Searching for Victims

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What if You could “truly” change the course of the meaning of a word…..THAT simply through Your joy-filled flow of attributing Your version of what It means, It changes IT.  And You no longer fuel the “old” meaning, but the “NEW” meaning IS fueled just by virtue of You BEing here and Your focus.

My husband and I have established a Bill and Melinda Gates FUN frequency, and in THIS frequency, We search for victims…..victims of Our generosity.  We believe in Our “true” foundation, and thus, Our “true” focus of Our intent facilitates THIS frequency to come alive with people Whom We want to flow Our version of generosity.  🙂

We have labeled our cause AS “Searching for Victims”….BEing on the lookout for Our next victim(s) in Our game and fueling and filling UP Our victims with money.  It’s a cause WE absolutely believe in, and the belief has taken over…..propels Us forward in Our OWN movement without thought of the “old” way in which money can BE perceived.  We have “NEW” money, and THIS IS how We choose to facilitate Its meaning.

So We get excited to “Search for Victims”… an inspiration-ALL way.  Thus, whenever ONE of Us feels inspired, We share It with the “other” ONE….”THIS IS what I feel inspired to do, are You in?”  Inspiration IS serendipitous….It just occurs via a “feeling” THAT comes through and wants to fuel It UP in a FUN way.  It’s in Your frequency, in Your radar, and thus, IT will show You, IT will appear…if You give way, give a-way. 🙂

Yesterday, We were at Arby’s in Olympia, Washington, and My husband was inspired, and he shared IT with Me. Prior to him saying so, I could feel IT the moment We walked in with Justin, the shift manager, serving Us a huge smile and large dose of “Glad You are here.” My husband took IT even further….noting the team member cleaning our table and the cook saying, “Hot off the grill. Have a great day.”

So Our victims were populating our frequency in Our focused excitement….It’s FUN to consider THAT It’s a population awaiting Us. 🙂  My husband shared his plan with Me and We laughed…and I cried….at how beautiful THIS frequency was/IS…and how ALL the beautiful people come alive to PLAY in Our victims of generosity game.

At the end of Our absolutely delicious meal, We went to the counter and called Justin over and said, “We had a wonderful meal and experience, and We would like to thank You for Your service and kindness with money for each of You (t-here were 5).  So the cook came from behind the counter and the drive through team member stopped serving the drive through so she could BE part of Our victims of generosity game.  Although They said, “Thank You”….They were a little shocked at what was happening….It was AWESOME!

My husband and I couldn’t have been happier to fuel Our happy moments and flow IT to Our population.  Having said THIS, ONE moment stands out in Our victims of generosity game.  Last year, We gave a server at a restaurant a large tip, and she said out loud, “Are You shitting Me?” Her response still makes Us laugh today.  🙂

Change Your game AS You see fit, AS You are fit for Your frequency in which You find You live.  It’s a-live and well awaiting You to notice IT…..and have supercalifragilisticexpealidocious FUN.

And guess what….Your population IS ALL-READY populated….You don’t have to Create Them….You just have to notice THAT They’re ALL-READY here waiting for You.  Build Your frequency and They will come…..READY to PLAY.  🙂


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