Vibrating Electromagnetic Waves

Mt. Ellinor, Olympic Mountains

You kNOW on a hot summer day and You’re driving down an asphalt road, You may encounter wavy lines dancing on the road.  Having said THIS, in the last few days, These vibrating electromagnetic waves have been PRESENT and I’ve been able to see Them through My telescope.  You cannot see Them in THIS picture…or mayBE You can….but the waves are PRESENT.   It’s been fun to experience….along with Their message.

You are variations of LIGHT, Infinite vibrating frequencies of LIGHT….ALL vibrating at different rates.  You may not see Them, but They are t-here…..ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  They will make ThemSelves kNOWn to You at the NOW time, and in Your evolutionary journey, You may BE aware of Them in relationship to You, Who IS the ever-expanding NOW.  🙂

My telescope (tell-ALL-scope) serves AS a mechanism through which I can see so much more….and t-here’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS more.  It provides a window of opportunity for Me to grasp the ever-expanding totality of Me in relationship to the ALL…”Here grab the telescope and let’s go on an exploration to see more of You.”   BEing at the edge of discovery IS AWESOME!  And the edge shifts AS You, in each moment, go over the edge.

ALL IS not separate from You, but “whole” from You.  Yet, You may BE an aspect or version of You, Who wants to explore separation but ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS done in the LIGHT.  AS You shed LIGHT on Who You are AS the vibrating frequencies, You simply accept and allow THAT ALL IS here AS a variation of You AS You continually meet YourSelf in the LIGHT.

T-here IS LIGHT THAT You can see and LIGHT THAT You can’t…..but the LIGHT of every”thing” and every”ONE” comes into view when It’s time, when You are ready.  You are an ever-ready battery of LIGHT awaiting Your OWN beautiful recognition, and allow YourSelf to move….or shift….in LIGHT-hearted humor….”Humor Me.” 🙂

Similarly, My husband and I were driving last night, and I was captivated by the stars in the sky…..I kept raving about Their beauty.  My husband said THAT the stars are ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS t-here, It’s just THAT They’re OWNly visible when You are able to see Them.

So You see every”thing” and every”ONE” are ALL-READY, EVER-READY, here ready to PLAY when the NOW time comes about.  You simply shift to a parallel REAL-ity, a frequency, w-here You are more compatible and You’re able to PLAY with Them in the physical sense….ALL rePRESENT the vibrating frequency with which You inner/interact.

However, You can ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS PLAY with Them in the non-physical sense through the power of Your active imagination kNOWing THAT You are the power to bring any”thing” and any”ONE” into focus through Your vibratory tone.  It’s a simultaneous, never-ending “broad”-way PLAY.

Hail, Hail….the gang IS ALL here!  You’re here, They’re here….the gang of ONE IS here….You REAL-ly are a gang-star. 🙂 You kNOW THIS while streaming YourSelf into BEing w-herever You are, kNOWing THAT You are everyw-here ALL at once.  You simply are here while flickering everyw-here else, and It’s OWN-ly through LIGHT THAT You are able to vibrate to THIS kNOWing.

You simply PLAY with the active elements slipping and sliding into simultaneous You-niverses which rePRESENT Your vibrating frequency.  In THIS way, You can see w-here You are at any given NOW time, and birthing You AS a new experience at Your Infinite, multidimensional vibrating frequencies.  You bring some”thing” or some”ONE” into clear view and focus so THAT You can PLAY….magnetizing ALL the particles to come together so THAT PLAY can BE REAL-EYESed.

AS You incorporate and assimilate the idea of You, You give YourSelf the LIGHT-er feel….feeling LIGHT-er AS You traverse each moment.  You kNOW t-here IS no solidity to Your energy field, and Yet, You can experience the solidity of separation if You choose.  T-here IS no judgment…..OWN-ly awareness…..”Oh, I’m watching MySelf BE solid AS a rock. I’m just a beautiful crystallized mineral rock-FORMation.  Let’s go explore.” 🙂

And AS I write THIS, My line of sight has shifted to a boat on the lake, and It has peaked My curiosity to kNOW THAT I have shifted to a parallel REAL-ity so THAT I could see It and PLAY with Its FORMation.  It’s simply for the beauty of the journey, and I’m so very grateful for My awareness THAT It belongs because I belong right here.  I have no expectations AS to what the outcome in each moment looks like, yet I have expectations THAT It will BE filled with radiant LIGHT…..the LIGHT-er side of life.

You are the PLAY through which ALL comes in, and You get to verb-ALL-EYES with the ALL AS an illustration of PLAY.  Life IS very PLAY-FULL…have FUN! 🙂




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