THIS experience IS simply giving in to the moment to moment unfolding. Sometimes I will have a physical experience w-here the words are coming through and sent.  And sometimes I will have a physical experience w-here the words are coming through and not sent.  Either way….ALL-WAYS…I’m aware of My vibration-ALL tone.

It’s like I’m in the flow of w-here I’m BEing led with no intended target except to BE aware. So I was aware of the space in which I emBODYed, and AS I just wrote for the sake of writing because I was BEing pleasured AS I wrote, I simply didn’t have an intended recipient so I didn’t hit send.  And yet, I became the intended recipient…I was the focus, not some”ONE” outside of Me. 🙂

And what came about was the word, “pivot,” and I began to belly laugh and was led to find the Friends episode.  From a Higher state of Consciousness, ALL things, people and situations are connected and You will see the connections when You look UP.  You are led to pivotal moments….which way, and ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS exist.  You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS BEing led, It’s just THAT You’re NOW more Aware and Conscious so You simply give YourSelf here.

Enjoy Your pivot-ALL moment, and just “Pivot, Pivot, Pivot”…..until You wet Your pants. 🙂

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