States of Visibility/Invisibility

I’ve been on a cleaning adventure lately….OPENing UP closets, drawers, cupboards….and shifting and changing things.  It’s been such an adventure AS I engage with every”thing”….does It fit for the Me, Who IS NOW?  OPENing UP in the PRESENT what IS in front of Me, and the Me, Who IS NOW, has the privilege to inner/interact with It for the first time and choices are made to re-PRESENT Me.

AS I cleaned out My husband’s side of the bathroom cupboard, I saw these stones way in the back.  I have cleaned out that cupboard before…..or had I?…..and never saw those stones.  I was seeing Them for the first time and They were so inviting AS I touched Them….could REAL-ly feel Their energy.  So I took the stones and placed Them w-here I could see Them and touch Them….front and center.  

And I LOVE how synchronicity shows UP.  Yesterday, I had a massage and on the window sill of the massage room was the same type of stones.  I asked Susie, the massage therapist, if those stones were new, and she said, “No, They’ve ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been t-here.”  Life IS fascinating….the New Me seeing the stones THAT have ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been! 🙂

Every”thing” and every”ONE” IS ALL-READY here….just in Infinite states of visibility/invisibility.  We will OWN-ly see the things or people THAT are germane to Our PRESENT vibration.  Every possible REAL-ity exists NOW, and It will unfold AS You are fit, vibrationally, to inner/interact with It.

You can make an analogy with visible LIGHT.  You have visible LIGHT and LIGHT THAT You cannot see….yet…and It’s because of the rate of vibration….w-here You are flowing Your vibration currently.  ALL REAL-ity IS vibration and It ALL vibrates AS You do at different rates.  Some of It You will Perceive and Receive, and some of It You will not, but It’s ALL here, ALL in existence.

So You just PLAY KNOWing THAT what IS right in front of You IS germane and You unfold YourSelf, or flicker YourSelf, in the so-called next moment to emBODY YourSelf to whatever IS PRESENT because You are PRESENT, and include THIS.  The idea IS simply to have more awareness THAT You are ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS truly a different person, from moment to moment, and what You see IS inclusive in the over-ALL, culminating, You.  You are a great re-PRESENTative to You, Who IS NOW, and Who IS NOW, and Who IS NOW, and Who IS NOW. 🙂

BE grateful for the courage You are, the courage You have, to BE aware, and understand awareness in the way which unfolds You to REAL-EYES and glean the wisdom.  You are the centerpiece/peace through which existence unfolds ItSelf in Your honor so bring in the element of PLAY…..a very valuable element, indeed.

AS You PLAY, You feel LIGHTer and allow and accept THAT ALL will BE brought through You when You are ready for the wisdom It brings.  Thus, t-here IS no need to hurry things along because It’s Your OWN relaxed vibration which OPENS UP the PRESENT and You’re able to see It AS such.

You could have never seen It years ago…..You weren’t ready.  It requires maturity….lessons, growth and evolving into Who You truly are.  You have/are a greater Collective looking out for Your BEST interests… in Your Collective power and Believe It AS You see It. 🙂



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