Original Intent of Thanksgiving

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It’s interesting AS I sit and watch the gently swaying trees and ponder Thanksgiving.  AS I listen to the conversation unfolding inside, I’m led to write about It.

I believe THAT the original intent of Thanksgiving IS whatever It means for You. Thanksgiving has many intentions set forth and these intentions are ALL original to the ONE Who places the experiences before him or her.   And These intentions unfold AS the day moves forward. ALL the beautiful nuances of food, family, friends, emotions, thoughts, definitions, beliefs simply unfold for the Collective gathering of every”thing” and every”ONE” THAT occurs.

T-here IS a gathering…and It’s much larger than We can imagine……

Perhaps Our intention IS simple….whatever appears IS what was/IS intended…and the simple magic of accepting It IS original to Us.  We simply get to BE Our OWN originality in Who IS Perceiving and Receiving, and let Your origins flow through the day watching It ALL sway to and fro…..and perhaps even bending over backwards at some point. 🙂

So let Thanksgiving unfold the idea of the New You in each moment choosing AS You go and accept THAT ALL IS original…..ALL are Souls gathering for the experience of what IS meant for the Collective Them.  You OWN-ly focus on You and allow ALL others to give to Their OWN Collective in the way THAT feeds Their origins, the way It IS deSIGNed right NOW.

ALL Whom You experience are on Your Heavenly frequency, and thus, You, AS Your version of Heaven unfolds ItSelf, remember They are brought to You, by You, through You. You couldn’t experience Them if They weren’t on Your wavelength.

BE grateful THAT You are aware of Who They are and how They feed You in Your non-physical gathering. They are Souls first AS You are a Soul first, and whatever IS experienced IS secondary.  You simply focus on the LIGHT and LOVE THAT You radiate, and let the LIGHT and LOVE carry You through the experiences.

Even when Grandpa shouts: “The turkey IS dry and the gravy IS lumpy”….Your sustainable LIGHT and LOVE will carry You through Grandpa’s rants. Breathe in, breathe out. 🙂

You are the original intent…..simply BE ALL THAT You are. 🙂


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