Give Way/Give A-Way

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When You sponsor a give a-way in which You share a portion of YourSelf, You might consider THAT You are sponsoring YourSelf, giving way/giving a-way LIGHT THAT You are….leaving the LIGHT on wherever You are.  When You consider Your “true” Self, You are energy, an illumination of LIGHT, at Your core. Thus, AS You are the Source of LIGHT, You are essentially giving a-way….giving way….LIGHT to everyONE You come in contact with.

Similarly to what You may have heard before in context of cleaning up a space You’ve occupied…..You’re leaving Your OWN space a little better than when You just left It….and You keep expanding upon THIS enLIGHTening idea. 🙂

Yet, It IS through “others” THAT allows Your OWN brilliance to BE accepted.  Without the “others,” which includes Your thoughts and beliefs, You could not see Your brilliance for They serve AS the mirror for Your OWN reflection to BE REAL-EYESed.  SomeONE has to hold UP the mirror, right? 🙂

If You don’t feel Your OWN LIGHT, then It’s like You have an internal Geiger Counter signaling to You to go back to basics first, then proceed.  Back to basics IS not a bad thing…t-here IS no”thing” bad about Who You are.  You’re not REAL-ly going back….You’re engaging with more wisdom, more information NOW. You’re deSIGNed with Your OWN referencing mechanism so THAT You fuel You in terms of ALL of You, ALL Your aspects.

T-here may BE a Collective which IS signaling You to wait….”Go here first.  You’re getting ahead of YourSelf before We’re ALL ready to join You in Union. We have some”thing” more to examine, to explore.”  It would BE like You’re walking fast, but the “others” in Your party cannot keep UP with You AS They want to stop, look and explore, and yet, You keep shouting, “Hurry UP!”  And We say, “What’s the hurry? Heaven IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS right here on Your journey. Slow down, Sally.” 🙂

So You allow the exploration for these aspects while simultaneously allowing ALL aspects to hold space for THIS exploration and “still” doing what They desire to do.  AS a multidimensional BEing, You’re the larger space for which ALL can take place and conduct ItSelf, and t-here’s Infinite things, Infinite BEings, going on right NOW.  It’s “non-physical” multi-tasking, which IS LIGHTER, and You’re REAL-ly good at It. )

It’s ALL still in harmony because You’re REAL-ly viewing THAT the Collective aspects are here to BE incorporated and BE included AS You, and They just need Your time, focus and awareness.  So You may BE asked via thought impulses to go rest, or write, or draw, or clean out a cupboard AS You feel YourSelf out of sorts….sorting through THIS exploration.

You’re feeling ALL BEings recognized and allowed a voice, and It’s ALL You coming together, feeling YourSelf put together….giving space for ALL THIS, ALL You, to occur simultaneously at once, at ONES.

You’re ALL RIGHT, ALL LIGHT, vibrating at different levels of awareness….leaving Your space a little better than when You just left It.  🙂

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