The Set of the Soul

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I believe art IS US in our own crystallized, FREE FORM version of Who We are…We are the art.  Thus, We can paint whatever We LOVE in whatever medium….even Long Island…. comes to US. 🙂  T-here are Infinite art FORMS PRESENTing ThemSelves AS “true” versionaries, and They come into Our awareness, our line of sight, so THAT We inner-act with Them on a Soul level.
Recently, a magazine, Cambria Style, appeared in My line of sight, and Marty Davis, the President/CEO, wrote a note about how his father, Who, over a span of forty years, was inspired to start family businesses. His father’s favorite poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox set the intention of “setting the soul” first and then allowing It to lead the way.  Its GPS always finding home. 🙂

THIS poem IS very appropriate during THIS time in the Pacific Northwest…..Mother Nature finding balance through whistling winds.
The Winds of Fate
One ship drives east and another drives west
With the self same winds that blow;
Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
That tells them the way to go.
Like the winds of the sea are the winds of fate
As we voyage along through life;
Tis the set of the soul
That decides its goal
And not the calm or the strife
I think THIS IS the most beautiful poem I have ever read….feels so VERY, VERY resonant.
When You consider THAT ALL THAT You see in material FORM IS first born in Soul FORM, and It materializes so THAT You can PLAY and experience It, then It IS “safe” to say, You are inner/interacting with a Soul.  ALL IS coalesced with beautiful array of color filled LIGHT FORMS appearing so THAT You, AS the mirror, can radiate and LOVE YourSelf into BEing Who You truly are.  Then have every”thing” and every”ONE” join You.
AS You kNOW Your “true” nature of birth, You can then relax into the unfolding moment in Its “true” nature of birth.  You came from a Soul first and ALL else falls into THIS place in Its spectacular LIGHT show.   Your Soul wanted the experience of the physical FORM so It materialized a portion of ItSelf and feels the experience through You while still maintaining Its PRESENCE in the Soul Realm.  Its PURE focus IS ItSelf.
If You focus on the set of Your Soul….setting Your moment for Its “true” forward motion….You serve Your Soul and ALL “others.” ALL comes to You by Who/What You serve vibrationally….You’re in service to Your vibration first, Your Soul, and then ALL else follows/falls via You into Its natural position.  Who or What appears in Your vibration comes to You naturally.
They don’t come “physically” first, They come “non-physically” first.  It’s just THAT whatever Your focus IS Who You see first….”Who’s on first?” 🙂
They come through You via Your frequency, and by virtue of the frequency in which You are mostly focused, They reach You.  They can’t reach You without You, the physical.  It’s beautiful to focus on You and Your Soul first, and keep THIS focus close to Your heart and let the brain and body fall into place with Your “true” leader”ship” setting the sails.
ALL IS not physical, OWN-ly coalescing particles FORMing a some”thing” or some”ONE” for You to carry out PLAY.  For if You didn’t have a soccer ball, AS coalesced particles, AS a FORM, It probably wouldn’t BE much FUN for the experience of It.  It’s not AS much FUN to kick around air…and You wanted the “full” experience…not just “full of air.” 🙂
Yet, NOW, in THIS greater awareness of Your OWN evolution, You have the wisdom and IN-SIGHT to kNOW Who the soccer ball REAL-ly IS and w-here It came from.  It didn’t come from China. 🙂
Although It’s funny to write THAT It came from China.  With President Trump’s recent visit to China, I commented to my husband THAT I hope President Trump didn’t say any”thing” THAT would offend because We need Our products from China.  I think most of Our house items are stamped “made in China.”  So I was praying… a belly laugh sort of way….for President Trump to find peace so he didn’t mess with Our “made in China” continual collection. 🙂
Set the Soul for Its goal through the heart and then the brain and body can join the pathways set.  It’s a virtual-ALL REAL-ity through You….a beautiful LIGHT show demonstration, and ALL comes forth through the multidimensional Soul Realm for the FUN and PLAY of the experience.  ALL THAT You see in Your so-called physical location IS deSIGNed for Your vibration-ALL pleasure.  Are You pleased with what You see?
It’s like Your car….ALL the moving parts join You in Your focus….They stay intact to go w-here You want to go.  Just think if the wheels went somew-here else?  You are the vehicle….ALL intact. )
NOW Serving #111….how May I help You? 🙂

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