Variations of LIGHT

A few days ago, I got to PLAY with the moon glow….looking at It through a telescope and snapping pictures.  I LOVE PLAYing photographer and PLAYing with the LIGHT.  It appears THAT LIGHT IS ALL We are, and thus, It appears AS many facets of ALL We are AS Our You-niverse (ONE verse).  The moon was spectacular and also the variations of LIGHT THAT appeared were spectacular AS well.  AS I shifted, the variations shifted to reveal more of Me, of ALL.

For the many variations of LIGHT THAT showed UP through the telescope invited Me to see illustrations THAT I LOVE to call embryos, cells and colorful chakra systems.  It appeared THAT It was My mirror to illustrate Me in ALL the FORMs of the ONE verse.

It’s like the action took Me…..I didn’t take the action.  I was simply allowing the flow of the direction of LIGHT to take Me to the next scene of LIGHT.  My intention was to capture a picture of the moon, and yet, the LIGHT was showing Me t-here was so much more….if I would just flow with the shifting LIGHT flowing within Me AS the ONE verse, and allow It to happen.  I could witness a spectacular LIGHT show if I “gave in” to the shifts….no expectations, no idea of outcome.

But wait, t-here’s more……:)

I LOVE the message…..”But wait, t-here’s more”…..staying in the synchronicity of the impulse of messages coming through the LIGHT.  T-here’s OWN-ly agreements… dis-agreements….AS You venture further inward so see THAT at Our “true” core, We are LIGHT….simply different variations of the same LIGHT Source BEing illustrated AS a human, AS a tree, AS a piece of chocolate.

T-here has to BE an agreement set forth so THAT You engage with the LIGHT either AS ONE or AS separation.  It’s here before You….way before You….in a Soul agreement by deSIGN.  Do You see separation or the same ONE LIGHT simply illustrating ItSelf in the FORM to deliver the mirror?  What are You choosing to see….and to see….and to see?

And the LIGHT of the person says, “I come forward so THAT You can see YourSelf in ALL Your Infinite facets, aspects, multidimensions of LIGHT portraying a PLAY of LIGHT so magnificent THAT You can’t quite adjust or believe Your eyes. THIS IS how I serve You so You simultaneously remind YourSelf THAT You and I are of the LIGHT….simply Infinite variations in which the PLAY can BE dynamic and FUN….never boring.” 🙂

If It’s boring (complete with THAT particular variation of LIGHT) to You, You will simply choose an”other” variation of the same LIGHT theme….flowing to some”ONE” or some”thing” so “boring” ISn’t what You experience. You cannot not choose LIGHT.

In THIS morning’s CBS Sunday Morning program, two young 4 year olds say THAT They are twins (ONE variation of LIGHT IS LIGHT skinned and ONE variation of LIGHT IS LIGHT-ER skinned….My way of saying black and white), and They believe THIS.  Their mothers support Their way of seeing ThemSelves, but also worry AS They get older THAT society will say things which will not support Their idea of BEing twins.

And the societal LIGHT has ALL-READY begun.  The twins were at a birthday party, and ONE boy said They couldn’t possibly BE twins because They don’t have the same color of skin.  ONE of the twins got sad and said It wasn’t possible….They are twins because They are of the same Soul.  Very profound for Them to have THIS awareness….a deep kNOWing.

Yet, It IS for ALL of Us to understand THAT “others” will appear to illustrate….either separation or ONE-ness….and We can choose to “go off” in either direction for the purpose of Our lessons, growth and evolution.  Each person THAT You engage with WILL provide the mirror for You….You just get to decide what You believe.  It IS by agreement THAT each Soul-ar LIGHT comes Your way….simply the “true” deSIGN so THAT You stay in the frequency of choice.  Do You believe in what You believe….or don’t You?  How sure/pure are You?

Remember, t-here are no dis-agreements….OWN-ly variations of LIGHT coming through….”agreeing” to BE the LIGHT rePRESENTative in how You see YourSelf, ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  And You ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS get to choose….THAT IS Your “true” freedom.

I LOVE PLAYing with THIS idea…..simply variations of the same ONE LIGHT…..such pure EMBODYment of LOVE, and ALL the beautiful messages unfold in my “in box”…..Just add LIGHT.  DeLIGHTful.  Your gift list just got LIGHTer.  Make the holidays LIT.  BE happy, BE bright, BE You. Rise and shine.

Just notice ALL the variations and enJOY Them…..They come via agreement so You might AS well decide what or Who You agree to. You Who? 🙂


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