No Waiting on Aisle Heaven

If You ponder THAT Heaven IS ALL-READY here in Your version of You and Your simultaneous picture of It, then You are FREE to move about Heaven AS You see fit, AS You are fit.  It’s OWN-ly in Your “waiting” for some”thing” else or some”ONE” else to occur to feel YourSelf closer to the Heavenly version of You.

It’s like t-here IS a list of things to satisfy before You consider YourSelf to BE eligible.  T-here are so many steps to Heaven….hopefully, You are taking ALL those steps and maybe, just maybe, some day, but not NOW, You’ll BE “certified” and “worthy.”  For Heaven IS a place reserved OWN-ly for the “worthy” when You “seemingly” die, kick the bucket, transition, pass away, pass on….and Yet, You are ALL the “seemingly” NOW.  “Yes, she IS in Heaven NOW and so she IS experiencing such LOVE, BLISS, JOY….and I bet she IS skipping and PLAYing.” 🙂

Interestingly enough, You are the ONE Who IS both Giver and Receiver…..two for the price of ONE. You Create and Receive Heaven AS You kNOW It NOW. And You don’t need to “wait” for any”ONE” on the outside to give You Your certificate of authenticity. You ALL-ready are Your proof and the definition while You are in Your body….and the two became ONE…You are the decision Maker. 🙂

You know, t-here are many, many times THAT I say, “WOW! THIS feels like Heaven,” and ONE of those times IS when I’m eating potato chips.  Potato chips are Heaven to Me, and recently, ONE appeared to give Me such a beautiful illustration of It.  I laughed AS It appeared AS It “served” AS a reminder THAT each moment IS “heart-based”…..command center from My heart……if I choose It to BE.

Heaven IS such a beautiful word AS It feels elevated, I feel elevated, when I subscribe to the idea THAT I AM ALL-READY Heaven so THIS moment must BE It.  I get to choose what Heaven IS…..I AM the Creator and descriptor of It.  I’m reporting from Heaven. 🙂

In a recent email conversation, a person asked Me to identify the steps I took to get to w-here I AM NOW.  I laughed AS I read her words, and imagined a book, “7 Gazillion Steps…. and Counting….to Heaven, which probably would not end up on the bestseller list.  I mean, Who wants to take 7 gazillion steps…and more….to get to Heaven.  Most likely, people would like the title to read, “7 Steps or Less to Heaven.”  Yet, no ONE can give You what You are looking for….shortened, condensed, cliff notes. 🙂

If You REAL-ly ponder It, You come from a multidimensional Source so Who kNOWs how many LIGHT years You’ve been around to consider when You first began Your steps and then try and trace from t-here.  So It’s simple math to consider THAT You are ALL-READY the Source of It ALL….don’t go bursting Your brain with ALL those calculations….don’t out-Source here. Stay within Source. 🙂

AS You unfold THIS REAL-EYESing, You will see THAT Whomever You choose to serve through Your heart space IS Your Source of Inspiration….You are Inspired.  Thus, You don’t wait to serve for You are ALL-READY Source to Source. If You are Heaven, then every”ONE” else IS Heaven with You.  THIS keeps It easy and effortless…no waiting on Aisle Heaven. 🙂

If You have an idea of inspiration, You don’t wait for the Source of It to show UP…You are ALL-READY It.  You’re the ONE You’ve been waiting for…..ALL of You.  Thus, if You are inspired….inspirit….to give money, You give It.  THIS IS the time in Your evolution when You’re not waiting for some”thing” else to happen before You are inspired to “act” on It, You do It NOW.

How do You kNOW THAT You’re not an angel, and Who shows UP in Your space has asked vibration-ALLY for assistance.  Thus, You become an ALLY on the vibration wavelength and You heed the assistance call by tuning into Your OWN intuition of inspiration.

No ONE “needs” Your money for THIS would BE You AS a Source of desperation.  When You shift to how You serve…..Source to Source….the money serves AS a natural conduit, a Source of inspiration, which You naturally are.  You’re Source, They’re Source….every”ONE” IS Source, Source. 🙂

You shift to BEing “in-service,” and thus, money IS a natural Source, natural pathway, within You.  Having said THIS, You will see if fear or worry arises…..rises UP for You to see what or Whom IS Sourcing….then You can acKNOWledge w-here “waiting” IS an awareness which IS still here.  You’re “waiting” until some”thing” else arises before You act on Your inspiration….before You arise to meet the version of You, Who IS inspired.

Money IS OWN-ly ONE way to do door to door, Source to Source, service.  T-here are written notes, verbal voice, meditative state, music, eating, cleaning…..whatever You find YourSelf doing IS You Sourcing.  Thus, You don’t consider THAT some FORM of action IS greater served than an”other” FORM of action….You’re ALL-WAYS in-service. You simply are inspired, moment to moment, AS an electromagnetic Source to serve the Collective ALL.

It’s like You have Your vehicle HIGHLIGHTED “In-Service,” and allow Your cute, little taxi to simply serve from Your Soul through Your Heart.  You’re Heaven and every”ONE” else IS Heaven too….Created from the same Source, cut from the same Master Cloth.

Have FUN NOW, PLAY NOW, BLISS NOW, JOY NOW, HAPPY NOW….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS serving the space, Your Inner BEing….the grander part of You so You can “feel” YourSelf serving the grander part of every”ONE.”

Life IS GRAND! 🙂




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