Consider the Source

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THIS quote made Me laugh. 🙂  When looking for a matching picture for My title, THIS rePRESENTed belly laughter…”Dear Abe, I kNOW You said It.”  It IS “truly” Your OWN belief which leads Your way….OPENS UP Your unfolding You-niverse simply by focusing UPon It…and the endless doors, the moment-ummm keep OPENing for You. 🙂

When You consider the Source, the EYES/I through which You see, You may field THIS plethora of information, wisdom, guidance, and decide what resonates and what doesn’t…which door would You like to OPEN? Which door IS chocolate chip mint ice cream?

It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS a choice, and when You consider the Source inside You, You may gauge a Higher way of Perceiving, Receiving and Creating.  THIS IS ALL for You so You might AS well consider the Higher way….which IS the faster Highway….and IS closer to Your truth and Your truth tastes REAL-ly, REAL-ly good. 🙂

It’s nice to think of You AS the main frame….THAT which IS the main Source of every”thing” and every”ONE” THAT IS referenced on Your frequency.  You LOVE THAT You have found the larger part of You and construct from here.  The larger part of You doesn’t focus on doubt, It focuses on the chocolate chip mint ice cream and tastes from here.

AS long AS You consider the Source of Who You actually are and W-here You actually came from and OPEN Your doors with THIS electromagnetic emBODYed current, then You are in position for actual-EYESing beauty…..from the standpoint of beauty.  You are chemistry in the making with Your heart leading Your multidimensional entourage….the FORMula which resonates….”Ooolala.”

You kNOW, Abraham (not to BE confused with Abraham Lincoln) mentions “rumble strips” in Their teachings.  Your Highway has rumble strips, and when You find THAT you venture off onto the rumble strips, You don’t make a big deal….You simply guide YourSelf back to Your OWN center lane.  Thus, AS You gauge Your moment, You may find rumble strips….OWN-ly for Your sake of deciding how Your standpoint of beauty looks at Them.

Are They a big deal and scary?  Or simply ONE of the FUN parts of the Highway…..sacred strips, rumble, rumble….gently guide to center? 🙂

So consider Your Source…..Your standpoint of beauty….and dis-cover each door THAT IS OPENed from THIS Source of BEing.  AS You “think” beauty, You will dis-cover THAT each door OPENS beautiful ways in which to see Your world.  It’s JOY in the thinking in how Your thoughts contribute…..contributing Source, Your Source of contribution….to Your doors of opportunity.  How do You “think” It and then watch It ALL unfold.

You Create Your multidimensional You-niverse in each moment, and thus, You have the FUN and enRICHed opportunity to shift AS You see fit, see YourSelf fit for the frequency moment-ummmm in which You find Your multidimensional Self.  Just kNOW You are the power to shift Your OWN gears….no vehicle outside of You THAT can shift like You can. 🙂

BE aware of Your OWN center lane, and ever so gently and gracefully kNOW You’re on track w-herever You are. And It’s no big deal when rumble strips surface…..They’re t-here to illustrate an”other” FUN part of Your Highway….Higher way to REAL-EYES and surface the multidimensional You. 🙂



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