You’re Going to Disneyland

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Life IS so fascinating…..absolutely fascinating.  When a thought or memory of a so-called past event comes in THAT provides a REAL-ity to come forth, You give YourSelf permission to BE with It, BE PRESENT with It, in the way THAT serves You NOW.  If You feel THAT You are separate from It, It appears to give You Your idea of separation from YourSelf, and the result of “struggle” AS if You are the “separated at birth” appearance of You.  You are “struggling” with THIS birth…..give her some drugs, please! 🙂

You are giving birth to the idea of You in THAT so-called memory, and You get to decide how THAT memory serves You NOW…what kind of birth do You want to have NOW? It appears to give You a singularity of existence….like You are singular in THAT memory….not connected to Your “true” multidimensional nature.  It’s as if THAT memory IS flowing through You with ALL sorts of nuances….kicking and screaming….and It’s the cause of Your frustration.  🙂

Yet, t-here’s more……

When You allow the memory to serve Who You are NOW, It can BE an easy birth….ONE THAT You are ready for….ONE THAT will make You laugh.  I mean, Who laughs when They are giving birth?  You do!

AS I was contemplating life, a memory came in of my ex-husband and a trip to Disneyland in 1977, and THIS time My birth of It was hilarious.  Before My ex-husband and I were married, We lived in San Diego and took a trip to Disneyland.  During My journey of life, I will encounter themes, and during our visit to Disneyland, the theme of “Hurry UP, You’re lollygagging” was very PRESENT.

For whatever reason, AS We were walking I felt he wasn’t moving fast enough, and I abruptly took off to go to the car.  Well, I found MySelf at the car with no keys so I REAL-ly took off to go sit on the bumper of the car for six hours. 🙂  My ex-husband decided to continue to enjoy himSelf inside the park, and rode the rides and ate delicious food.  THIS was before the age of cell phones so t-here I sat, and sat, and sat while the “Source” of My frustration enjoyed himself….immensely. 🙂

THIS time I enjoyed the memory and laughed…ever so grateful for THIS awareness of emBODYing It differently….THAT It’s ALL happening simultaneously so I can Create the FORM of It with different electromagnetic energy.  I laughed at THIS New Birth of Me, of her, and saw beliefs of separation THAT she used to have.  It’s AS if I needed a medal, a certificate, some sort of recognition for My awareness THAT I’m ahead and the “others” are lollygagging.  Yet, the person, Who supposedly hands out the medals, never came to award Me with THIS honor.  🙂

THIS theme still comes to visit, but NOW I get to birth It differently.  I get to laugh and It’s a “whole” different way to PRESENT THIS aspect(s) so THAT I can witness the “true” multidimensionality of My birth.  I get to witness a “do-over” and I can invoke THAT at any time I choose….feeling the energy of laughter AS I witness My OWN birth. Suffering IS not how I want My birth to PLAY out. 🙂

While I was contemplating and birthing THIS Disneyland experience, My cell phone rang.  I did not recognize the number, and when I don’t recognize the number, I don’t answer. Well…until NOW.  I was prompted to pick UP the phone, and when I answered, THIS IS what I heard.

“THIS IS Sam, from Travel (something….can’t remember the name)….and You have won a trip to the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland.  You’ll enjoy a 4 night stay”….and then I heard no”thing” else because I was laughing so hard.  I laughed at the synchronicity of life…..of course, I won a trip, I was ALL-READY t-here embracing THIS New Earth, New Birth, experience.

While I thanked Sam for her call, I told I her THAT I wasn’t interested….and THIS was from My heart space…not seeing her separate from Me. I had OPENed UP My heart so THAT THIS entire experience could BE from the Source of the experience, My “true” multidimensionality, and conducted MySelf from THIS electromagnetic idea of Me.  My birth was/IS beautiful!

So I went to Disneyland and had a ONE-der-FULL time….true Magical Kingdom! 🙂

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